Global Oneness blooming from the ashes of the dying old order

Just a few days ago the world’s consciousness community celebrated Global Oneness Day.  And at the same time, in the political arena, people worldwide are coming together in the global Occupy movement –  united, for a better, saner, more fair, world.

Naomi Klein has just written an excellent post entitled,

We May Be Witnessing the First Large Global Conflict Where People Are Aligned by Consciousness
and Not Nation State or Religion

The article does point out that American politicians, just like their counterparts in countries like Egypt or China, don’t really approve of true democracy and are, like their counterparts, using the police (who are supposed to serve and protect the PEOPLE) to threaten, harass and attack the Occupy movement.  But for anyone who has been involved with the consciousness movement, this article is another statement of a  beautiful thing coming to fruition: Unity of people based upon consciousness.

As evolution uses challenges and disaster as a catalyst, seeing the worldwide unity of the people is just awesome.  Yes, we’re not quite 100% united – not yet – but this is a broader unity that we’ve ever seen in humanity before.  To drop the silly religious, racial  and national boundaries and to begin to see that we’re all in this together … is like the beginning of a dream come true.

For more positive energy, I highly recommend watching 2012 A Time For Change (now also streaming on netflix).  Although filmed before the Japan earthquake and deadly tsumani, the resulting (and ongoing) Fukushima radiation leaking into our environment, and the Occupy movement, Daniel Pinchbeck does a great job of weaving together the current breakdown/demise of the old world order, new exciting ways of living harmoniously together on the planet , inspiring new technologies and ideas, along with Mayan prophesies.  Check it out.


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