What YOU Can Do NOW About GOP Voter Suppression Laws

Empower yourself and your neighbors.  Don’t be a victim!

You’ve heard the saying, “If voting changed anything, it’d be illegal.”  I’ve believed it myself.  Well it turns out that now, if you’re young, poor, a minority, a woman, elderly, or live in a democratic precinct located in important “swing” states — voting almost IS illegal.  So could it be that voting could actually change something this time?  (Hint:It probably has to do with the fact that the next President could appoint several new Supreme Court Justices.)

Right now,  your right to vote is being threatened.  As conscious individuals during this time of intense change,it is our responsibility to be aware of what is happening around us, and this includes the ego-based game of politics.  The wealthy elite want to place their handpicked representatives of the GOP. back into the White House, Senate and House — and they’re willing to do anything to make that happen.  Even though the Dems are no strangers to the lure of money, the rise of the far-reich wing of the GOP has made the party platform as heartless as they are corrupt.  Watch and share the Three Point Plan:

Before we go into the details of how and why the elite don’t want YOU to vote, lets get right to some SOLUTIONS for those in affected states:

1.  Find out how the newly implemented voter suppression laws impact you and those who live in your state – Download the new free Election Protection Smartphone Application here. It will “provide all information and resources, in English and Spanish (branded Ya Es Hora), that voters need to fully participate in the 2012 elections.”

This app will allow voters to:

  • Verify their registration
  • Register to vote
  • Look up their polling place
  • Review key voting rules and regulations for their state
  • See what type of machine they vote on; and
  • Contact Election Protection via phone (866-OUR-VOTE) or email to report a problem or get answers to their questions.

2.  No smart phone?  Visit Bill Moyers’ voter map  to get t he information on new voter rules for your state. 

3. Share the information.   We must do the work that the corporatist media will not do. Make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Share the video above, the link to Bill Moyers’ voter map and the Election Protection Smartphone app information on Facebook, Twitter, and in person. Share this post.  Help get the word out.

4.Volunteer to help your fellow citizens obtain the new ID and comply with rules of your state — and help them get to the polling places.  Visit VoteRiders.   It is CRUCIAL that we HELP EACH OTHER…and Start NOW.  It can take MONTHS to get a copy of birth certificates and other documents now required in affected states.  Many elderly and poor citizens don’t have access to computers – you can use your skills to help them get what they needA few minutes of your time could allow more disenfranchised citizens to vote and begin our transition to a genuine democracy.

VoteRiders has developed a campaign to pledge to take THREE citizens to get their voter ID. Check out the pledge here for details.  It is VITAL that we get involved TOGETHER in our communities.   The reich is counting on the confusion of all the various new rules, combined with difficulty in obtaining ID and actually getting to polls, to frustrate us and stop us from voting, thus allowing them to install their chosen sycophants into office and claim a “MANDATE”.  BUT, the hidden gift of the GOP’s voter suppression could turn out to be the building of a more powerful, united,  progressive community, helping and empowering each other.

The  states that are most affected by these  onerous Voter ID laws are important swing states (and the usual GOP Confederacy strongholds of madness) – but any state with a republican governor or GOP majority is at risk.

The states most affected as of this writing are:

  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • South Dakota
  • Texas

Citizens most affected are:

5. Vote Democratic.  No illusions here, we’re all aware that both parties in this supposed “two-party” system are enslaved by the corporatist elite and stuck  in the old system.

But with the well-financed rise of the far-reich Teabaggers we are seeing the toxic blend of corporatism plus authoritarian mindset that sets the stage for good old fashioned nationalistic fascismThis kind of mindset in positions of authority is not going to be helpful as we work to grow our society into one that is more just and environmentally sane.  And transitioning into a better system is our responsibility at this time.

The GoP/TEA are a poisonous blend of authoritarianism and ignorance, plus craziness and cruelty .  In comparison, the Democratic corporate sell-outs who still at least have souls, seem like a bargain.

The good news is, the astronomical amount of secret money unleashed upon our population by  Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision has encouraged a possibility of more difference between parties.  The wealthy elite have piled on unprecedented money to defeat even the most corporatist of Dems, and they’ve most seriously attacked or even used redistricting to eliminate strong, popular progressives such as Russ Feingold and Dennis Kucinich.  Why?  The plutocrats despise those who work for the PEOPLE instead of corporations – and it may be just these attacks that force Dems to embrace true progressive values, since there’s nothing to lose by being GOP lite…but plenty to gain by actually doing what THE PEOPLE want done.

Remember, the 5 “justices” who crafted the Citizens United travesty are ALL republican appointees.  The next president will likely appoint 3 or more justices.  The wealthy elite want another GOP President to appoint more young Supreme Court Corporatists to this lifetime position.  An even more corporatist court would continue to shape policy to favor the wealthy for another generation – possibly delaying important changes for 40 years – thus slowing down progress that we need to change our culture NOW.

So, although we don’t buy into the old GOP vs Dem bad cop vs good cop game, we still need to put our votes where the best interest of our evolving culture lies, and as of today that would still be the Dems.

All democrats, but most especially Progressive Democrats are being targeted by shadowy reich-wing groups with bottomless pits of cash. If the parties were identically enslaved by the elite, why bother to fund one side with such overwhelming cash?  If you realize that these ‘donors” are primarily greedy authoritarians, racists, and plutocrats, their motivations become more clear.

Progressive Democrats, along with the truly great Independent Bernie Sanders, are leading the charge to reverse “Citizens United”  (another petition is here ) which has fully unleashed corporate purchase of our government.  Why are these groups so desperate to unseat Dems if both parties are wholly owned?

The answer is, both parties are NOT yet wholly owned.  And although we Progressives have a LOT of differences with the Dems, the alternative is the wack-a-doodle Christian Taliban, War Mongering aggression, more job loss and social safety new shredding, and even more corporatist rule — and none of us wants to live through that ignorant, arrogant nationalistic plutocratic madness again.

The irony is that, in a sane country, Obama would be the republican candidate, and a true liberal would be the democratic candidate.  The British consider Obama to be comparable to their Tory politicians – their conservative party.   Advanced western countries do not have any major parties that resemble our TEA/GOP.  This mentality has proven to be the realm of  uneducated, uncivilized third-world stuff.

Take a look at the stated platform of each party.  Dems officially endorse civil rights, women’s equality, marriage equality…while Repugs are still pledging to harass immigrants, end gay marriage, unleash corporate polluters, help the rich evade taxes and attack women by restricting birth control and eliminating choice.  It’s a statement of “old guard” authoritarianism and plutocracy run amok.

OK.  So why is the “old guard” so frightened and angry?

We are in a period of intense flux and change, and those who have benefited by sitting at the top of the heap obviously do not embrace the idea of change.  Our old financial systems are ending, to be eventually replaced with a progressive culture that is based upon fairness and justice – a culture that each of us must help build, together.  Peak oil and climate change are forcing industries to change, as they must.  We can’t “frack” our way out of this, and those who rake in profits by destroying our only planet want to extract every penny before a more sane policy is put into place.  Even the watered-down, centrist pathetic “change” offered by Obama appears to terrify the elite.

Another reason is the good news that our society is becoming more racially diverse and socially more liberal.  Increasing numbers of us are becoming freed from organized repressive religion, and instead embracing a more meaningful personal spirituality.  This cuts off the money flow to those at the top of the Church hierarchy, and…well,  let’s just say that they are not pleased.  It also frightens the followers, who fear that if enough people pull on the string of mythology, it will unravel and they will find themselves suddenly expected to take their place as adult co-creators of our reality, rather than obedient “children” of an angry and petulant Bronze-age god.

As global climate change creates radical new weather, with violent storms, droughts, and fires, more people worldwide are waking from the collective hypnosis of denial that denies reality, and more citizens want green energy solutions. ( The US lags behind in this regard due to the dumbing down of the citizenry, but this can — and will — change quickly as evidence continue to pile up).

More of us want equal rights for everybody.  Less and less people accept discrimination by race and/or sexual orientation.  We’re not freaked out by racial diversity.  We’re certainly not threatened by allowing gay couples to get married.  We believe all people deserve justice.  And despite an unprecedented disinformation campaign and billions upon billions of dollars spent on advertising, few people embrace the  radical dominionist/racist/sexist/plutocratic views represented by the GOP.  In fact, increasing numbers of non-white and educated young portions of our population threaten the very existence of the GOPEquality and justice are increasing.  More and more Americans are waking up and demanding real change – and we can expect this to continue as long as the US has the current system.  We need every vote to help move us forward — any steps backward will just slow us down.

The change in our culture has brought  a loud and desperate pushback by the powers that have enjoyed dominating over the rest of us for too long.  Domionists scream and pontificate about returning to Old Testament laws and advocate teaching superstition as facts in public schools.  Racists throw temper tantrums over their fading domination(sadly, these tantrums are often performed with weapons) .  Sexists desperately try and push women back into the 1950s, barefoot and pregnant.  Homophobes want to return to the bad old days of shame, closets and discrimination.  If you watch corporate media, you’d think that everyone wishes for a small group of rich white males to be our overlords…but it’s simply not true.  The GOP base is, thankfully, shrinking.  But for the time being, the split between what most of us want and what’s being blasted at us all day long is creating a very sick society – a kind of cultural schizophrenia.

Therefore, Voter Suppression is a vital component to put the GOP into political power.  The wealthy elite  want the Bush tax cuts to be permanent, and want to continue privatizing profits while socializing losses.  The Bush administration’s war hawks want another chance to take us to another war, and these same insane war mongers are now Romney’s foreign policy advisers.  Polluters want to destroy our lands, poison our air and water with impunity – they do not want any pesky regulations to slow down their insatiable lust for profit above all other considerations.  And these groups are working together for a Romney “win”.

Suppressing the vote diminishes election integrity by nurturing a political environment that ignores democracy and sustains social, economic, and ethnic disparities in today’s society.

So, no matter how jaded or frustrated you feel, get out and vote…and help those in your community vote, too.  We’ll need every vote.  Enough so that even the GOP corporate owned, easily hacked voter machines won’t matter.


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