A New Declaration – for the 21st Century

So you say you want real change?  Not just an election in which politicians are simply chess pawns of the rich?  Tired of being unrepresented?

Take a look at  A  New DeclarationContinental Congress 2.0

I am providing a shorter version here because it is so vital and well-presented.  Please visit http://www.the99declaration.org/full_text to read it in its entirety.

WETHE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in order to form a more perfect Union, by, for and of the People, shall elect citizen Delegates between June 1-7, 2012 to attend and convene a NEW CONTINENTAL CONGRESS the week of July 4, 2012 in the City Of Philadelphia. The Delegates shall then deliberate, draft and ratify a PETITION FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES to be served upon the United States Congress, Supreme Court and President, prior to November 6, 2012.

What  follows is a fantastic suggestion of progressive, life-supporting, sustainable ideas for everything from an effective  jobs program  to human rights, breaking up monopolies, campaign finance reform, protecting our environment and quality of life, repairing the economy, and more.

  • Corporations Are Not People
  • Money Is Property Not Speech
  • Campaign Finance Reform

New legislation to enact a 100% public campaign finance system requiring an immediate ban on all direct and indirect private contributions of money…

  • Healthcare

Repeal of prior healthcare laws and immediate enactment of “Medicare for all” or a new single-payer healthcare system…

  • Employment (a new jobs plan, equal pay, etc)
  • Protection Of The Environment

The rights to clean air, water, safe food, and conservation of the planet for future generations shall no longer be infringed by greed-driven corporations…

  • Tax Reform

A Progressive tax on gross income, from a minimum tax rate of X% to a maximum tax rate of 3X%.

A federal consumption tax of 10% on each dollar except for purchases of food, medicine, housing and clothing.

Any corporation or entity that does business in the United States and generates income from that business in the United States shall be fully taxed on that income by removing deductions, subsidies and loopholes regardless of corporate domicile or they will be barred from earning their profits in the United States.

  • Criminal Justice Reform curtailing the Corporate for-profit prison complex, among other things
  • Election Reform & Ending Voter Disenfranchisement
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Passage of a law to reduce the $15 trillion national debt to a sustainable percentage of GDP by 2020 by re-implementing the Clinton era income tax rates, increasing the capital gains tax rate, ending the hedge fund loophole, no oil and gas subsidies, and mandatory cuts in defense and entitlement spending except for social security which is self-sustaining.

  • Government Ethics Reform & Closing “The Revolving Door”

There are several more including protection from predatory corporations, ending the communications monopolies, immigration reform, ending the perpetual wars for profits, etc.  The entire page is a great presentation of what needs to be done to create a healthy, happy, and prosperous community and country.


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