The New System Increases While The Circus Goes On:Outspent Dems and GOP Bizarro World

My guess would be that if you’re reading this blog you’re well aware that there’s a lot going on beneath the political circus that’s put on for our entertainment.  You’ve watched Zeitgeist, and Inside Job, and Thrive.   And you know that the real change is happening outside of politics.

Whatever system we eventually create, it will happen because all of US are making it happen…together.  Politics merely reflects what’s happening, the desires of those “behind the curtain” and the old tribal mentality.  It will eventually be outgrown…but for now,  political decisions do have consequences of which we need to be aware, therefore we still need to pay attention to the current US political election.

And what a circus it is!  Welcome to GOP Bizarro World, where the inmates don’t see the wonderful positive changes that are happening in the world – because their world does not include places like Europe.   Or Canada.  Or Iceland.  Or Costa Rica.  Nor do they see the devastation of pollution from the toxic industries they support — but boy, do they hate that “evil” EPA.

And how they love fetuses — but they’ll be damned if they help feed even one poor baby or child.  That would be “socialism!”

They sure DO see skin color, though, and rigid sexual stereotypes…and those nasty unemployed people and poor people who are somehow a threat to their way of life.  And those horrible powerful teachers, nurses and firefighters…why who let them into Amerika?  Let’s not even get started on anti-American unions!

We know that the entire system needs to be radically changed.  I’m excited to see our civilization slowly become more just, fair, egalitarian, more environmentally conscious, and I see global indications that we are as a species slowly moving into increasing justice and fairness.  As the old civilization fades away, it is bringing out the extremes of positive as well as negative.  On the positive side we’re seeing cleaner technologies, an effort to clean up our messes, reforestation, and smaller-footprint living growing as people become more aware.

Yes, the United States is behind the curve at present, largely because of the influence of money in our politics — but we can see great strides being made in alternative energy and equality all over the world…and I believe that this more enlightened approach will eventually happen even in the states.

Every system, from the global climate to the world economic system is changing.  Consciousness is changing too, as countless millions of people are working toward a better world.  Mass world-wide collective meditations for healing compliment on the spiritual reality the giant global Occupy movement physically working for change. Rather than react to the negative, our task is to be acutely aware of it, while creating positive change in our personal lives and our world.

Every small step matters. Alternative energy and neighborhood gardens are happening now.  People are working on solutions and coming up with innovation.  Change is in the air…

But here in the USA, it’s “election time”.  Irrational people making ridiculous claims dominate the corporate news; they’re treated as though they actually have something to say.  Nobody is laughing in their faces, or calling for an ambulance to take them for mental evaluation.  Political ads outright LIE, and since the financing of such ads is secret, nobody is held accountable.

Something must be driving the wealthy elite to spend billions to purchase this election.

Why would they bother if it really didn’t matter who was in office?
Even the wild-eyed Ron Paul followers are being dissed by the GOP.  Why?

I believe it has to do with the direction our country will be taking over the next half century – as determined by the next Supreme Court.

It may also have something to do with the various crimes and investigations many of the bribers, er…I mean, “donors” are under.   These “contributors” include Sheldon Aaronson (Casino king, under various corruption investigations) and the hyper polluting Koch Brothers (tens of thousands of pollution violations across the US).  Perhaps they just don’t want to pay their wrist-slap fines.

Why else would the GOP be working so hard to stop minorities and the poor from voting in “swing” states?  Between requiring photo ID that millions of legitimate voters do not have, to cutting voting hours in Democratic districts (while expanding hours plus weekends for voting in republican districts)…something interesting is afoot.

  • It has been said that the choice in this US election is between a constitutional scholar and a plutocrat.
  • Or you could look at as being between an individual who worked to earn his moderate wealth and an exorbitantly wealthy guy who inherited his money and multiplied it by destroying American jobs.
  • Or simply between a well-educated intelligent man and someone who believes in the power of magic underwear.

It seems ironic that people as progressive as I am are defending Obama, who is actually quite conservative – but sane conservative, rather than the new radical crazies that we call conservative today.  Today in US Politics, a true liberal Progressive couldn’t run for president.

I see a time when we no longer need hierarchical structures and Presidents or Kings, but are truly communities working together for a better world.  I see it beginning already.  But for today, right now, as the US enters another election season, let’s discuss the two visions being offered.

Anyway you look at it, Obama, as an educated professor of constitutional law, could have worked for a law firm and raked in big bucks for himself.  Instead, he was willing to forgo a huge lawyers salary to work for the benefit of Americans as a community organizer.  The GOP has derided that decision with a sneer, as if taking a pay cut to help ones fellow human beings is really a terrible idea — yet it reveals a bit of the man’s motivations and compassion.

He is intelligent,  and he has at least some will to move forward into the future, albeit slower and far more cautiously that I  believe is necessary.

I do NOT agree with his continuation of the US foreign policy of aggression in the oil rich countries, and I am certainly not in favor of his opening up so much of our land to oil “exploration” and other toxic, outdated 20th-century style energy development.  It’s ironic that Obama resembles a 1970s Republican in policy…and is now accused of “socialism” by every crazy republican that can get hold of a megaphone.

Yet it goes without saying that Obama is a gigantic improvement over any regressive teabagger out there.  Sadly, being a moderate is, in  today’s TEA/GOP mind, equals being a “socialist”.  And of course, even though they can’t tell you what a “socialist” is, they know its a “bad thing”.

Romney, king of the 1%

Mitt Willard Romney, the billionaire who hides his wealth offshore and reportedly paid NO TAXES at all for 10 years,  is the Republican nominee. Mittens now insists we should just trust him and believe that he paid a pathetic 13% , but he won’t show the last dozen years in tax returns as is customary.  We should just trust him, like all those suckers whose jobs he sent offshore.

Gee, pity the poor filthy rich Vulture Capitalist.  I pay 35% on my small business because I’m not rich and I actually work, rather than manipulate currencies and offshore jobs.  It’s almost inconceivable that a man who increased his inherited wealth by destroying American jobs and evades paying his share of taxes could possibly run for President, isn’t it?  Could this be a huge experiment to see just how mind-controlled the American people are?

It almost seems like the GOP/TEA statements and platform are so anti-humanity, anti-thought, and anti-planet… it almost seems that they are trying to elect Obama by offering such a disgusting contrast.

Welcome to Republican Bizarro world – up is down, war is peace, compassion is weakness… and the inmates run the asylum!


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  1. call me anny moo us
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 19:40:20

    Oh I thought that the ultra elite want Obama in power and Romney was set up to run against him because he’s such a bad joke that he clearly has no chance of winning. But there still is appearances to keep up so that the American people don’t realize that either side they vote for is a knife in the back or a knife in the front. It’s like a circus where they are yelling step right up and pick your poison. The democrats yell “we’ll give you welfare and gay rights” the republicans yell “we’ll let you earn a living and not tax you to death”. Meanwhile the Enron’s of the world bankroll both sides, and all the little people on either side demonize the other, often with good reason. Quite a fascinating little deception really. But I still question whether the best course of action long term is to work with this deception as so many before have tried, thus making it a better deception, because as the saying goes “when you dance with the devil the devil don’t change but rather changes you”. Or is the best course of action to abolish this evil from among us. I will say that after so many thousands of years of one aspect of civilization behaving like murdering conquering bastards, with such apparent success, to the point of complete world dominance. I question whether any real change can be expected without at least a few generation of walking through fire, so to speak. Here is the way I sum it up. The ultra elite want Obama because they love debt slaves among other things, the elite want Romney because a fellow crook will surely be sympathetic to their plight, and everyone fears what would happen if the only guy with a consistent voting record who has spoken the truth for over thirty years got into office, after all politics is the gentle art of getting money from the rich and votes from the poor by promising to protect each from the other. It’s never been about actual change ever, It’s about marginalizing people into believing they are making a difference by making the deception seem more friendly and universally applicable. A prime example would be the abolishment of involuntary servitude. This was primarily done so that everyone could be placed in a condition of forced voluntary servitude. It sounded good/fair and it was extremely profitable for the ultra elites deception. Combine that with public programing aka school where they indoctrinate, identify and stunt the development of children and you end up with a society that is vary hard to justify. Even if you private school, it’s still government controlled teaching criteria. I mean has everyone forgotten that this land was stolen from an indigenous population, who where then placed on reservations to starve or worse while there children where taken, given an ID, forced to wear white mans cloths and cut their hair, striping them of there own cultural identity so they could be educated. nothing to do with an actual education any more than today, but everything to do with social control and learning to accept conditions of servitude. Because liberty can never be given, it can only be taken. So if one ask me to choose one condition of servitude over another, I’m inclined to say give me liberty or death. I don’t know how to be a slave, I just don’t think it’s in me to be able to accept the mark of the beast, referring to a beastly government and it’s mark on our lives. Ok I’ve gotta go do some research for a trial. I got a $260.00 citation for following too closely even though there was no one in front of me or behind me. I don’t know if that cop was a democrat or republican but he sure was a revenue generating prick, lol. It’s going to cost me about $500.00 in lost wages to show up in their kangaroo court, but I’ll gladly do it just to look that cop in the eye and ask him questions that make him squirm, if he even shows up.


  2. call me anny moo us
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 08:58:49

    I didn’t know Romney was a billionaire, although I did know he made a fortune off of how is it called, hostile takeovers, like that washing machine co. that he took over as a successful co. with a good name, but then he cut cost putting sub standard parts from china in and ruined the good name while running it into debt, and splitting with a few million before it went bust and everyone lost there jobs. Yay Mit for prez. NOT!. I’ve been hearing lots of people say but you can’t let Obama get in again. I think well maybe he’s aware of an impending doomsday event so the economy doesn’t even matter, and that’s why he spends like there’s no tomorrow, or maybe he’s a mad genius who knows this system is past the point of no return and is just trying to give it that last little push over the edge. The thing that worries me though is now that he’s killed Bin Laden, who’s next, bin slacken, bin drinken, bin thinkin, bin talken. Oh crap maybe Bin Me. But seriously though anyone that gets on national TV and advocates the use of predator drones to kill people is one scary dude. Here is what I find so odd though, everyone who is at all aware in America knows that the Russian elections are completely fixed, and everyone who is at all aware in russia know that the U.S. elections are fixed. Yet why can’t more people see past the end of their noses right where they’re at? Oh when will this madness stop. We don’t need to be the worlds police force, engaged in endless war for profit. Big governments rise up, incrementally enslave the masses and collapse, such has it always been. It’s a virus, a deception, it can work no other way. Economy that requires perpetual growth or it collapses, that’s just madness. I guess many are scared to death of an economic collapse. But I tend to see it more as an opportunity to accomplish great things, than omg there will be gangs roaming the streets, like in third world countries. But the reality is thats not even the nature of people in general and the only gangs to fear wear guns, badges and use predator drones for backup. Sure there is always some unruly elements that have to be addressed but what I’ve found is that nine times out of ten people do bad things out of desperation or ignorance. So give them an opportunity to do good, it’s not like that takes money, maybe just some food, and on a tangent we should have a lot more of that growing and accessible to people anyway. The old kill the buffalo so they have to get jobs and buy food from the store has always been a bad idea. Oh am I living in the past, how about flood the rice patties and dump agent orange, oh still to far how about shock and awe or oh never mind I’m just ranting now. I better get off my soapbox before I put myself to sleep.


  3. Brian Tooby
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 13:27:21

    This post hits so many nails on the head, so hard and so accurately, that it almost hurts. It needs to be all over the Internet. Great stuff.


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