crazy email: “White House Visitors”

Another crazy reich-wing email was sent to me recently by a relative.  It’s entitled “White House Visitors” and ominously claims that “scores of known radical Islamists have made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials.”

So, what’s he talking about?  Perhaps he meant this President:

Reagan invites the Taliban to the White House for Tea

Reagan invites the Taliban to the White House for Tea

The email then references us to a website of an “organization” of a self styled “expert” named Steve Emerson, a notoriously disingenuous anti-Muslim fanatic who has created a profitable career niche by promoting hate and fear. has an informative  article on how Emerson’s false ravings nearly caused a nuclear war between Pakistan and India:

“A closer look at Emerson’s career suggests his priority is not so much news as it is an unrelenting attack against Arabs and Muslims….

Emerson’s willingness to push an extremely thin story–with potentially explosive consequences–is also consistent with the lengthy list of mistakes and distortions that mar his credentials as an expert on terrorism.

Those blemishes had, for a time, seemed to drive Emerson from major news outlets. He has had to resort to new tactics to maintain his anti-Muslim crusade–an “anti-terrorism” journal that he uses as a soapbox..”. –

And Think Progress has observed his battiness for years:

In 1995, Emerson left journalism and founded the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which claims to be

“one of the world’s largest storehouses of archival data and intelligence on Islamic and Middle Eastern terrorist groups.” But Emerson’s supposed expertise in researching terrorist networks have frequently been questioned due to his propensity for making false accusations against Muslims and his sloppy approach to investigative reporting.

So, we know that Steve is an anti-Muslim fanatic who exaggerates and outright lies — but what’s up with his claims about Presidential “ties”  with Muslims?

Maybe he was thinking of this intimate relationship:

GW Bush holding hands with Saudi King

GW Bush holding hands with Saudi Royal

The fact is, presidents and people in the administration meet with lots of diplomats, Kings, Prime Ministers, and representatives.  But to accuse Obama, who is currently continuing Bush’s shameful  war of aggression and blanketing Pakistan with murderous drones of being cozy with “Muslim terrorists” is laughable — as is the so called “expert” who made up the website.  Sheesh.

By the way, this email came from the same sender (one day apart) as the email entitled, “Whose(sp)  Controlling Obama?”   In that email, the author claims that Obama is a “Marxist”.  Well, which is it?  Marxist Athiest, or Fundamentalist Muslim?  You can’t be both.  Seems as if the reich is throwing every accusation they can, hoping one will stick.

So, let’s ask the logical  question: could a person be both a Muslim and a Marxist?  One strong aspect of Marxism is the elimination of religionReligion is the opium of the people” is a famous statement by Karl Marx. Iit is certainly not a ringing endorsement of fundamentalist extremism.

Marxists stand on the basis of philosophical materialism, which rules out the existence of any supernatural entity, or anything outside or “above” nature. There is, in fact, no need for any such explanation for life and the universe – least of all today. Nature furnishes its own explanations and it furnishes them in great abundance.

OK, let’s put that ridiculousness to bed, shall we?  Obama is certainly NO Marxist.  Perhaps if he were, Wall Street Banksters and corporate CEO’s wouldn’t be flourishing while the middle class shrinks and workers are being tossed out of their homes.  If he were, perhaps 1 in 5 US kids wouldn’t go hungry.  Obama obviously believes in capitalism.

And the sad part is, Obama is actually an Eisenhower Republican more than anything else.  It’s just that the GOP has moved so far to the right, and the Dems along with them, that what was once considered  fairly sensible leadership is now called “Marxist”, Socialist, Communist, yada yada.  Sigh.

Let’s get it straight.  Obama is center-right.  Certainly not a Muslim, certainly not a liberal, certainly not a progressive, certainly not a Marxist, certainly not a communist, certainly not a Kenyan, certainly not a black radical etc. etc.  If this were the 1950s or 60s, the GOP would embrace him — well, except for the black thing.

The reason to vote for him is that he and the Democratic party are still  far, far better for us than the tea/GOP/ corporatist/dominionists who are doing their best to turn back the clock.  It’s reason enough.  Because remember, if we don’t vote, these guys still will:

It would be hilarious… if there weren’t so many low information voters who believe such nonsense..

And sadly, these guys aren’t at all interested in helping us build a better civilization and a healthier world.


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