World Liberation Day Begins May 5h 2012 – ONGOING

A few days ago on May Day, Occupy demonstrations took place  in hundreds of cities all over the world.  The free libraries, free food for the hungry, and free medical care sprang back to life as if they’d never been dismantled.  Demonstrators have been given tools for non-violent confrontations and meditation techniques, and amazingly, mostly stayed completely peaceful in the face of increased police brutality and the inevitable agent provocateurs.  (You may not have seen the May Day Occupy resurgence on corporate media, as their focus seems to be continued focus upon the mundane, the disempowering, and the negative.)

Occupy is the global physical manifestation of a new evolutionary awakening that has been building since the 1960s.

The changes that the evolutionary impulse is requiring of us are big.  Huge, in fact. And on May 5th, millions of awakened human beings will meditate to generate change.  I invite you to join in meditating/visualizing/imagining upon the healing of our our reality on May5th.

UPDATE:Kathy has contributed a great comment (below) : “…every day from here on out will be World Liberation Day.”and she’s so right.  These meditations/visualizations will be ONGOING :-).

Some people (such as the makers of the video below) believe this will lead to an immediate physical action, such as the arrest of some of the most onerous power brokers.  I don’t want to be negative and express doubt, but others of us  believe it is part of the cumulative energy that is being raised on the planet.  Either way, global events like this are energetically important.  Do you remember the studies done in the on meditation and violence in cities?  Although there is some debate about the methodology of some studies preformed by the TM group, multiple studies do seem to indicate that when a large enough percentage of a city practices meditation focused upon peace, violent crime in that city drops measurably.  Now imagine not handfuls of meditators in a few cities — but millions worldwide.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do from Saturday’s full moon onward is to join together will millions of us worldwide  in meditating/visualizing/imagining – even for just a few minutes.  (What have you got to lose except a few minutes of your time?  What have we got to gain?)

In order to heal  the pain we’ve inflicted upon our fellow human beings, (such as the horrifying starvation and deprivation and violence that are the natural side effect of predatory capitalism) and upon our fellow beings (environmental destruction, species extinction, factory farming, animal brutality) a gigantic shift is required.  And by opening ourselves up to the call of consciousness to increase our presence in the moment, our love in  the face of hostility, and our willingness to grow, we can make this shift smoother.

The current system can not continue, as it is unsustainable.  The human economic system cannot continue to “grow” indefinitely like a cancer.  Our dependence upon petroleum must end, and the resulting poisoning of the planet must be healed. Right now, in many places around the  globe, great progress and alternative ways of living are emerging.

What does progress look like?

Iceland has written its new constitution openly on the internet.  The Constitutional Council utilized Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, where they solicited comments and suggestions for the new government.  It has refused to pay the international bankers their so called “debt” and printed their own independent currency.  It has forgiven the mortgage debts of its citizens.  It has issued arrest warrants for those who caused the economic crash.  It has replaced the old government with a brand new, democratic progressive one.  And all without violence.

Australia has built these wonderful bike paths of recycled ink cartridges. They last longer than wood and look great, like a 21st century cobblestone road.

Greece, contrary to the stories you’ve heard about imposed austerity, is discovering a resurgence of community.  Small towns are returning to bartering goods and services — and discovering that they love the sense of community that is growing from this form of commerce.  The people are happy, and the towns are turning into extended families.  A sense of community was missing from the old monetized system – and the isolation and existential loneliness of that system is being replaced with a joyful shared community.

In the photos on this page, you’ll see a couple of examples of  innovations in clean energy, recycling, and living.

Feldheim, a village in Germany, is already putting into practice Germany's vision of a future powered ENTIRELY by renewable energy.

Feldheim, a village in Germany, is already putting into practice the country’s vision of a future powered ENTIRELY by renewable energy.

These innovations inspire us to consider:What is our true potential as human beings?  What kind of a world are we capable of creating?

Those of us who living now have made the choice to be here  at this time in humanity’s evolution and we’ve agreed to participate in the process.  I believe that those who have not agreed to go through this time are, or will soon be, taking their leave. Not everyone wants to take the ride.

We’re here to express our highest potential of love, and thus encourage the same of those around us.  It’s an intense time – one that can sometimes be frightening – but as we learn to live in the present, call out the false, and engage with love, we’re empowering each other and making this transition easier.

Part of what we’re doing is moving into new energy and monetary systems.

Predictably, those who profit from exploiting other living beings desperately want to maintain this old world order as long as possible.  (Priests and kings rarely go quietly.)

Globally, these corporate wealth-mongers are slowly finding their power slipping, as humanity is beginning to grow out of the destructive, hierarchical way of life.  In the US, these individuals are the puppet-masters of both major political parties…but increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of the fact that they are not being represented.    As the corporatists desperately dump untold billions into the 2012 U.S. “elections”, it is obvious that they believe they can hang on to power here for awhile longer if their preferred candidate (Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney) wins.  But either way, this old corrupt system will change.  The only question is whether it will be relatively smooth, as in Iceland, or more conflicted, as in Egypt.  It will be interesting  to see how many of the 99% will be duped by corporate advertising into supporting the oppressive elite, and how many others will simply opt out of the process of voting in disgust.

Yet even choosing to be non-participators is only a temporary illusion, because the changes we are going through at this time will impact each of us.  It appears that our choices are these:

  • Embrace change and move forward together with as much grace and love as we can grow into
  • Pretend everything is “business as usual”, ignore the evolutionary impulse, and try to tread water in an increasingly swift current
  • Futilely cling to regressive ideas and attempt a doomed swim “back” against the current attempting to restore the  imaginary “good old days.”

Conversely, the opportunity being presented to us offers:

  • accelerated evolution
  • rediscovering our empowerment
  • growing into our divinity
  • becoming fully awakened
  • Creation of a new, conscious,  free, and just society
  • Restoration of our Earth as life-giving paradise

I hope you’ll join us in meditating and visualizing a healed earth and a new society built upon compassion, respect and justice.

OK, Why wait?  I’m visualizing it right now:

I’m seeing a beautiful green healed earth where life thrives.  An open, free, equal democratic society where each member is honored and encouraged to reach their highest potential.  A world of cherished wildlife, restored forests, undammed rivers and a clean oceans teeming with life.  A planet where humans are challenged to discover our own creative potential and expand our wisdom instead of merely piling up material wealth.  I’m seeing a world full of music and poetry and art, of cooperation over competition.  I’m seeing abundant, alternative free clean energy.  I’m visualizing the military helping the downtrodden, helping to rebuild wetlands, forests, and homes – rather than going to eternal wars over resources.  I’m seeing an end to dogmatic religions, discarded as we outgrow such tools of the old elite, but instead being replaced with curiosity, gratitude, and a sense of wonder at this amazing life we have the opportunity to experience.   I’m visualizing each of us discovering that our ability to love all beings is far greater than we’d ever imagined.

Imagine it!  And join us beginning May 5th  for the Global Meditation: World Liberation Day.  Make it a part of your daily practice.  Let’s co-create the next evolutionary shift, together.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vanessa
    May 06, 2012 @ 00:21:06

    Great entry! We will be getting into nature tonight to receive the energy of the full moon and to meditate for positive change in the world… 🙂


    • voice13
      May 06, 2012 @ 18:03:54

      Thank you Vanessa – I hope your evening under the moon was beautiful! We alternated meditating and sharing visualizations. Let’s keep it going!


  2. Kathy
    May 06, 2012 @ 13:43:25

    Beautifully and Thoughtfully written and for anyone who missed May 5 well begin the meditation on May 6 or 7. Point is to begin as every day from here on out will be World Liberation Day…….has to be. World Liberation is our blessed destiny.


    • voice13
      May 06, 2012 @ 18:06:31

      I love this comment Kathy! I’ve updated the post to reflect the ONGOING meditation. I’m quoting you…”every day from here on out will be World Liberation Day”. Beautiful!


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