Occupy Message = Conservatives finally lose control of narrative

Have you noticed the change in the wind?  Especially in the hot air of politics?

Even the republican “debates” are being forced to mention financial  inequality.  Yes, their talking points of anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-welfare, anti-minority, anti-woman, pro-torture, pro-death penalty, etc. are still there.  And their front-runner, Willard “mitt” Romney, makes $57,000 a day and is firmly the #1 Wall Street candidate, among a sea of Wall Street candidates.  But still…

“Now the conversation is firmly centered on income equality and the class warfare the 1% has been waging against the rest of us.”

Up until now, corporatists with their vast media machine have controlled the dialog.  Other than the rare appearance of someone like Bernie Saunders or Kucinich, liberals don’t get to speak on television, and the  centrist Democratic party has meekly gone along with the corporatist/GOP narrative, instead of challenging it.  President Obama had also been forced to talk about cuts and the deficit.  Everybody had fallen in line with the corporate narrative.  But that’s changed.

The President gave his third State of the Union speech last night, and much of it could have been taken directly from the Occupy movement.  Instead of foolishly focusing upon “debt” owed to private banks and austerity that tries to lower debt by placing the burden directly on the backs of the working poor of America, Obama spoke of building community, fairness, investigating the banks, and cleaning up the corruption in Washington and Wall Street.

Before September 17, 2011, all of Washington was repeating the mantra of the deficit.  Remember the deficit?  Remember how the TEA/GOP almost forced the U.S. government to default?  The deficit was all they could talk about, and they were prepared to let Americans continue to lose their homes, jobs, and lives in their slavish (and sudden) desire to lower the deficit.  But quietly, they’ve just raised the debt ceiling  again.  This time, no drama, no long dragged out BS played out in real time in the corporate media.  Nope,  Now, the conversation has changed.

Of course, the GOP was using the deficit they created to push through an agenda gutting agencies they’ve always hated: social services, social security, environmental protection, department of education, and medicare, just to name a few.  But the dialog has changed, and their talking points are falling flat.

While they may still prefer to concoct false and divisive stories of how terrible it is when working people get together and negotiate for better wages and working conditions via Unions, and how helping the weakest among us is somehow a bad thing — Occupy has awakened a new vision.  Conservatives/Corporatists have completely lost control of the narrative, and that is a great thing.  In spite of unprecedented violent police repression and corporate media misrepresentation, our message is being heard.

Politicians follow — they don’t lead.  And although they usually obey the money, sometimes they are forced to respond to actual citizen actions.

There is an excellent article on Addictinginfo.org about this.

Understandably upset at this disruption to their plans to fleece the public, Wall St. and the powers-that-be began an assault on our civil liberties not seen since the era of the Vietnam War protests. Rubber bullets, illegal arrests, unconstitutional restrictions to speech and, of course, gallons upon gallons of pepper spray were used to threaten, intimidate and otherwise disperse the protesters. Also understandably, it didn’t work.

And in case you hadn’t heard, Occupy has retaken Liberty Square, and Occupy Oakland is having a three day party:

Occupy Oakland Rise Up Festival Detailed

Occupy Oakland will be holding a weekend long festival starting this Saturday, January 28 with the takeover of an empty building where it will host workshops, panels, a film festival, live music, assemblies and more. The Oakland Rise Up Festival runs through Sunday night and features over 50 speakers and performers including former Black Panther Party leader Elaine Brown, anarchist anthropologist and member of Occupy Wall Street David Graeber, feminist, revolutionary & historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and many more.

Saturday has been designated the Move-In day and activities will focus around settling into the building and celebrating Occupy Oakland.

Sunday is organized as the Conference Day and a wide range of panels, presentations and workshops are scheduled. Music and cultural events in the occupied building are planned throughout the weekend. Below is a detailed schedule of the Festival’s planned events. The Festival also encourages self-organized discussions, workshops and events and will help to publicize additions to this schedule to the best of our abilities.

Look for the festival table during the weekend & occupyoaklandmoveinday.org for the latest updates!

And, something else that’s looking up: the Oakland Police Force is being investigated for their unconstitutional use of force and military tactics used against peaceful unarmed citizens.  Stay tuned for updates on that front.

Baby stepping into a new society…


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