Corporate Psychopaths and the Movement to Declare Corporations are NOT People

I watched the 2004  movie, “The Corporation” just the other night, and one of the highlights was a list of behavioral traits that psychologists use to identify a psychopath.  Each trait was checked off as evidence of corporate psychopathology was shown.  The 2004 release date makes it all the more compelling, in light of the destruction that the multinational corporations have perpetrated since the movie’s release.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I strongly recommend  you watch it — along with Inside Job (a much newer, academy-award winning documentary) as a starter for understanding a bit about corporate control of the world’s governments and how they knowingly trashed the global economy.

There was one powerful statement by a CEO interviewed in “The Corporation” who said that he had finally realized that he and other CEOs were actually “plunderers” – and that he could see a day when people like him will be put in jail for their crimes against humanity and the Earth.

Interestingly, today an article appeared on Alternet entitled Why ‘Corporate Psychopaths’ May Really be to Blame for the Recession

“Looks like the soulless SOBs who wrecked our economy may really be “corporate psychopaths,” and yep, they are still in control of our financial institutions.”

Meanwhile, delightful news from Los Angeles! The city of  L.A.  has taken a bold stand against corporate personhood.

Los Angeles today became the first major U.S. city to vote against corporate personhood and further call for a Constitutional Amendment asserting that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights and that money is not  free speech. The unanimous vote was witnessed in Council chambers packed by a standing room only crowd of hundreds of people  as well as a overflow room filled to capacity by enthusiastic supporters.

Truthout reports that New York City has also taken a stand against corporate personhood and the democracy killing “Citizens United”, which, as you know,opened the floodgates of corporate money to control our elections.  (If you knew that the wealthy corporatists controlled our politics before, it’s much much worse now that  the 5 corporatist supreme court justices have done their masters’ bidding.)  But, check it out…

Missoula, Montana; Boulder, Colorado; and South Miami, Florida, have all done it, but you know it’s really catching on when the Big Apple jumps on board. The New York City Council voted Wednesday to get rid of corporate personhood in a growing nationwide backlash against the much-maligned Citizens United ruling.

Senator Bernie Saunders has called for a constitutional amendment that states that corporations are NOT people.  If you haven’t done this already, please be sure to  visit his site to sign a petition in support of this amendment.  Bernie is one of the rare politicians who is not for sale to the highest bidder – which is why he’s a favorite of honest American citizens nationwide.  (The corporations hate him, naturally.)

In addition, there are numerous petitions in support of a constitutional amendment.  Here are a couple more:

UPDATE:Democracy Now has a video report on the growing backlash against corporate personhood here.

Editorial writers all across the country are writing that Citizens United is the root of all evil.

Add Portland OR, to the list of cities that are taking a stand against corporate personhood.

And what I like best?  Being against corporate personhood is also being PRO human personhood.  Ending the flood of corporatist cash into our elections could be just the beginning to ending the rule of the oligarchy over the 99%.  Transparency is a strong componant of true democracy – something to work toward.


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