crazy email: The Mythical Liberal Media & The Washington Post

This post features another forwarded crazy email easily debunked with a quick search inquiry.  How happy I’ll be when this “election” is behind us… as a liberal, I get so tired of Obama being called “liberal”, since he is most definitely NOT.   However,  the barrage of reich-wing emails aren’t aimed at Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein or other GENUINE liberals, so here we are, debunking another Obama freak-out.

I have to ask myself, what will the reich do when we get mainstream coverage of actual liberals?  They’ve already spent 4 years hysterically screaming that Obama, an Eisenhower-style republican/democrat is a commie-socialist-marxist-muslim-radical.  How will they be able to  induce even more knee-jerk fear into their base?

Because believe me, Occupy and Greens and Socialist Democracy proponents are NOT going away, and eventually people will start to realize that we are ALL in this TOGETHER.  We will choose Life.  And we will embrace shared sacrifice and shared blessings, innovative new ways to clean up our environment, preservation and restoration of our wilderness, respect and reverence of all the commons, and the obvious fact that life is more precious than money.  I don’t know how the holdout reich-wingers will cope with the change. 

Some will see the light and become part of the solution.


So, now for the  quick debunk.  This email contains references to the mythical  “liberal media”.  The US has a corporatist media, and no amount of calling it “liberal” will make it so.   The main gist of the email was that Washington Post is somehow ‘liberal”.

Well I’m sorry, but these guys wouldn’t know “liberal” if it bit them on the a**.  They don’t know actual liberal media, and they don’t know actual liberal politicians…because in their world, a slightly less insane corporatist is liberal.  Sheesh.

The email claims that an article written by reich-wing blogger Matt Patterson was printed in the Washington Post.  Sorry folks, it was NOT; as the corporatist Washington Post still doesn’t want to look totally crazy; it was full of FOX “news” talking points and bereft of facts.

Not that the corporate media doesn’t print lies — obviously it does — but this stuff was just hyperbole and opinion, and frankly, sounds just like a FOX news cultist with Tea-Bag Tourettes Syndrome.  It is tedious to read.

Luckily for me, has done all the work on this.


Summary of the eRumor:
This is a forwarded email that contains an opinion written by Matt Patterson that was allegedly published in the Washington Post. The email calls attention to how such criticism of President Obama could come from a newspaper with a reputation for being “extremely liberal”.

The Truth:
This is a real article called ” The Affirmative Action President” written by Matt Patterson, which appeared on the conservative opinion web site “American Thinker” on August 18, 2011.  The article did NOT appear in the Washington Post …there are no writers employed at that newspaper by the name of Matt Patterson.

“American Thinker” (a wonderful doublespeak title for a site devoted to brainwashing their readers)  is a daily reich-wing  internet  publication.   ANN COULTER is listed among its main contributors.  No need to comment on that.

On his website, the author of the article, Matt Patterson, indicates that he has contributed to — (wait  for it…)  

Well, that certainly ends any credibility this guy may have had, doesn’t it?

He also mentions that his “work” has been cited on air by Sean Hannity, featured on the Drudge Report and

And he doesn’t even seem ashamed.  Pity.


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