Evolution: OWS as the beginning of our new world

This is not the end…this is The Beginning.

If you were to tell the caterpillar foraging in the garden  that she will soon become a butterfly and soar in the sky — she most certainly would not believe you.

Perhaps she feels strange before she begins to spin her cocoon.  Does she feel ill?  Perhaps she feels that she is dying.  But  change is upon her.  There comes a time when she has no choice but to embrace this change.

For a time we see no change.  The new cells growing inside the caterpillar are genetically identical to the old cells, but they are different.  These are imaginal cells… and, as Bruce Lipton says, “these imaginal cells see the world in a different way…they see a different future…”

This is not the end…this is The Beginning.

As our society goes through this transformation, many people are fearful.  I’ve heard several older people  express relief  that they will not live much longer, because they are fearful of what may come.  But rather than  fear change…let us embrace it — and become a part of it.  That’s what OWS is all about.

Leaving behind a way of living that is no longer sustainable…

and moving ahead into a world in which we can THRIVE.


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