October 15, 2011 World-wide OWS Day; Photos and our story

October 15th was a day of solidarity with OWS world wide.  In hundreds of cities across the globe, millions of human beings came out to make a stand for humanity and against greed and corruption.  IN , Athens, Aukland, Berlin, Johannesburg, Seoul, Tokyo,  London,  Taipei, Ottawa, Sydney, Egypt, Tunisia, Rome, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, and hundreds more…

A lot of great media has been created about the “Occupy” movement. Watching some of these videos, especially the one entitled “Which Side Are You On” gave me chills as the crowd chanted “We are unstoppable, a new world is possible”.  Others made me admire the people in them, as the one where a marine sergeant tells the violent NYC police to “stop hurting these people”, and “this is not a war zone.”

The maker of one video of the protests said that seeing all those super smart beautiful people (women) at the protest “makes me want to be there.”   From his story,

“There was a vibrant energy in the air, a warmth of community and family, and the voices we heard were so hopeful and passionate. Pretty faces were making signs, giving speeches, organizing crowds, handing out food, singing, dancing, debating, hugging and marching.”

The photos here are gathered from locations all over the world. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We joined in the October 15 world wide solidarity with OWS occupation of our city.

The crowd was a couple thousand people,large for a town our size, and there was a joyful feeling, as if change were inevitable.  Amusing signs mixed with serious statements, costumes mixed with work clothing. There were veterans, and families with young children.  Some people walked with their dogs.  Of course, there were lots of college aged people, and white haired elderly people, middle class looking individuals alongside older hippies who had probably protested Vietnam back in the 60s.

In our city the police have been restrained and not violent.  As we marched past a group of police, many protesters smiled at them, and thanked them for being there.  One of the cops said “thank YOU for being here”.  It was a moment that showed what our civilization COULD be, with kindness, courtesy and respect a common commodity.  We marched on, smiling.


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