Who bribes American politicians most, and what do they get for their bribes?

You’ve seen it in the comments section of articles: some right wing troll claims that “big labor” (a corporatist label for anytime workers band together to try and get a seat at the negotiating table) or “unions” donate to politicians as much as the corporatist overlords, and therefore it’s somehow equal and OK.

Of course, common sense would tell us that when average workers pay their  union membership fees out of their small salaries, it nowhere equals the amount corporations make.  Workers pay is so miniscule compared to the pay of CEOs, nevermind the profits of these unbelievably giant corporations.

So how could unions ever equal the amount donated by corporate interests?

The answer is: they can’t.

Corporate "contributions" compared to labor

Corporate "contributions" compared to labor

And remember, after Citizen’s United, secret clandestine bribery is now the accepted practice.  The above chart is only for the “donations” we know about.

Next time someone tries that childish refrain of ‘well unions do it too!” , show them this chart.

What do corporations get for their bribes?

Politicians who dutifully do what they’re told.  Corporate lawyers literally write bills that favor corporations, and the politicians submit them and vote them in.  Simple.

Google ALEC for some great examples of Koch Industries and other corrupt corporatists outright subversion of our democracy.  It’s been a great ride for the wealthy overlords.

Except for one thing.  We the people are no longer content to allow this to continue.  And no matter how many PR firms they hire, with armies of employees posting their talking points all over the web, we are increasing.

Support your local OWS, food bank, homeless shelter, and post the facts online.  Make a difference.



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