Emergence – OWS and our Evolution

Bruce Lipton has posted some good comments about OWS from an evolutionary standpoint.   At 8:14  in the video  he discusses how a single celled Ameoba could never conceive of going to the moon, but 50 trillion of single cells converged to create a single human being, who could imagine going to the moon — and multiple human beings then worked together and did reach the moon.  We now have 7 billion people on this planet…

By the way, Bruce’s book “Spontaneous Evolution” is an excellent discussion of these issues, and although written before OWS began, in many ways predicted what is happening right now.  It’s very much worth reading.

You’ve heard the theory of the 100th Monkey.  Here’s a bit of social science to back up that general idea: social scientists suggest that the tipping point for an idea to spread throughout a society, is that approximately 10 percent of a population must buy-in. Yes, just 10 percent.  This would explain the scrambling to demonize the Occupy Movement as “dirty hippies”; and the “enthusiasm” of the police state to beat down the camps.


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