Is Occupy Wall Street Having An Effect?

You may have seen the story that GOP slime-master Frank Luntz said, in a private meeting with republican governors that he’s “scared to death” of Occupy Wall Street.  Now, this master of deceit (and ideological spawn of Karl Rove) is not easily scared.  He’s one of the most successfully arrogant, well-funded professional manipulators who profit from getting people to vote against their own best interest  ( i.e. republican).  He’s not afraid to twist the truth or to destroy the lives of countless American families, and he’s not concerned in the least about pollution,global warming, or species extinction.

Lee Camp has a great video about it…his blunt, bleeped honesty made me laugh with delight especially as he ramps up his rant about 2:30 minutes in:

So, as Lee mentions, watch for republicans avoiding the term “tax the rich” and substituting “taking from the rich”…etc., in an effort to soft-pedal their oligarch agenda to protect the vast wealth of the top 1% at the expense of all the rest of us.  Most of us aren’t that stupid, by surely they’ll try, anyway, since their base is….well, you know.

And as I always try to remind you, please check out his website at


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