Vote-Vote-Vote..It’s Vital!

In two months we Americans will go to the polls once again to decide who the president will be for the next four years. We will not be allowed to vote on those who wield the true power in this country. On November 6th we will not vote for the chairman of ExxonMobil or JPMorgan Chase or Citibank or the Premier of China. That day will come, but not this year.

This is the opening paragraph of an article by Michael Moore entitled, “President Romney” — Why Those Two Words Should Scare You into Action This Election .  It’s  well worth reading.  So YES, we KNOW that the political parties do not actually control economic or military policy…YES, we KNOW that the wealthy elite are the true rulers behind the curtain — YES, we know that greed and corruption are not limited by party affiliation — but this does not mean that it is wise — or even ethical — to disengage.

I love the Green Party, and I wish Jill Stein had a chance at becoming President.  But since the corporatocracy has silenced third party voices,  do I make a “protest vote”?  Or am I to choose  between Dem and GOP?  OK, It’s not a fair choice, because at least the Dems are relatively sane, while the GOP has been taken over by far-reich extremists.  And, I’ll go with Dems –  because we KNOW from experience that life under the GOP thumb is far worse than being governed by the Democratic party.  For the children, for the elderly, for the unemployed, the poor, students, the middle class, women, gays, minorities… life is just better with Democratic policies.

And yes, this applies even to those of us who are cynical, disappointed, or otherwise half-hearted about this election. 

Just look at who doesn’t want you to vote:

“I don’t want everybody to vote…
As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up
as the voting populace goes down.”
Paul Wayrich, father of the reich-wing movement; co-founder of the Heritage Foundation and “Moral Majority”

UPDATE: Don’t know where your polling place is? Just txt “where” to 877877. Voters will be prompted for their address and they will immediately get their polling place. It’s magic.

We’ve discussed in previous posts what you can do right NOW to work around the GOP plan to stop Democrats from voting. You can download a smartphone app from this page that tells you exactly how to navigate the GOP voter suppression laws in your state.  And, be sure to help your friends and neighbors get registered.

UPDATE: see this map of GOP election fraud and voter suppression tactics.

We’ve discussed the destructive effects of the Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” decision, which allowed, for the first time, unlimited secret cash to purchase advertising, manipulate the media, and otherwise scare and deceive voters into voting against their own best interest. Corporations have controlled the message ever since they installed Reagan and began to monopolize our media, and after Citizens United, anyone with the billions can buy an election — unless WE  take action.

Here’s a quote  from  “A tale of two Conventions” on

The 2012 election is not between Republicans and Democrats. This is a choice between two existing Americas: one that is manipulated to fear, hate and dismantle the United States government, and another that is longing for accountability, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people… not corporations, my friends.

Don’t fault the mob for their pitchforks and torches. When people are manipulated, they become guarded and suspicious. Spooky America is a dark and deceptive place, where bloated men with megaphones and sponsors pump fear into your heart, suffocating the soul until judgment is impaired.

The frightened are not the enemy. They are the victims of an old and deceitful game, where truth and deeds are irrelevant, rules no longer apply, and few – least of all, the mob – ever win.

Each of us has a choice this election. You can dislike America for not being a fictitious ideal, dismantle the government and programs generations prior built for our well-being and protection… Or, live freely and pursue happiness, celebrate the more perfect union America continues to become.

Don’t be a hater. Dream again. Demand progress and accountability.

We are mobilizing.  We are working for the homeless.  We are feeding the hungry.  We are creating community gardens, and farmers markets, and local community support systems.  Occupy is stopping foreclosures, and reclaiming deserted empty homes, fixing them up and re-homing families. Communities are working on shoestring budgets to help each other.  Clean energy is sweeping the globe, creating jobs and a better future.  Volunteers are cleaning up our parks and beaches.  We are building a better world from the bottom up – in spite of the obstructions placed in our way by the 1% and their politicians and police forces. 

Politicians are the last — not the first — to reflect changes that the rest of us are already moving into.  We are creating a more just, socially responsible society in which every being is respected and nurtured.  Our society must catch up with our humanist, environmentally conscious values.  So, for now, our choice is between the Dems and the science-denying, pollution loving, vagina-regulating Christian Taliban.  GOPers wanted to invade Libya.  Obama didn’t… and that’s one less ground war in which the US is involved.   Our foreign policy is horrible, but imagine what Bush’s neo-con handlers (who are now behind Romney) would do.  GOPers want to eliminate Obamacare, which is already helping people.  Yes, we need actual UNIVERSAL health care, but at least this is a step in the right direction.  GOPers want to cut food assistance at a time of most dire need.  Dems want to expand it.

THAT is why you must vote.

If you live in one of the states where the GOP has instituted voter suppression, you’ll first need to make sure that you will be allowed to vote.  If you’re poor, female, a student, or a minority, it’s vital that you start NOW to make sure you have whatever ridiculous documentation that will be required.  The GOP is playing a game to confuse and intimidate you into not voting, because margins are often tiny — if they can get you not to vote, they win.  It’s that simple.  Check out Protecting The Vote. which is a very clear outline of the plan and some of  the ways we’re fighting to regain our rights.  Download Greg Palasts 7 ways to Beat the Ballot Bandits.

The elite know that if everyone in this country voted, we would begin to get what we want in America.  We’d force in better policies that favor all of us, instead of just the corporate elite who’ve been re-writing policies in their own favor for decades.

In some states the obstruction of legal voters was egregious enough to require federal judges to order it stopped.  In Ohio, early voting on Sunday after church had been a big tradition in these areas where people tend to work at low-wage jobs and cannot take off work to vote on weekdays.  30% of voters took advantage of this early voting, and the majority of early votes went for Obama in the last election.  

The GOP took notice.  the republican secretary of state  John Husted cut voting hours to only work hours, 8-5 weekdays only — in inner cities and urban areas that are primarily African American…while expanding hours in republican districts.     Republicans could saunter in and vote on weekends, evenings, etc…while Democrats had to leave their jobs and stand in long lines!  Secretary of State John Husted, a Republican,  fired two Democrats from a county board of elections because they voted to keep the early-voting hours.   Husted claimed they were violating his new rule.  Yet when the feds ordered him to reinstate the original hours, Husted refused to comply with the federal order, knowing that by creating confusion and delaying compliance with the federal order, he would still be able to stop large numbers of minority voters from voting.  At the time of this writing, early voting has been reinstated, but may again be challenged, as the reich is desperate to stop YOU from voting.

In Pennsylvania, another swing state,  the GOP implimented difficult rules for voting.  Suddenly elderly people who’d been voting for decades could not vote.  The federal court ordered them to offer free voter ID.  Yet even after the order voters were being deinied this ID.

Two government offices, three hour-long lines, two 78-mile trips, two week-long waiting periods, four forms of identity and two signed affidavits later, Pennsylvanians will be allowed to vote.

Under the state’s new voter ID laws,, which require every voter to show a government-issued photo ID at the polls, that is the epic process thousands of native Pennsylvanians have to go through to get the ID required to cast their ballots in November. And they now have just 56 days to complete it before the election.

“It was hell all told,” said Jan Klincewicz, who helped his 87-year-old mother, Jisele, through the process.

In Texas, the Federal Government has intervened in onerous voter suppression tactics that required an unbelievable amount of documentation.  (One persistent couple reported it took 8 visits to the DMV with a variety of different proofs of ID to finally get their voter ID card.)

Read “Think getting “free ID” is easy — think again!”

Remember,  check the websites and download the app shown in this previous post to help you know what to do in YOUR state.


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  1. voice13
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 23:21:52

    More Jedi Knights and less storm troopers, indeed! So much of what we are doing is not visible… and the work we are doing exists outside of the realm of egoistic politics and the materialistic elite who currently control much of American politics and world resources.

    It is no accident that there is an ancient blessing that says, “May you live in uninteresting times!” But that is not our fate. We are here at a time of gigantic change. Humankind has placed itself in a crisis position of either evolving or going extinct. We are possibly the first species to be able to consciously choose to evolve… or perish.

    My only question is, “which political party will best allow us room to evolve, and to progress into a new and more just way or organizing our society? Conversely, which political party wants to regress and destroy the good things we have managed to create thus far: civil rights, womens’ rights, gay rights, education, separation of church and state, etc.? Which party will protect those rights, and is most flexible to respond to the changes we are moving into? Further, one party accepts science, one does not.

    I’ve written a blog post on the meme of “they’re both the same”… and why it can actually be dis-empowering. I think I’ll re-edit it and post it when I get time.

    Perhaps even Jedi Knights can vote for the sake of their brothers and sisters, even though they see further into the future.


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