Evolving Beyond The Corporatist Destruction of Culture to A Thriving Society

A community built upon respect, caring, equality, and creativity feeds the soul and transforms the individual, thus transforming the entire society. When such a society also is designed to be sustainable, honoring our environment and providing clean energy, it’s magic!

Such a society is being built right now, in communities all over the world on the grassroots level, beneath the corporate media spotlight.  These are alternative, sustainable, egalitarian communities where respect for one another and building a sustainable future, both environmentally and economically, is a central value.  From the clean energy solar roof communities in Singapore (shown in the photo), to Tree house  alternative communities in Costa Rica, people are taking the initiate to create something better.   By incorporating the best ideas of the past and current technologies, we are creating models of a better future.

Some of these communities are villages, some have begun as households and neighborhoods and blossomed outward.  Others are benefiting from governmental investment in the future of their people.  In the US, part of this future is being created in the “underground economy”, or “alternative economy”, and Alternet has an entire series on the  NEW Economy.

Whatever you call it, people all over the world are participating it this new community movement right now, because we understand that the existing  greed-based toxic system is experiencing a well-deserved death.

Even as the U.S. political system suffers unprecedented corruption after the Supreme Court’s “citizens united” opened the floodgates to the wealthy corporatists secretly purchasing entire elections, beneath the radar, citizens are building a better society.

How long could a society that rewards greed and exploitation while trashing our only planet expect to survive?

As we continue to rediscover that genuine human values – like  love, compassion, creativity, & community are the very essence of life, the emptiness and madness of the current western  system built upon endless “growth” and sociopathic acquisition are clear.

The damage done to our society by ignoring our deepest, most life-enhancing values is obvious: poverty, crime, pollution, hatred and fear are the fruits.

We can do better.  And we must do better if we are to survive… and indeed, the urge to change our society is an urge of humankind to  not only survive, but  to evolve and flourish.  This old outdated system of predatory capitalism, which came into fruition with the industrial revolution, cannot continue.  Its time has run out and it’s ugly secrets are being revealed.  And we cannot wait for corrupt politicians and behemoth multi-national corporate overlords to make changes.  The time is NOW.

We know that a society that denies the sense of sacred, that does not realize the value of our natural world, and that depends upon exploitation is unsustainable and truly insane.  Perhaps this is the reason that 1 in 4 Americans suffers from anxiety, and countless more are on antidepressant drugs.  It is a  nation of drugged out people, robotically participating in an economic system that destroys the essence of life.  Currently the poor are constantly manipulated into fighting amongst themselves over the crumbs, while the average salary of an American CEO is 10 million dollars a year.  In our world, global financial inequality is far worse than most realize.  Corporatism has combined with government to the detriment of us all, perhaps most effectively, in the USA.

All that concerns itself with beauty and truth, with those forces that have the power to transform us, is being steadily extinguished by our corporate state. Art. Education. Literature. Music. Theater. Dance. Poetry. Philosophy. Religion. Journalism. None of these disciplines are worthy in the corporate state of support or compensation. These are pursuits that, even in our universities, are condemned as impractical. But it is only through the impractical, through that which can empower our imagination, that we will be rescued as a species. – How Our Demented Capitalist System Made America Insane

Solutions abound, and are being created right now, as you read this. Public ownership is back Let’s start with small things that each of us can do.  For example, in my home state, several stores are now employee owned.  I do nearly all my shopping at these stores, since I know that the employees earn the profits for their labor, and the money recycles within my community.  Public ownership rewards those who participate, rather than a “fat-cat” at the top of an unsustainable pyramid.

Like millions of other people, I bank at my local community credit union.  Why support one of the big 6 banks that destroyed our economy and that continue to wield god-like influence over our politics and our lives?  As Senator Dick Durbin stated, “The banks…are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they, frankly, own the place.”  If you haven’t yet moved your money, why not support your local community instead of lending your power to the greedy 1%?  Before that last great depression, 250 banks controlled a majority of America’s wealth.  Today, it is just  6 gigantic for-profit banks.  As more of us remove our money from these banks, we each are removing a bit of their control over us and over our society.  It’s a delightful twin satisfaction to reinvest in your local community and screw the banks at the same time.

Local food production is growing exponentially all over the US, as people increasingly want to know whats in their food, what was sprayed on it, and where was it grown.  Co-ops are springing up all over the country, many with solar powered hydroponic gardens that produce tons of organic produce for their members and the communities at large.  I encourage you to check out local farmers markets and food co-ops in your area for higher quality, life supporting foods.  You’ll be supporting your community and your health, while removing profits from the deadly system of Big Agriculture and Corporate Farming.  And you can grow your own food in even a time bit of land — even in pots.

Since corporate agriculture blocks any attempt at labeling our food, and since it uses inferior products that do not promote health and well-being, I do not purchase corporate food.  How do you know what brands to buy and which to avoid?  One easy rule of thumb that I have used for years is this:

  If a company is big and wealthy enough to purchase national television advertising, they’re too big.  Don’t buy from them.

This rule of thumb works for other products as well… Many of you are already avoiding some of the big corporate products, and I encourage you to continue to do so.  Support your local economy as much as possible, and refuse to give your dollars to big agriculture, big pharma, big chemicals…etc.

The personal is political.  Your dollars are your vote.  Be a part of the new economy.


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  1. call me anny moo us, aka anonymous lol.
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 18:06:06

    Brilliant, well said. It’s amazing how easy it would be to make America the most prosperous, egalitarian nation in the world. For the price of one f 22 raptor alone I could easily build enough micro hydro power stations to power most of Oregon for the next hundred years, with little to no environmental impact, I could even bury them underground so no one would have to see it. And I would love to see a repeal of some of these draconian building codes so that we could actually build homes and stuff that make sense. But no they’ve got cranial rectal inversion so bad that they build two bridges and tear down two bridges to replace one bridge, like money grows on trees. Now for some who may think I’m against government, because I’d just as soon see the death of the current eleven thousand year old deception. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not against government, I’m against deception. For example with the amount of money invested in green energy in this country in the last twenty years to bring us up to around 13% The number should be well over 50% at a minimum (and Obama wants to give billions to big corporations to go fake green, What a joke, kind of like here’s your lollipop little kid, that’ll be $500.00) and don’t even get me started on who killed the electric car, I’ll be out looking for some republicans to backhand lol. On a tangent though, why does ford (an American co.)make a 65mpg ford fuckus I mean focus for sale in the UK. But the U.S. version gets around 30mpg. I just don’t get that, maybe I never got my mercury laden vaccinations and fluoride, to fry my brain into none confrontational passivity, my bad. I think I missed my steroid beef, antibiotic milk, and GMO pesticides too.(Pesticide producing vegetables yikes!) But of course I got suckered with organic breads when everyone jumped on that bandwagon, 98% is the law, but that 2% chemical preservative is some nasty lethal stuff. Maybe some would rather see me in a cage than on a stage about these things, but as long as I can breath in and grin, we all win. No need for rage it’s just a page. Gotta run, my flour grinder broke and I do like pancakes & such 🙂


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