Feb 6th Day of Action Against Police Brutality as Cops Increase Firepower

Yes, even as they’re being investigated for their over-the-top militarized violence against Occupiers, on Saturday Oakland police have pulled out their latest toys, military style armored vehicles.  Yes, Virginia, the cops are using  tanks against unarmed citizens In America.  Evidently their old motto “To Protect and To Serve” has been replaced with a couple of new mottos: “To Protect and To Serve the 1%”  and “First Amendment be Damned”.

Occupy Oakland has endorsed February 6th 2012 as a day of action against police brutality and unlawful arrests.

Armored vehicles are being used more and more against American citizens, to be added to the list of other military weapons that have flooded our police departments armories.  (And if you remember from previous blogs, we have discussed the insidious militarization of our police forces by Homeland Security after 911, which continues to increase in spite of so-called “budget cuts” – “cuts” that in actuality seem to only affect our schools, roads, services and the safety net for the increasing poor among us.)

Tear gas canisters (courtesy of the same military weapons manufacturer that supplies Israel with gas to suppress the Palestinians),  rubber bullets, pepper spray, military spy drones and flash grenades have joined the arsenal alongside body armor, clubs and increased firepower.   Really?  Against unarmed, peaceful protestors?   It’s happening in all our cities, as you can see in these images…but Oakland continues to be a focus of police violence.

The corporate media is no longer even pretending to cover this story with any honesty, which means most people in the country will remain ignorant of what is happening.  Please share what you know with your friends.  The following is a partial list of links where you can get actual information:

Get more information and donate to Occupy Oakland at OccupyOakland.org

You can get updates here from Daily Kos

A live stream of Oakland city hall from UStream.tv.



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