The US political system is corrupt; WHY should we VOTE?

I have a smart friend who is socially liberal, considers himself generally libertarian, and also a total cynic.  Another friend is 100% progressive and has never felt represented in America in his 60+ years.  A lifetime having no political representation can do that to a person, and I’m sure all of us can relate.  Their attitude is something like this:

“the two major parties are corrupt pawns of the wealthy.   If voting changed anything it’d be illegal, and, there’s never a genuine progressive/liberal on the Democratic ticket. The Republicans have all gone crazy. If I vote for a third party, I’m throwing away my vote because they don’t have the money to win a national election.  So instead I’ll not vote, and just complain about the rising fascism of the reich-wing and the damage they’re doing to the poor, minorities, women, our environment, and the middle class.

Well, There is ONE reason that voting Democratic could make a huge difference: Lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.

The next President could pick three supreme court justices

The next President could pick several new supreme court justices – either judges who support the rights of CITIZENS – OR judges who are CORPORATISTS like the current 5 GOP appointees who brought us Citizens United AND ARE TRAMPLING CIVIL RIGHTS FOR THE REST OF US.  More scary stuff about Romney’s extremist reich wing picks for the court are at

You can pass on this link to download the above graphic called “What’s at Stake”  – or just share this post with people you know.     And please read this short post at which reminds us why the stakes are so high.

Once the 5 corporatists on the Supreme Court made the “Citizens United” decision, which allows the wealthiest among us to outright purchase elections, those of us who are paying attention knew what would happen elections following that decision..  Citizens United sounded the death knell for American democracy by allowing corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money in elections to brainwash voters with corporate advertising, pundits, op-eds, and countless front group “think tanks”.  Decades of campaign finance laws, (which were already far too weak) were overturned. 2010 was just the beginning.

If  “money is speech”, then Billionaires “speech” is billions of times louder than yours or mine — and we are no longer a democracy, but a plutocracy: Government of the wealthy and by the wealthy.  Corporate billionaires already write our legislation through ALEC, and they want to complete their rule through their politician sycophants, such as Romney.

This court has a the terrible record of siding with multi-national corporations over individual American citizens 99% of the time.  That is NOT justice.  Watch for the next pro-corporate decision in the case called Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum.  A lower court already decided that CORPORATIONS CAN LEGALLY COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY  including TORTURE and MURDER and are “immune from tort liability for violations of the law of nations such as torture, extrajudicial executions or genocide”  if these crimes were a part of doing business.

This Supreme Court is expected to UPHOLD this decision.

Each of those 5 corporatists on the court were appointed by GOP presidents.  The next president will appoint possibly 3 new justices.


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