Wall Street Spying on OWS…Spy Away!

Of course, Wall Street and police security are actively spying on the OWS movement. http://www.alternet.org/story/152875/wall_street_firms_spy_on_protesters_in_tax-funded_center?akid=7780.312848.v2f3-a&rd=1&t=2

Are you surprised? Did any of us think that these forces were just going to pretend we’re not here and carry on business as usual?  We’re talking about people who are decidedly control freaks, and who are very used to getting their way.  Of course they’re spying, planting agent provocateurs, and using their media to try and sway global opinion against us. There are spies and plants, and we understand that.  The story has been the same since human society began. Cold War tactics are still at play.  Every revolution has its Judas and Benedict Arnold.

But OWS is the 99%. That’s an awful lot of people to spy on.  We are in every community and world-wide…and we aren’t the ones who are sneaky and secretive.  Our decisions are not made in secret committees and darkened rooms.  We don’t hire PR firms to manipulate our fellow citizens.  Our decisions are made transparently, out in the sunlight – and you can easily read all about them on multiple web sites.
So….Fine, spy away.
Watch us meditate and do yoga.
Watch the drum circles and dancing.
Watch us hold general assemblies and come to consensus out in the open, transparently for all to see.
Watch us share food with the hungry.
Watch our medical tents heal the sick.
Watch us open volunteer libraries and teach each other.
Watch us take care of one another.
Watch…and maybe you’ll learn something.

Maybe you’ll learn that there is a better way to live than endlessly competing for the almighty dollar and stomping on your fellow beings to acquire wealth.

This crisis requires evolution, and evolution will not wait. Evolution has its own time-frame.  Spy if you feel you must, but you can’t stop evolution.


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