47 Years, Really?

Did you know that It would take over 47 YEARS for the average family to make as much as the top 10 hedge fund managers make in ONE HOUR? This is the kind of rigged system we want changed.

The charts are here:


Is a Wall Street hedge fund manager’s time really worth that much more than yours?  Is he that much smarter or productive than YOU?  How about a wealthy corporate CEO – is he somehow worth MORE than you?

You know the answer to that.  No, he’s not.  He’s just more ruthless and well connected.  He’s in the “right” family or group of corporate greed-mongers.  And it’s not right.  And it needs to change.

Lee Camp has a great breakdown of the numbers.  Really, watch this one.  You’ll love it.

Lee is passionate and pissed off, and he’s a voice of the people.  Check him out at LeeCamp.Net

We know a better world is possible.

We can build a  new culture based upon respect for our planet and all its inhabitants, be they wildlife who happen to live in a forest that that timber companies lust after, or middle-eastern humans who have the grave misfortune to be born on top of oil. We can have a society based upon respect, love and compassion.

Love and compassion are beautiful. Greed is evil.

It’s time for us, as a society, as a civilization, and as a species to  do the right thing!

We’ve tried building a society on greed, and it inevitably leads to suffering.

Time to try LOVE.

Imagine a world where everyone’s needs are met.  Where schools teach the arts, literature, and individual personal evolution.

Imagine a world where the challenge  is not to acquire a bunch of  material junk, but to make yourself into the best, kindest, most intelligent and creative self you can be.

Support your local OWS.   The currency of a populist revolt is numbers in the street.


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