Greedy Bastards

It is amazing to me that right now in America there are still millions of people who have no idea of how corrupt crony capitalism is, and how very intertwined this corruption is with our own government.  How can these people formulate an opinion without having the facts?

Yes, it’s true that most Americans know more about a Kardashian wedding or sports than they do about the politics and corporations that determine our very way of life.  And it’s not easy to fix, because our corporate media is not going to provide this information.

Yes, there was a time that there existed in the media something called “investigative journalism”.  But that was ‘way back before Watergate.  Today, Woodward and Bernstein would be fired, or censored – because,  media mergers have reduced the number of news outlets to a mere handful, all controlled by just 5 or 6 corporations.  (I say 5 or 6 because the number changes frequently, depending upon who’s buying whom on any given day.)  There used to be hundreds of viewpoints found on our mass media, but no longer.  We’ve discussed this in earlier posts.  But my point is, before we can get clear about solutions, we need a clear picture of what has happened, and what is continuing to happen.

Dylan Ratigan has written a book that appears to provide such clarity — at least, the website for the book contains really great, simple graphic diagrams of problems, results of the problems, and suggested solutions.  Say what you will about Dylan, the website provides just the kind of clear imagery that can help anyone understand.  (Perhaps even your teabagging uncle who thinks that the U.S. problems just started a couple years back and will all get fixed if Rick Santorum can be elected Religious Bigot of the year and reverse gay marriage… OK, maybe not.)

I highly recommend taking a look at the website, Greedy Bastards.


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