Can the GOP Convention be Amusing? Fake Meme:”You Didn’t Build This…”

Today’s post features the amusing irony of the day with some excellent images…check out some good Romney images at the end of the post.  Ah, the games have begun…

The GOP plans to spend the convention screaming about Obama on the false meme they’ve created, pretending that he said “You didn’t build this” about business.  And they’re holding they’re convention in…wait for it….a Convention Center which was built  by TAXPAYERS.  Ah, the glorious irony.

Of course, their echo chamber crafted meme of “you didn’t build this” was edited from a more complete and reasonable statement that businesses in America have help from government.   And a person would have to actually have listened to what Obama said, in order to… well, know what he really said.  But since republicans are safely ensconced away from any fact-based stuff like actual statements, the GOP can rest assured that their meme will be swallowed whole by their malleable followers without question.

But the fact is that whether it be low interest government  loans and grants, or use of our national network of publicly built roads and bridges, to protection by publicly funded police and fire departments, to water and energy infrastructure, to being able to hire educated employees because of public schools, etc.,  business in America has succeeded largely because of the support system created and maintained by government.

Business owners in the US don’t have to worry that their factory will be taken over by warlords or organized crime or gangs.  They can transport their goods on public roads without fear of ambush.  They can use public shipping docks and airports.  These businesses have the benefit of a complex structure of support created for the common good.

These supports were paid for by the rest of us, for the good of all of us.  And therefore if we care about the next generation, we continue to support and pay for a system that helps all of us whether we just want a community with a decent living standard, or whether we want to create businesses.  We contribute so that the next generation can also start successful businesses.  Taxes are the price of civilization.  It’s pretty shortsighted to just grab what you can and hide your money overseas to avoid contributing.  These same greedy jerks will scream bloody murder about people like firefighters getting the pensions they paid into over a lifetime.  WFT?

If conservative elitist  COEs want to have to hire private mercenaries to transport and guard their factories and trucks, build, maintain, and guard their own private roads, and have employees that can not read or write…move to Somalia.  We’ll help you pack.

Another amusing anecdote: evidently Rush Limbaugh believes that Barack Obama is so powerful he now controls the weather and wants to rain on the TEA/GOP Convention with a hurricane.  Is old Rush back on the Oxy?  Or just brown-nosing his corporate overlords again?

Ah, if only Obama were nearly as liberal and powerful as the reich-wing constantly screams!  In reality, Obama is comparable to Reagan.  The British compare him to their Tories (their conservative party.)  Other advanced nations don’t have anything resembling the US Reich Wing conservatives, much to their credit.

But the powerful elite aren’t ready to give up a bit of their power and wealth – and so in the USA, political progress is slower than proverbial molasses.

Politics in America is challenging for anyone – but most especially those who are compassionate and are working to build a more just society.   As long as there are politicians, we’ll do best with the least ignorant and toxic among them.

Politics is a difficult subject for ethical people.  It’s a game, and some of us just aren’t that competitive. The two-party “Republicrat” system, enslaved to corporate control, turns good people off of voting.  I know that I, for one, have never felt truly “represented” by any politician in my lifetime.   And I’ll bet you’ve had the same feeling.

If Obama were a “radical” reformer, a defiant FDR daring the banks to “bring it on”..he couldn’t have been elected.  He couldn’t have run as a Democrat or a Republican.   The 2 party system would have ostracized him.

Right now, there are amazing, ethical, conscious individuals working hard to build a better world who will never run for political office.  Politics are just one tool for change, and certainly not the only one.
But through the mass corporate media, political games are similar to sporting events…yet the “cheating” seems far more widespread!

The face of the one percent The Face of the 1%

It is a tribute to the fine art of reich-wing brainwashing  via the corporate media that so many blue collar workers still vote GOP — against their own best interests.  Yes both parties are corrupt, but only one is actively out to gut the middle class.  Yet people don’t get it.

One I spoke with said ” I always vote guns…so I vote republican.”

Another actually said, “If the Democrats win, they’ll teach gay in school.”  (I’m not kidding, that’s what he said!)

And a third said he only cared about stuff that impacts him, like “the price of gas, Obama made gas go up.”  (What?)

This kind of stuff makes my brain hurt.

Was it Plato who suggested that a philosopher be “drafted” to govern for the good of the people?  The idea being that anyone who actually wanted the job was too egotistical to deserve it.

Until we get a better system, I’ll vote for the individuals who actually believe in science,  our shared community commons,  and support a social safety net.  Hint: its not the republicans.


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  2. call me anny moo us
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 03:04:39

    Not quite sure why I try to understand politics. I just can’t seem to reduce myself enough to find any reason to demonize one side of the coin more than the other. But it would appear that they both sure do deserve condemnation more than praise. It’s not like I haven’t read a few thousand books, but thank god I have vary little public education. I don’t believe it’s a good thing at all, more akin to child abuse. As for bushwhacked along these public roads, yeah it’s happened to me tons of times and I honestly don’t believe I have ever done anything to deserve it. The stories I could tell involving gangs with guns and badges could make a strong man cry. As for why the freeway system was even created in the first place, has more to do with the governments ability to control the population than the well being of anyone. And while I’m ranting, I’ve heard the Somalia/third world tag line soo many times it makes me wonder when people will start reading books like Killing hope by William Blum, and come to the understanding that the predominant reason many third world countries become such dives, is the same reason American politics is such a sham. The reality is that it’s quite easy to think of about fifty different ways the average angry person could annihilate this entire planet, and vary understandable why some would rage against the machine, but thankfully there are those unique individuals out there who are so worthy of love and affection, that any affliction is sufferable for their sake. My point is that you don’t enforce peace through the barrel of a gun, or by enslaving everyone to whatever condition of servitude is popular at the moment. You do it by being so damn awesome that no one can help but adore you. And that is true power worthy of bowing to.


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