Winter of Our Revolution

Revolutions aren’t overnight creations – and the great energy of Occupy continues even through police brutality,  destruction of camps and property, negative media coverage,  and attacks by politicians, and now freezing winter weather.  The media has returned to marginalizing us, but we have not gone away.

Winter is traditionally the time to go inward.  Now is the time for renewing our vision and connection with Source, meditating,  planning strategies and growing the movement.  Spring will come, and with it more citizen action.

Its the same cyclic principal we follow as individuals – energy flows outward, and then we take time to renew, meditate, heal, sleep, renew – then energy flows outward again.

This is also a good time to reflect on how to stay relevant and keep on the big message of a new society.  The big picture is that our entire society today is built upon ego, lack of consciousness,  greed and corruption.  Unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger, ecological destruction, mass extinctions, and climate change are all symptoms of this sickness within our culture.  Let’s not get bogged down in just one issue; instead let’s focus on meditating, brainstorming and creating a new way of living.

We’ve done an amazing job so far of remaining conscious, creatively returning to love, and of refusing to return violence with violence.  Our power is in our Peace.

One of the great beauties of this movement is its peace.  We are dedicated to being better than the sociopaths psychopaths who are the 1% and members of the police forces.  Another strength is the lack of “leaders”.  It is a new paradigm that challenges the old unworkable ways of being.

This is no “normal” revolution – we’re not looking for just “power changing hands” — instead we are creating an entirely new paradigm based upon awakening consciousness.  Occupy is one physical manifestation of the change that is in the process — and has been for some time.

All over the world, people are creating more efficient energy sources, more environmentally healthy home and city designs, working to save species from extinction, and coming up with new ways of feeding the 7 billion people who currently inhabit t his planet.  Each of these amazing ideas multiply the vision and power of the new paradigm.

The dawning of the “age of Aquarius” in the 60’s was a step in this revolution, with civil rights for minorities and women being just a couple of the early first-fruits.  .And after it’s bright explosive beginning, the changes continued, albeit more quietly – meditation, yoga, and consciousness expansion became almost mainstream, as did environmentalism, vegetarianism, and all the other “isms” that gave us tools to be more awake and live more fully as human beings.

And human beings value life and compassion over profit.

There was the inevitable backlash by the fearful regressives among us, culminating in the US as the “tea party.”   Fear of change is a powerful psychological motivator — and as we recognize it in ourselves, it helps us understand those who are completely defined by it.  And the understanding frees us from being locked into ego based conflict. As we become more aware of any fear and hatred within ourselves, we no longer require others to mirror these aspects.  Awareness diffuses the energy of  negativity and breaks the cycle of conflict.  That’s why love  and understanding are so key.  It’s also why love can be difficult…because love means stepping back from the somewhat addicting energy of conflict.

We will soon look back upon this time as the moment when consciousness and political action combined into something more powerful than either energy was on its own – a time when the vision blended with action to create real change.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ~Arundhati Roy


There’s a good article on 5  ideas to build on the power of Occupy at truthout, here.

UPDATE:And another great article on how we can mobilize to be the greedy 1%’s nightmare is posted on alternet, here.


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