Evolution: taking a look at progressives and regressives

Interestedly, the author of a recent right-wing email entitled “the fence” actually proved the point made in a recent Psychology Today article, “Why Liberals Are More Intelligent than Conservatives.”  I’ve written more about this particular email here.

We’ve all heard the old adage, “While not all conservatives are stupid, all stupid people are conservatives.”   And while it may seem insulting, this quote points to the fact that without intelligent thought, a small- minded person is likely to stick with a purely self-serving position.  Why?  Because this has been our species “default” for aeons.

Selfish interest, and concern for only one’s own small family group, is an ancient evolutionary primate “default” setting in the brain.   It has been necessary for the survival of many species.  It is natural, a “gut instinct,” and one reached without consideration, thought, or vision. But altruism and broader concern for ALL is a newer evolutionary development. This newer development is associated with higher intelligence and  expanded consciousness, as well as higher capacity for empathy.  It is this newer, broader love and compassion that builds more beautiful, healthy civilizations.  This development will  finally help us bring about a fair, just, healthy world for all its inhabitants.

This newer development inevitably leads to the tendency to want to bring about justice for ALL,  healthcare for ALL, education for ALL, and decent living standards for ALL. It is compassion unleashed and expanded.  That is what it means to be a liberal or a progressive: we realize that all of us are connected and that we are indeed all in this together. We cannot see the elderly beggar by the freeway, the hungry street child or the 40,000 Americans without health insurance and simply think, “I’ve got mine, screw you.”

A perfect example was the recent “health care insurance reform” debate. When conservative teabaggers mocked a man with Parkinson’s disease http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ik4f1dRbP8&feature=relmfu or cruelly heckled a disabled, wheelchair bound woman, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNusDI9JwoQ&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLAC76461483315FDC  they were demonstrating that

  • A)they were uninformed/deceived about what the modest reform actually proposed, and
  • B)they were mean-spirited small-minded people who did not understand that together we need to create a more civilized society with a far better safety net.

Somehow these people managed to miss the obvious fact that insurance corporations, like all corporations, are only interested in profit. Their god is mammon. They are not charities, nor are they interested in the welfare of the people of ANY given country.  Such ruthless corporate entities are just a symptom of where we are  in our current evolution as a species.

Contrast the goal of corporations with the ideal role of government. Our government’s job is to promote the general welfare of THE PEOPLE. Government is currently the only public tool strong enough to be used by THE PEOPLE for the greater good. Without that one tool, people are nearly helpless in the face of huge multinational power, like the insurance companies.  Government is also a format that exists where we are now in our evolution.

There are those who believe that politics must be a fight, and there are those who believe that they can only remain positive if they completely ignore politics — but these are the tools of today.  We can use them, and we can change them.  A society is just a collective expression of the consciousness of all its people.

As part of our ongoing evolution, we the PEOPLE must take action with love… to create a more compassionate, loving  and inclusive society.  Many of us do this in small ways every day – and the more love we create, the more energy flows towards a more healthy, beautiful reality for ALL.  I believe this is our destiny, and someday we’ll look back in amazement at how very small and petty we once were.


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