NYPD’s harrassment and spying on citizens annoys FBI

It’s springtime, and Occupy Wall Street is back on the front lines…

With their “dangerous” revolutionary declarations of “democracy” “compassion” and “love”!

This means the cops are back in their most violent militaristic behavior…

police tank

The out-of-control violent, authoritarian NYPD has finally started to annoy even the FBI.

Now, that’s pretty bad.  When the secretive, authoritarian national spy agency thinks a city’s police department has “gone too far..”

Here’s criticism from the top FBI agent in New Jersey, who said the NYPD’s spying in his state had JEOPARDIZED NATIONAL SECURITY because it “made people afraid to cooperate with law enforcement.”

This is the same NYPD who received an unprecedented huge “donation” from Goldman Sachs just before the Occupy Wall Street movement began.  With all that money, plus the militarization of our police force post 911, they now act as private guard for the elite 1% rather than a police force to protect and to serve the citizenry.  And it’s finally getting them into hot water.

Some police officers have spoken out against the violence of their comrades, but unfortunately, far too few…so far.  Perhaps with the FBI hassling them, things will get better.

Let’s see how this one plays out.


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