The Story of the Boy, the Starfish and Our Evolution

You’ve heard the parable of the grandfather walking on the  beach with his grandson after a storm.  Countless starfish had been washed high up onto the sand, and then were stranded there when the water receded.  The boy was dismayed that the starfish would all die so far from the water, but the grandfather looked at the sheer number of starfish and said “There are too many, there’s nothing we can do to make a difference.”

At this the child gently picked up and carried one starfish back to the sea.  “It made a difference to THAT one.”

In my imagination, the story continues… As the grandfather is moved by the love of his grandson for the starfish, he reaches out and collects a few more starfish and carries them to the water.  Observing this scene, more people pitch in to help, and before long, people up and down the beach are rescuing starfish and returning them to the sea.  This continues until the last starfish has been saved…

The boy learns that one act of kindness has great power, and that love multiplied can accomplish the impossible.

Love, kindness and compassion are our strength – not our weakness,as those Ayn Rand worshipers of the reich believe.    And now, at this critical time in our evolution, we are realizing this simple truth in a more profound way.  The beings who share this globe are in this transformation together.

We humans are accelerating towards the time in which we will either AWAKEN and expand our consciousness as a species — or go extinct.

“All things are possible once enough human beings realize that everything is at stake.”
Norman Cousins

We have created the crisis that will either prompt us to expand, or defeat us.  You’ve heard people speak of activating DNA, or activating dormant portions of the brain…but I believe we are in the process of a change that is far greater than we can even imagine.  What does this mean?

Many of us have explored and expanded our consciousness throughout the history of humanity.  History is replete with examples of individuals who rose above the common level of consciousness of those around them.  Today, there are thousands upon thousands of people devoted to expand into our potential — a greater portion of the population than ever before.

And no matter how much we imagine that we know… we have no idea just how amazing and powerful we truly are.  We have no idea of our potential.  Perhaps, as in the story of the starfish… we just need to take action in love to activate a massive change.

This is the time, as our old system falls apart and a new reality is being born.

You could compare what we’re going through to a simple pan of water.  As the water heats, it does not appear much different from cold water until it reaches 100 degrees C. Suddenly the water begins to bubble, then reaches a rolling boil — and becomes transformed into steam.

Today we are distracted and “entertained” by a society that seems intent on remaining asleep.  Our challenge is to remain engaged while observing our reality from an expanded consciousness.  Today, we’re not called to live in a cave and meditate, (as tempting as that sometimes seems!) but to remain fully PRESENT while playing an active role from a creative conscious place.

“The most meaningful activity in which a human can be engaged is one that is directly related to human evolution.

This is true because human beings now play an active and critical role not only in the process of their own evolution but in the survival and evolution of all living beings.

Awareness of this places upon human beings a responsibility for their participation in and contribution to the process of evolution. If humankind would accept and acknowledge this responsibility and become creatively engaged in the process of metabiological evolution consciously, as well as unconsciously, a new reality would emerge, and a new age would be born.” ~ Jonas Salk

The adventure that we are participating in is possibly the most exciting thing that humanity has ever done.

It’s why our level of consciousness matters.

It’s why our level of love matters.

It’s why we are diligent in whatever practices keep us in our powerful Universal Center.

It’s why we tread lightly and honor our Earth.

It’s why we make compassionate choices in simple things like our food and purchases.

It’s why we empower one another with policies of justice, civil rights and respect.

It’s why we help each other — because we recognize that all things are connected.

Perhaps, as in the analogy of boiling water, the change in us has already begun…


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