Reclaiming our minds from corporate media

In a previous post, we’ve discussed the monopolistic corporate media and their all too effective brainwashing techniques.  We listed the big 5 corporations who control nearly everything we see and hear in America.  We understand that corporatists are using their power to shape our thinking and thus control the conversation or muddle our minds.

So, what can we do to reclaim our minds?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Reclaim your mind.  Make daily time for YOU without any media distractions.  Explore your own creativity.  Meditate, write, paint, play an instrument…whatever.  The goal is to get in touch with the real YOU, feel your own creativity, and observe your own thoughts.  Breathe deeply and enjoy the gift of time and self awareness you’re giving yourself.  A human being is far more than a “consumer.”
  • Eliminate media from your mental space at least before bedtime.  This has the nice result of helping you sleep, and having your own dreams, rather than a rehash of that last TV show you watched.
  • See if you can get through just ONE DAY without being advertised to.  This is an eye-opening exercise, as it’s really challenging.  I’ve tried it, and, unless you’re camping far from other people or lock yourself alone in your home, it’s nearly impossible.  Turn off the tv, don’t turn on the radio, avoid magazines and newspapers, don’t go online, don’t walk or drive past billboards, or go to a sporting event, or read the back of a cereal box, for that matter.  Even reading a paperback book can sometimes bring you to a page of advertisements!  You may have to avoid the phone and texts too.   If you’re very vigilant…maybe you can avoid being advertised to for an entire day.
  • Support PBS – this is as close as we have to an actual media station that is at least partially free of corporate financial blackmail.  Unfortunately, they still rely on “charitable donations”, and thus are not completely free to bring you un-censored news, but they do have some excellent programs and documentaries, and often some pretty honest investigative reporting.
  • When you do watch commercial television watch the advertisements consciously.  During advertisements, take note of the manipulation  techniques being used… the lighting, the background music, the actors, the script.  (Pharmaceutical drugs are especially fun to analyze, as they show ecstatic people in fun situations while a voice quickly rambles through the required possible side-effect list.)
  • Avoid buying any brand that is advertised on national television.  Use commercials as reminders to explore new independent brand products, and avoid supporting the gigantic corporations with your dollars.  Look for local food at farmers markets, and look for alternatives to national (or multi-national) brands.  This simple quiet act is revolutionary – when enough people do it, this can be more powerful than a giant demonstration in the street.  Starve the corporate beast and support the wonderful small businesses that offer you an alternative.
  • When shopping online, support family owned small businesses over the big retailers.  You’ll get more personal service and you’ll be supporting your fellow citizenry, rather than the 1%.
  • Be aware of who owns what you read and the radio stations you listen to.  The list in this post is a great place to start.

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