Suggested 10 Ideas for Global Ethics


1.  DIGNITY: Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all living beings.

2.  RESPECT: Respect the life and property of other beings.

3.  TOLERANCE: Be tolerant of others’ beliefs and lifestyles.

4.  SHARING: Create a healthy culture where all beings, human and non-human,  have their basic  needs met.  Share with those who are less fortunate and assist those who are in need of help.

5.  NO DOMINATION: Do not dominate or consciously harm any living beings.

6.  DIRECT EXPERIENCE, NO SUPERSTITION: Look within and rely on direct personal experience tempered by reason and science to understand ourselves, our place in the Universe, and to deal with challenges.

7.  CONSERVATION: Respect, conserve and improve the Earth’s natural environment.

8.  PEACE: Resolve differences and conflicts without resorting to violence, cruelty, or war.

9.  DEMOCRACY:  Rely on a well-educated populace for decisions, and use political and economic democracy to organize human affairs.

10.  EDUCATION: Develop each person’s  intelligence, creativity and talents through education and personal efforts.

Updated, altered version.  The original was from The Code for Global Ethics, Ten Humanist Principles by Rodrigue Tremblay, with Preface by Paul Kurtz. Published  2010 by Prometheus Books. (ISBN: 978-1-61614-172-1)


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