Citizens United Fallout = Anti-Democracy in 2012

100,000 Monks Pray For Peace

We are in a time of change.  Our old society is gone, never to return.  Oil has become scarce, oceans are rising, and extreme weather is the new “norm”.  The poor and the “middle class” have been looted by the wealthy few at the top.  It is time for a new paradigm.  All over the world this new cooperative paradigm is happening.  And the people that enriched themselves on the  backs of the rest of us desperately want to keep the old paradigm intact just as long as they can.

Spain Occupying Nov 2012

Spain Occupying Nov 2012

Countless people are working toward a more just world.  A world where every living being is valued, a world where we treasure our planet and each other.  A world of justice and equality…

And a world free of the disease of greed and the evils it produces;  A world of cooperation rather than competition.  We’re seeing people creating co-ops, alternative energy communities, world wide meditations for peace and justice, feeding the hungry, rescuing displaced wildlife from disappearing rainforests, painstakingly washing and nursing countless birds caught in toxic oils and poisons — as well as world-wide demonstrations and Occupations for a better world.  If we knew our actual numbers, I believe that all of us would feel far more empowered.  (Which is why the corporate media tends to ignore all this good news!)

But there are those who fear change and who are clinging to the power that the old system gives them.  Even though change is inevitable — the moneyed class is fighting it tooth and nail.

Visionaries need to stay engaged, even in the unpleasant realm of politics.  Because “the personal is political.”

In the US, that fight included a long-term assault on the social safety net and the economy, the dividing of the 99% by race, by sex, and by sub-classes — as well as placement of judges and politicians who serve their wealthy masters rather than the citizenry.  To that end, republican presidents have appointed corporatists to the Supreme Court in a planned coup that has overturned what minimal election finance reforms the United States had in place, and allow what we are seeing now: a wholesale purchase of the United States government by the 1%.

As we saw in the 2010 US  “election”, Citizens United Supreme Court Decision has turned even the pathetic version of ‘democracy” we’ve had into a complete travesty.  Now, crazy ideas that were once considered too fringe to take seriously are announced as policy by wild-eyed puppets of the elite… Ideas like:

  • War on women that includes cuts to health services, limiting or outlawing birth control, ends reproductive choice, eliminates equal pay for women, etc.
  • Elimination of Our Social Safety Net: Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment, Food Assistance
  • Ryan’s destructive budget that cuts all social services to pay for tax cuts for the rich and expansion of war
  • Koch brothers’ John Birch Society extreme classism, rule of the corporatists, racism and demonization of the poor, the sick, and the disabled as being somehow “moochers” off the oh-so-productive elite.  (Who really make their money by inheriting a fortune and then multiplying it in the rigged Wall Street Casino, while exploiting and underpaying their employees)

This ugliness is getting mainstream corporate media coverage  — and ads…  lots and lots of expensive ads.

  • Ads that are designed to divide us, and attempt to keep the 99% fighting amongst themselves instead of focusing on the 1% who are draining the wealth of this country into their own offshore accounts.
  • Ads designed to deceive us – that tell us outright lies  – and no-on is held accountable.
  • Ads that promote failed “austerity” programs designed to cut taxes even further for the wealthy, while raising taxes and cutting vital services for the rest of us.
  • Ads that aim to stop the evolution of the United States culture into something more civilized, by keeping the citizens angry and afraid.
  • Ads that blanket the senses with a thick religious programming, which links greed, bigotry, and general nastiness with “holiness”.
  • Ads that are racist and manipulative.
  • Ads that, unfortunately, seem to work on people who lack the basic skills of critical thinking.

The list of greedy and corrupt reich wing billionares who believe they have every right to outright purchase our government (well, those portions that they don’t already own) is interesting.  So is a recent study of Securities and Exchange Commission and Department pf Justice prosecutions from 1999 to 2010, which shows that accused execs who “contribute” (read:bribe)  politically,  are 75 percent less likely to receive jail time.  (I’m shocked – shocked, I say!)

While, thanks to the reich-wing Supreme Court, we’ll never know the actual totals of the bribes — er, ‘contributions” being paid out, but some of the amounts have been ferreted out.  When looking at these amounts, do bear in mind that the actual dollars involved are probably much, much higher.  Everything the wealthy do is a secret in post Citizens United Amerikka!

Corporations who purchase elections get to control policy, write bills, evade prosecution for current investigations, and otherwise increase their immunity to regulation.  In exchange, they allow groups like the religious reich to dominate over the rest of us, inflicting their idea of religion into our schools and invading our bedrooms with their rules.

Let’s take a look at a few of the criminals… I mean, “donors” and a brief listing of what they want in exchange for their billions$.

It is unfortunate that attack ads work.  And the psychological manipulation only gets more powerful with the hiring of specialists in the field of psychological manipulation.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – ~Joseph Goebbels, (and evidently Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes)

Instead, wouldn’t it be great if every American began to REALIZE that a handful of elite wealthy corporatists are buying these ads — and they’re buying them for SELFISH reasons, not for “the good of the country”.

What do they want in exchange for putting their handpicked politicians in office?

  • They want to continue the transference of our national wealth into their own pockets.
  • They want to be able to destroy our air and water – and not be held responsible.
  • They want to continue selling us cheap/dangerous/useless products and inferior “food” without labeling or  consequences
  • They want even lower taxes for themselves, and higher taxes and less services for the rest of us.
  • They want a population so desperate for money that they’ll work for pennies – no minimum wage and certainly no unions

It should be simple for everyone to understand: it’s about the insatiable lust for wealth. These greedy people are not handing out millions or $billions out of the goodness of their hearts. They are using the wealth they stole FROM US… against US.

Let’s encourage our family and friends to make a conscious effort to disregard every attack ad they see, and question every rumor and chain email — tune them out and stop voting against our own best interest just because they have the money to buy expensive attack ads.”
“”If George Soros or some other wealthy person on the left drops $20 million into a race or a series of races, and his side wins — our side wins — they don’t get any material benefit from it,” They’re not trying to purchase elections to enrich themselves, so there’s no material gain.

“But if the Koch brothers (changed with polluting rivers, poisoning communities, etc) or Sheldon Adelson (under investigation for fraud) or Harold Simmons (wants laws changed so he can build the country’s largest nuclear waste dump) put $10 or $20 million each in and win, they get tax cuts, weaker environmental laws and anti-labor legislation. Their current investigations and criminal charges will disappear.

The right wing has more selfish billionaires with more corporate income and they also have an economic incentive. For their side, buying a politician is a good investment – it keeps them out of jail for their crimes, and it allows them to take in more money – which for many, is the true religion of America.

For those on the left, it’s a good investment in good government and progressive humanitarian values. We’re building a more fair, equitable world.  These are beautiful goals, and a great step forward in a better world for all of us.  Unfortunately, ideals, for most people, are not as strong a motivator as immediate financial gain.  Secondly, liberals tend to have less wealth, either because they lack the sociopathic personality traits and greed that generally account for building up a huge pile of wealth, or because they tend toward the more creative, less acquisitive professions in the first place.

So you’re looking at far less money on the left, and no greed to drive giving, only altruism and care for future generations.  Now what do we do about it?

Those of us who dream of a fair and just society need to speak up.


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  1. Ronn Nichols
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 22:02:23

    Hear………HERE! Truer words have never been uttered!


  2. Lance
    Sep 16, 2012 @ 10:59:23

    Have you ever considered creating an ebook or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my readers would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.


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