Sandy, Climate Change and Another Wake Up Call…

If you are seeking shelter right now, Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area.

Today we are witnessing one of  the largest hurricanes in recorded history.  Cuba has been hit terribly hard, Haiti has

Lower East Side, Sandy

been devastated (again), and as of this writing, New York and the Eastern Coast are being battered by Hurricane Sandy which has joined with two other weather systems to create a huge and problematic storm affecting 50 million people

“Approximately one-fifth of the US  population is in the path of this terrifyingly massive storm.  We watch helplessly as  wind batters, rain drenches, flood waters rise, fires rage and electrical power goes out.”

Occupy volunteers set up this amazing tool for other volunteers to register services or request help, and supply a variety of ways for virtually anyone to get involved in any capacity. It is highly ironic in these times of “Enemy of the State” and “Domestic Terrorism” accusations against activists that when the proverbial shit hits the fan, we step forward, unpaid, to perform civic duties in true demonstrations of patriotism and humanitarianism.

When you take shelter – please, please, take your companion animals with you; Pets are welcome at all NYC hurricane shelters.  (Please have them leashed or in carriers.)

And be safe.

Meanwhile… perhaps this will put the words, “climate change” back into the conversation.

The alarm keeps going off.  We open one eye, then hit snooze and doze off again.

It’s time for us to Wake Up, and Grow Up.  It’s time for us to take responsibility for the environmental damage we’ve done, and take a  clear eyed look at the consequences we’re beginning to reap.  And it’s time for us to make big changes.

And by the way, allowing a vulture capitalist who vows to end FEMA and demonizes unionized government employees — thousands of whom are risking their lives to save strangers tonight — is NOT the way to go.


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