May Day General Strike – “a day without the 99%” – “Legalize, Unionize, Organize.”

As most of you probably know, the month of May 2012 marks the reemergence of the Occupy Movement.  Expect joyful, creative, and visionary actions all month long… as the awakening of the masses continues.

May Day Solidarity

Occupy Awakening the Middle Class

Occupy Awakening the Middle Class

Today, May 1st,
We celebrate a holiday for the 99%. Today, we come together across lines of race, class, gender, and religion to challenge the systems that create these divisions. New Yorkers join with millions throughout the world — workers, students, immigrants, professionals, houseworkers. We take to the streets to join in a General Strike against a system which does not work for us. With our collective power we are beginning to build the world we want to see. Another world is possible!

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We the PEOPLE will be out in force – not just in NY, but nationwide..joyfully co-creating a new reality.  (And, yes, unfortunately, it will  probably punctuated by a new wave of agent provocateurs and police violence). But the energy is unstoppable and we ARE co-creating a new reality together. May Day has been declared a day of action — a day without the 1%.   As a reminder to my readers, at least one simple action is available to all of us: For just this one day –  BUY NOTHING.

What is changing — or what has changed so far?

See the Live Video Feed & read updates here


This video montage from last fall  is a powerful reminder of what this Global, People-Powered Movement is about:

No matter where you live, there area probably actions and/or meetings nearby. Will the corporate media ignore the tens of thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of people uniting together for a better tomorrow?  (Expect an exciting story about the latest celebrity wardrobe malfunction instead 🙂 )

Or will the !% send out their politicians to  parrot the reich-wing talking points (get a job, hippies, you’re just envious, etc) and simply demonize us?  Only the next few days will tell.

During the cold days of winter, many corporate-backed  politicians have hastily introduced legislation aimed at curbing first amendment rights of speech and assembly, criminalizing camping, etc.  Some of the new anti-citizen laws will undoubtedly wind up in court to debate their questionable constitutionality, but you can count on these laws being wielded against the citizens this spring.  But the PEOPLE will be occupying, offering mutual aid, food, healthcare, education, free library, workshops… and more.

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So, remember, if you can’t physically get out to an Occupy site, you can still make your voice heard.   Just BUY NOTHING. Yes, even this simple, somewhat passive, act can have huge repercussions if enough of us do it. For ONE day, stop the otherwise constant one-way flow of your wealth upwards to the 1%.  It’s the beginning great feeling of the PEOPLE flexing our muscles to create a new reality.

If you’ve read or purchased Sacred Economics, you’re probably quite energized to see our financial system radically changed…

Visit NYCMayDay’s Mutual Aid for some delightful ideas.

And see this wonderful article and video about an Alternative Barter System in Greece  – a humble  “People Powered” alternative currency that’s giving the community back their hope and self esteem, while fostering deeper community  connections.

UPDATE May 1 2012 – from UK paper Daily Mail:

Thousands of Occupy Wall Street activists have swarmed banks and blue-chip companies in New York City as part of the movement’s massive May Day protests across the country today.

Occupiers singing together

Police guard the temples of the 1% (banks)

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