Sights the Corporate Media Won’t Show You at Occupy Oakland

If you only watched corporate TV, you would not have seen the troops of Oakland police shooting tear gas canisters and projectiles  into unarmed crowds –  to know about that, you had to search it out on youtube.  Instead, the television would have shown a protestor (or agent provocateur) tossing back a tear gas canister towards the police.

You probably would not have seen a police officer shoot a flash-bang grenade directly at people who went to the aid of Marine Veteran Scott Olsen as he lay wounded in the street.  (This was after his skull was fractured by police shooting these canisters and projectiles point-blank at him.)  Once again, you would only have seen the shooting and the war-zone like behavior of the police in the pre-dawn raid of the Occupy camp if you found the videos on you tube.

Among other things we haven’t been shown in corporate media coverage of Occupy Oakland is the beautiful spiritual/consciousness side of Occupy movement. 

We haven’t been shown the Buddhist monks who gathered at the site early in the Occupation.  Or how they’ve joined together with  indigenous Native American Ohlone elders to beat drums and pray at the edge of the Occupy Oakland encampment. (Cities in the East Bay were all built on Chochenyo Ohlone land.)

Buddhist Monks and Native American Elders at Occupy Oakland

Buddhist Monks and Native American Elders at Occupy Oakland

Corporate media also will not show you the interfaith tents, the spiritual workshops, the food kitchens that feed the homeless, or the medical tents staffed with volunteers and union nurses.  You won’t see the free libraries, or even the sobriety tent to help those who have substance addictions.

You’ll hear over and over again about the  rare assault, about the lack of sanitation, but you won’t see the dedicated clean-up crews that even sweep up the leaves in the parks, or the peace patrols and safe zones set up.  You won’t see the children and families and their dogs joyfully gathering together in these make-shift portable cities.  You won’t see the spontaneous alters set up to honor various spiritual traditions, bless the Occupy movement, or to honor those killed by corporatism and meaningless wars for profit of the few.

To honor all those killed by corporatism

To honor all those killed by corporatism

Visit to see a great photo essay with other images of group silent meditations, Rabbis joining together with Christians, Muslims, Native Americans and Santeria leaders praying for the Occupy movement, a spontaneous alter to for healing of Marine Veteran Scott Olsen, and more.

“It’s in that convergence of spiritual people becoming active
and active people becoming spiritual
that the hope of humanity now rests.”
— Van Jones

We are in the process of creating a better version of civilization as the old order passes away.  There is no going back to the old way based upon greed and destruction of our finite resources.  The old way built on selfishness and decimation of our planet is not coming back.

The old civilization is dying, and a new way is being born.   Like all births, it is messy.  And like all revolutions, there are rarely enough bathrooms and showers, and the participants may not be a little scruffy and rumpled.  They certainly don’t look as freshly pressed as the right-wing politicians and corporate newscasters sneering down their noses and pointing with their well manicured hands.  Those in control do not give up their addiction to power and greed easily.  But look at all the love manifesting at the Occupy camps!  Look at the openness of the General Assemblies, and the generosity of those who have so little.  Look at the consciousness of the movement, and how it has united the spiritual and political.  That’s where the power is.

There comes a time when humanity is called
to shift to a new level of consciousness,
to reach a higher moral ground.
A time when we have to shed our fear
and give hope to each other.
That time is now.
    ~Wangari Maathai
    (first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize)

Please share these images and videos with your friends and family – just so they’ll be more aware of what’s really happening.  Just because the corporate media wants to keep us distracted, dumb, divided, and dis-engaged… it doesn’t mean we have to remain that way.


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