Dangerous Consequences of Citizens United and GOP Wins in 2010 – Back Story

In 2010, the reich wing was massively funded by secret corporate interests, in the first election post the Supreme Court decision called “Citizens United”.  Due to this funding and the onslaught of unlimited, unaccountable, untold millions of dollars, many people were (once again) bamboozled into voting against their own best interest.  Added to this, many others were disenchanted with Obama’s incessant compromises with the Reich, whose only goal was to destroy his presidency – and thus they did not vote.

Among the massive corporate money flood, it came to light that FOX “news” donated a million dollars to elect republican governors, and anti-democracy corporatists like the Koch brothers outright purchased themselves a multitude of state level republican candidates including governors.  Why?  It quickly became obvious.  Once in place, they began an unprecedented assault upon citizens and democracy:

Destroying Unions

These governors and state level republicans began a rapid and intense attack upon workers by assaulting their only form of protection: unions.  Wisconsin was the most publicized state where the governor implimented draconion anti-worker rules, but workers in many more states  were suddenly under assault.

Now, those of us who know history understand that unions are responsible for many benefits that today we have taken for granted, among other things:

  • 40 hour work week
  • minimum wage
  • 8 hour day
  • workplace safety standards
  • employee insurance
  • child labor protection laws
  • fair labor hiring practices

Also, unions represent the working class, and are the only real large funders of democratic politicians, even though they are routinely outspent by corporate interests.  Unions are the only “lobbyists” we the people have – while corporations have multiple lobbyists per politicians — and these lobbyists are often ex-politicians, with unlimited cash and “friends” in high places.  So, in order for corporatism to completely own American politics, unions must be destroyed.

This fight is not yet over, and I believe the GOP was surprised at the democratic backlash by the Occupy Movement and Unions nationwide.

Banning Abortion and Birth Control

Secondly, these governors worked to keep the largest portion of the republican base happy by limiting and outlawing abortion AND BIRTH CONTROL.  Why?  Well, to a corporatist, the laws never apply anyway.  Their daughters and girlfriends will always be able to obtain an abortion at a plush private clinic.  Who cares if the mother struggling to feed her kids has a condom breaks and gets pregnant, or if a schoolgirl is raped and needs an abortion?  These people are poor, for gods sake.  Force them to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, and make the Christian Taliban happy so they’ll keep voting republican.

Results?  Already, women are being arrested for having “suspicious miscarriages”.  Women who lose their babies are being charged with murder.  In those bastions of low IQ religious conservative crazies like South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, WOMEN ARE BEING IMPRISONED, their families broken up, and their children dumped into foster homes — all because of the new restrictions and laws implemented by the GOP regimes regarding women’s bodies.  Some of these women face LIFE in PRISON.

And, yes, I did say “birth control” as well as abortion.  As Rick Santorum recently said, he and his supporters believe that birth control is a big problem in this country.  Not unemployment, or violence, or homelessness, or climate change.  Birth Control.  I’m not kidding.  He has spoken publicly about the  “dangers of contraception in this country.” He continued, “…contraception… It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”  Really, Rick?  And just how are things “supposed to be”?  And, according to whom?  You?  I’ll thank you to keep your religious hands off my body.

In republican run states, abortion has become almost illegal, and birth control is in danger of being eliminated – at least for the poor. ( Of course, the GOP politician’s mistresses will still have birth control.)  They have used the excuse that Planned Parenthood provides some abortions (about 3% of what they do) to de-fund them, thus denying low income and poor women their only source for birth control, breast cancer and uterine cancer screenings, and other medical services.

As with their attack upon unions, the GOP seemed to believe that their attacks upon women would go unnoticed.  They do have hysterical, violent  zealots acting as their foot soldiers to intimidate patients, bomb clinics and murder doctors, and it has become dangerous to defend a woman’s right to choose.  They probably did not expect a backlash.  But NOW they’re getting one.  This fight, too, is not over.

For anyone who thinks banning abortion will somehow eliminate abortion, or that all those unwanted children will have homes, please google “Romania Decree 770”.  Or check this blog for a post on the back story of Romania and the horrific consequences of banning both abortion and birth control.  (It was the babies that suffered and died – in the millions – due to this policy.  Their suffering and deaths were much, much worse than being aborted before gaining consciousness.)

Voter Repression

Voter fraud is a red herring used to justify voter REPRESSION­.  If you google arrests for voter fraud, you’ll find that the overwhelming majority of those charged with voter fraud are REPUBLICAN officials.  And the other fact is that only a handful of citizens have been convicted of voter fraud over the past 30 years.  And those rare individuals have never changed an election result.  BUT those GOP officials who commit fraud do so on a giant scale.

Republicans committed massive voter fraud in both 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio) that allowed them to win both elections.  What was most amazing is how we voters just sighed and accepted the resulting illegitimate presidency of GW Bush, which brought with it two illegal and unpaid for wars, and the Bush Tax Cuts which finalized the bankrupting of our nation.  So this tactic is not new, but now…it’s in all 34 GOP controlled states.

Along with the all out war on workers and women, the GOP governors and their state level politicians have worked to disenfranchise voters by creating onerous voting laws aimed at stopping those who would vote Democratic from casting their votes.  Special Voter IDs which are difficult for the elderly, students, minorities and poor to get.  Some do not have the money to pay for the IDs, cannot take time off their low wage jobs, do not have transportation, or otherwise cannot obtain these IDs (some voters are too old to produce the correct form of birth certificate!)

34 GOP state legislator­s have enacted VOTER REPRESSION laws aimed at stopping Democratic voters, specifical­ly the poor, minorities­, the elderly, and students.  A few examples:

  • A 96 year old Tennessee African American woman was disallowed to vote for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE. She stated that it was “WORSE THAN JIM CROW.”
  • 10 ELDERLY NUNS were denied their right to vote in Indiana
  • GOP legislatur­es are closing polling places in Democratic districts – resulting in outrageous lines and frustrated people unable to vote, while in Republican districts extra polling places are being allocated. This is reminiscen­t of 2000, when GOP officials closed Democratic polling places early in Florida, some 36,000 new democratic voters were denied the vote, and voter rolls were “purged” of thousands legitimate voters by the GOP officials.
  • the Tea Party President has openly announced that “only property owners” should vote.
  • And the new laws INTIMIDATE anyone to try and help register the poor – they can be charged/arrested if they fail to mail in forms immediatel­y, if they make a spelling error, etc.

The desired result? Citizens are afraid to participat­e in Democracy.

De-Regulation and Increased Tax Breaks for Corporations

These GOP state politicians are working to de-regulate and allow increased pollution whenever they can to work around the already weak standards imposed by the federal government.  In addition, they have used the supposed “deficit” to cut taxes even further for corporate interests.  Both of these tactics harm the citizenry by allowing toxins in our environment, polluting our air, water and land.  We suffer and die from these environmental toxins in our home towns, especially our elderly and children.  Only one interest group benefits from these relaxed rules: corporations. I invite you to watch the online documentary Koch Brothers Exposed to see how their toxic dumping into residential waterways have caused cancer and death among residents, yet are entirely legal and ignored by officials.  This is the power of political “donations.”  You can see a host of other short informative films about the corruption of the Koch Brothers here.

Secondly, lack of tax revenue harms us by reducing services.  Our roads cannot be fixed, our schools are falling apart, our dams and levies are crumbling and we face a deficit due to multi-national corporations failing to pay their fair share.  The fact that they, through their organizations such as A.L.E.C. write theeir own tax laws, which they give to their purchased politicians, who then pass these laws – is an obscenity and a slap in the face of democracy itself.

Remember that there are now 5 Supreme Court “justices” who are out-and -out corporatists — and all were appointed by republican presidents.  These 5 have a voting rate that in over 99% of cases favors corporations over citizens.  Think about that.  These guys are there for LIFE, and they are all relatively young.  We may be stuck with corporatists in our court for our lifetimes.  We the people have only 4 justices who tend to favor US, and a couple of these are…well, old.  If another republican gets the presidency, and is able to appoint even one more young corporate shill, The Supreme Court will remain a tool of corporations for the foreseeable future.  This is unacceptable.

The Birth of A New Society

The regressives of the Reich are clinging to the tools of power over others that belongs to the dying age: corporations, religious institutions, and old order hierarchical government.  Now…we are birthing something better.  We are building a new form of society.  Take a look at Occupy and the Internet for clues about what this looks like.  No “leaders”…no one “owns” the internet, and no one “represents” the Global Occupy Movement.  Both of these examples are far more creative, “democratic”  (and messy) than what has come before.

Our new society is becoming more open, more fair, and more equal than the one that is dying around is.  But most likely it will arise from this one that has come before – and it is being birthed NOW, even as the old power guardians struggle to suppress it.  All those who have profited from manipulating and controlling us are seeing their kingdoms begin to crumble, and they’re scared, and therefore violent.

I suspect that a new post-greed society will emerge that invalidates all the corporatist crap that we’ve been living with for so long.  Imagine a world where our currency is  the quality of spirit of the individual.  Where your value is in the creativity you bring to the commons, the love and kindness you express, the intelligence, honesty and genuineness of your nature.  Imagine it — it already exists in our personal relationships…extend the idea of qualities you truly value in your friends and loved ones  to  and entire society.

You can see its emergence right now in alternative communities all over the globe.  In towns and villages that are generating alternative clean energy, that are taking care of each other through coops and preservation of “the commons”.  Someday, we’ll look back on what was happening now as a sickness, and an aberration.  Humanity can be creative, loving, tolerant, and free.  Or it can be small-minded, petty and greedy.  One choice leads to life for our species.  One does not.  It is our choice.


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