We must keep our vibrations high – police violence and owning our own vibrations

In city after city, it appears that cops are being ordered to get “tougher”.  To her credit, the Oakland mayor has backed down after her police (along with up to 16 other forces) were videotaped creating  a war zone when they attacked peaceful protestors.  The outcry over their point-blank shooting of “rubber bullets” and projectiles – one of which seriously injured Marine and Veterans for Peace activist Scott Olsen – had a strong effect.  Yet other cities are continuing to order their police to take rougher measures.

In the face of increasing brutality, we must, we must,  keep our energy focused on creating a better world by serving each other, and  staying focused in love.  It is not always easy.

Police are declaring kitchens, (where Occupiers feed the hungry and homeless, every day) suddenly  illegal, and dismantling them.  As cold weather descends, police in NY are confiscating generators that keep heaters running.  (Yes, even the biodiesel ones.)    Yet, to their credit, while protestors chant “shame” as police continue to pepper spray, beat, and arrest non-violent people for exercizing their first amendment rights of assembly, the people have been admirably peaceful.

It is not always easy, when, for example, the police  pepper spray a bunch of peaceful girls, or beat protesters with batons — and there is certainly some pushing back and some yelling.  But, even with agent provocateurs infiltrating the demonstrations, there has been no violence, and certainly nothing matching what some police are dishing out.  That is to our credit.  In video after video, voices can be heard calling out “do not respond to the police, do not provoke them!”  Of this we can all be very proud.

Positive reports are coming in  from several cities, about police who say they support the Occupation.  Police who apologize for what they are being ordered to do.  It has been reported that some police had tears in their eyes as their conscience and humanity are beginning to make it harder to enforce the cruelty ordered by those the top.

Certainly, some police are even getting near changing sides.  Retired Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Ruppert posted a video message to all officers that is quite powerful, here.  It’s really worth watching, especially the very ending statement, where he quotes Sg. Shamar Thomas,

“It is not honorable to attack unarmed civilians who carry no weapons and who have no intent or ability to harm you…You carry your badges, your gun and your authority because you are charged with protecting the innocent.  WE are the innocent. YOU are working for the criminals.”

Occupiers in your city certainly need more help, more supplies, and yes, more people.  Help them.  Take them food, warm clothing, and supplies.  This is a movement that is NOT going away; we’re done silently acquiescing while a handful of ultra-wealthy people have co-oped our government.  The sleeping masses are awakening…something the elite have hoped would never happen.

As long as the people had their beer and TV, (or, ‘bread and circus’ as the Nazis phrased it), it was assumed we would take each oppressive hit after hit and remain passive.  We’ve been trained to roll our eyes knowingly, mutter about corruption, and then accept it and continue to struggle to feed our families.  Passive “consumers’ knew more about the latest celebrity tabloid “scandal” than the fact that lobbyists were writing our laws to serve the wealthy corporations and not the citizenry.

No more.  A new civilization is coming to birth, and birth is messy.  It is uncomfortable and not always smooth.

Our most important task though, is to keep our vibrations high.  When we see cruelty or violence from the police, it is natural to react with anger.  But we need to catch that, and transform that anger into loving action.  Easier said than done, but vital if we are to grow a beautiful new civilization from the compost heap of the last.

Notice that while this is happening in the physical arena. thousands upon thousands of people are gathering and sharing their vision and energy towards a global oneness.  Barbara Marx Hubbard along with a multitude of other consciousness writers and evolutionary activists hosted the first Global Oneness Day  just a few days ago.  Barbara is now 82 years old and has been working non-stop towards this beautiful shift since the 1960s.  Her delight, vision, and energy is contagious.

Sharing in the vibrational excitement that is building is an important tool for everyone involved in this consciousness shift.  Action is happening in every vibration as we reach a critical mass in consciousness.  That’s why it’s so important to not allow hostility or hatred to flourish, even when provoked.  Love is the way to our new reality.

On a personal note, I’d like to share something.  Back in 1985 I had a very detailed visionary dream of these events and changes that are taking place now.  That dream has stayed with me all these years,and has informed my personal decisions and focus.  Today I am amazed, delighted, and inspired by seeing it all come to pass. And I am determined to keep my own vibrations high, even while protesting injustice and cruelty.  We are all in this together, and the greedy people at the top are merely spiritual infants who simply don’t get it yet.  It is easy to hate them, but more helpful to see them as ignorant, and, importantly, as reflections of any negativity within ourselves.  Today the powerful profit from  selfish and destructive behavior – yet someday they will stop playing the role of villains.  It is happening already.


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