crazy email: “Whose (sp) Controlling Obama?” plus George Soros backstory

Once again, it’s crazy email time!  And once again, in the interest of honesty, I’m dissecting the BS, so YOU don’t have to.

Today’s email writer evidently confused the word “Who’s” with “Whose”, thus making the title seem a little more crazy than usual.  It’s a long one, so I won’t reprint it all here.

A good indicator of a BS email is when it is anonymous or is falsely attributed to a reputable source.  In this case, this email was attributed to reporter named Steve Kroft from “60 Minutes” – but a quick check with snopes showed that Kroft did not write any of this drivel.  Instead, a fanatic reich-wing blogger named Jim O’Neill wrote it back in 2009.

The email rants and raves about “socialism” and “marxism”, and then  demonizes wealthy philanthropist and democracy advocate George Soros… and claims that he is “controlling” Obama.

Because, come on, a black guy couldn’t become president without a white puppet master!

(Too bad the email didn’t detail the true  “puppet masters” of both mainstream parties: the Wealthy Elite.  And in this 2012 election, the top 1% are absolutely flooding the GOP with secret billions, leaving the Dems far outspent.  That sobering  fact alone, makes us realize that  the Democratic Party  is  still far better than a the corporatist/dominionist wack-jobs who have taken over the GOP.)


The email predictably goes on to claim that Obama is  a “Marxist”.

A Marxist, really?  Well if Obama is a Marxist, he’s pretty horrible at it.    Wall Street and the 1% are doing better than ever under his administration – the fifth best of any president in the history of the U.S.  The first was Franklin Roosevelt, the next-best market performances occurred under Calvin Coolidge, Bill Clinton and Dwight Eisenhower, then Obama.

Personally, I do NOT want Wall Street to continue to squeeze wealth out of Americans.  But for those on the reich, these titans are to be revered…So you’d think they’d be cheering Obama.  But then again, he’s black.  And then again, he supports a teensie weensie bit of regulation.  So OK, they hate him, but he’s no Marxist, and he’s no liberal.  He’s just a center/right politician.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And sadly, he (like all politicians)  is certainly beholden to corporate interests and the military industrial complex.  Therefore   he is certainly not “controlled” by one of the reich-wing’s favorite boogie-men: George Soros.

Oh yeah, they truly hate Soros, calling him “one evil human.”

Forget all the rumors you have heard about Soros.    I’ve read his writings and philosophy, and I’ve found him to be articulate, a humanitarian, and a staunch supporter of Democracy. He was born to a Jewish family in Hungary in 1930 and survived the Nazi occupation only because his family placed him with a non-Jewish family, for which he was eternally grateful.

George Soros came of age in Hungary at a time when it was a battleground in the decades-long conflict between fascism and communism, the two great totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century. A personal experience of this conflict—including the violence, foreign occupation, anti-Semitism, and other forms of intolerance that went with it—as well as a personal fascination with philosophy shaped Soros’s thinking in later years and influenced his successful strategies in both finance and

He has repeatedly warned of an impending  global economic collapse, voiced his empathy with Occupy Wall Street, and spoke out against the violent militarized police  ‘crack down” on citizens world-wide.  Not what we’d expect from an aging wealthy man, is it?

  • He does NOT own any stock in Diebold or other voting machines.
  • He is NOT buying up and shutting down firearms manufacturers.
  • He did not start Huffington Post.
  • He does not own Snopes
  • He did not financially assist Occupy Wall Street.
  • He was NOT a Nazi sympathizer, exactly the opposite: The reich wing has used the tragic story of his family and childhood and called him a “Nazi collaborator”.   Unbelievable huh?  His childhood was heavily impacted by the fascist hatred of his people, and the totalitarianism of the Nazis deeply influenced both his philosophy and his politics, leading him to form and fund groups for Open Societies and Democracy.

Soros is wealthy because he is a capitalist hedge fund manager.  To my mind, acquiring that kind of wealth is somewhat suspect; investments and hedge funds seem to me to smack of corruption – “wealth without work” is one of Gandhi’s 7 roots of violence, and I tend to agree.  So I’m not saying that Mr. Soros is a saint, yet he has used that wealth for good, helping to liberate people all over the world.

In fact, he is a strong supporter of  democracy and transparent governing, along with free and open society.  Therein lies the reason for the intense hatred aimed at him; because most of the moneyed class is intent upon turning the U.S. into a pure Plutocracy: government by the wealthy for the wealthy.

They find it outrageous that one of their own would spend wealth and time to help the Peasants.

The Plutocrats hate social security, medicare, and other social safety nets.  They don’t want to pay taxes.  Corporate CEOs and Wall Street Banksters don’t believe that their use of our collective infrastructure, roads, police, fire department, utilites, educated employees, etc… should be repaid in any way, they seem to believe that such supports simply exist to serve them.  They do not recognize the ancient tradition of honor for the “commons”, land and waters that belong to all , and so their intent is to log, mine, and extract oil from every last bit of untouched land and sea that they can get their hands on… and they certainly do not want any regulations that might impede their insatiable greed.

So they don’t like Obama, with his weak, modest little  reforms.  And they REALLY don’t like Soros.

Mr. Soros is not the wealthiest person involved in politics — not even close.  He is not nearly as wealthy as for example, the reich-wingers who are financing the GOP (since they engineered the Supreme Court Decision “Citizens United” that allowed unlimited secret funding of elections).  Funders  like the Koch Brothers , Casino Overlord Sheldon Adelson, Big Oil, and Wall Street are spending a fortune on putting the GOP into power in this election alone.  Soros has contributed far less to the Democrats.  ( Of course, all of this money will be meaningless when we create a batter system free of corporate control and greed.  As we move beyond the game of the two-party corporate system, we the people are moving into a more democratic form of self governance.  At that time, holders of wealth will not have any more influence than the rest of us.)

Back to Soros.  Here’s the rub: iit’s what he’s done with his wealth to help the common person that infuriates the reich wing wealthy corporatists.

Over the past three decades, Soros’s philanthropy has spawned a network of foundations dedicated to promoting development of open societies in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. To date, Soros has given over $8 billion to support human rights, freedom of expression, and access to public health and education in 70 countries. –

Having read some of Soro’s books, I have found him to be brilliant, compassionate, and a champion of civil rights and transparent democratic government.  His support helped overthrow the Communist governments in multiple eastern European countries.  And I wasn’t surprised when Mr. Soros expressed frustration with Obama’s continuation of the aggressive wars and capitulation to the reich-wing… so much so, that he announced that he was  not donated very much to Obama in 2012.

And despite his wealth, he sympathizes with the Occupy Movement.  Not surprising for a man who’s worked for human freedom all over the world.  But no, he did not “fund” Occupy.  If he had, perhaps they’d have had hotel rooms instead of tents!

If you’re interested in Soros’ philosophy, I highly recommend reading Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism (2000).


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