Co-Creating Our New Reality – World Liberation Day Continues…

I’m seeing a beautiful green healed earth where life thrives. 

An open, free, equal democratic society where each member is honored and encouraged to reach their highest potential. 

A world of cherished wildlife, restored forests, undammed rivers and a clean oceans teeming with life. 

A planet where humans are challenged to discover our own creative potential and expand our wisdom instead of merely piling up material wealth. 

I’m seeing a world full of music and poetry and art, of cooperation over competition. 

I’m seeing abundant, alternative free clean energy. 

I’m visualizing the military helping the downtrodden, helping to rebuild wetlands, forests, and homes – rather than going to eternal wars over resources. 

I’m seeing an end to dogmatic religions, discarded as we outgrow such tools of the old elite, but instead being replaced with curiosity, gratitude, and a sense of wonder at this amazing life we have the opportunity to experience.  

I’m visualizing each of us discovering that our ability to love all beings is far greater than we’d ever imagined.

The ongoing “World Liberation Day” Event  began last night.  As we sat beneath that awesomely bright full moon, we meditated quietly at first; then began sharing and describing our visions…making each one as real with our imaginations as we possibly could.  It turned into such fun that the exercise continued long into the night.

The ideas above are just the beginning, humbly offered as springboards to sharing our co-creating visions.   Can you see each one in your mind?  What does the world look like?  Can you walk in the thriving forests, bicycle in the green cities, smell the salt air of the pristine oceans, see the joyful faces of the people…can you feel the freedom of unlimited love and creativity?

Let’s keep this going!   What wonders are YOU imagining into being?


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