Another Day, and More Predictable Attacks on Occupy

We’ve discussed in previous posts how lobbyists were to receive vast sums to smear the Occupy movement, and how police crackdowns followed orders of the elite and violated our first amendment rights to assemble. It might be good to remind ourselves that this is our FIRST amendment, and it may be assumed that the founders placed it first because it was most important. If we don’t have the ability to speak publicly about the corrupt marriage of corporations and government, and if we can’t assemble for a redress of grievances, the other rights lose some of their power, too.

This article explains the triad of forces attacking the people’s movement right now: Big business, their enforcers (the police), and their mouthpieces (their bought-and-paid-for politicians.) And the media amplifies the attacks.  I’ve heard otherwise decent people bad-mouthing the movement, and as we talk it becomes obvious that it’s always because they don’t delve beneath the surface and simply react to what they’re being told by mainstream corporate media.

New restrictions on the use of our public parks and lands suddenly appear, and proliferate like weeds or GOP voter restriction laws.  And it is forgotten that the parks were mainly created for the poor.



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