Greetings Fellow Earthlings: This is Our Home

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” ~Alan Watts

The monotheistic belief of being alien to this world, placed here by a vengeful god, has wreaked a terrible devestation upon us all.  After the followers of this belief conquered the earth-based spirituality of our ancestors, it became dominant, with horrific consequences that are finally becoming global.  

The belief that we are “outsiders”, and not a part of this planet has lead modern humankind to  feel isolated and hostile, compelled to “conquer” nature,  fouling the air, soil, and water.  In remembering that we are indeed Earthlings, and all beings are our family, comes the realization that we are – and have always been  – HOME.

There are consequences for every action, and we are seeing these consequences now.  Violent storms, unprecidented floods, record breaking hurricanes, deadly heat waves, drought, vanishing sea ice,  species extinction, ocean degredation, chemicals and plastics found in the blood of every living human being…

Are we getting the message yet, that it’s time to grow up?

Humanity is moving out of childhood — and we’re finally realizing that we’ve done an awful lot of foolish, dangerous things.

  • Like releasing millions of years worth of CO2 into the atmosphere within a few short industrial-age years..
  • like using nuclear power without any way to safely store depleted uranium.  And without much of a safety plan when a meltdown occurs (as we saw in the Fukushima disaster.)
  • Like destroying rainforests (the lungs of the earth)
  • Like causing unprecidented extinctions among the species with whom we share this planet
  • Like spilling untold billions of gallons of toxic crude oil into our oceans, rivers, and land

Our behavior has been terribly out of balance with the natural order of this world. Imagine how differently we could design our living spaces, transportation modes, energy sources, food farming and distribution.  Imagine a humanity living, once again, in unison with nature.

The world is not to be put in order, the world is order. It is for us to put ourselves in unison with this order.” ~ Henry Miller

So we’ve done a LOT of foolish things. And some among us, namely those who benefit most from irresponsible, greedy behavior, are in deep denial.

And denying the global consequences of our actions is just one more very  foolish, childish thing.  Denial doesn’t cut it anymore, and the corporate tools who continue to spout ignorance are looking as foolish and becoming as irrelevant as flat-earthers.  Unfortunately more threatened they feel, the louder they yell their denials, and the more volatile they become.

They’re like a kid lying about a broken window, while still holding the baseball bat.  Lie and make excuses all you want, but it doesn’t make the damage any less real.  Denial is a hollow comfort.

Average winter storm losses have doubled since the 1980s. Thunderstorms last year caused over $25 billion in damages, more than double the previous record.

Here in the US, powerful interests initially denied climate change was happening.  They called people who advocated responsibile action, “alarmists”.  Then, as the effects of climate change became too obvious to ignore,  they pretended that it was “natural”.  Why, it was surely impossible for the human species to have any affect on “god’s handiwork” –  and therefore, they flatly stated that we humans couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Multiple reich-wing politicians express this breathtaking arrogance and  ignorance almost daily.  Romney’s energy plan is environmental destruction on steroids.

And evidently, they believe that ignorance is bliss, so…”drill, baby drill”.

These are the words of children still holding the baseball bat.


ut children cannot stay children forever.  Our biology changes in nature’s own time, whether we want it  to or not.  And its the same for evolution’s timetable.

Today we have the choice between extinction and evolution.

It’s our choice.


“Man talks of a battle with Nature, forgetting that if he won the battle, he would find himself on the losing side.” ~ economist Fritz Schumacher

It appears that some of us requre a bit harder face-slap than others before we awaken.  Don’t be angry; have compassion on those who elevate money above life.  Theirs is indeed a personal prison.

So, my friends, we band together during this disaster and the next… and I am envisioning our VISION increases, and we begin to see with open eyes that without our home planet, we have nothing.  Perhaps this storm season will be the “wake-up call” we’ve needed to stimulate us to join hands and create a healthier society.  Perhaps in moments of crisis, we finally realize that we are all in this together…and we stop allowing a small group of elite keep us divided.

Empowered people can change the world….and it all begins with personal choice.  Because most of us truly just want to live in peace, to feed our families and care for our loved ones.  Most of us wish others no ill will.  Most of us would love more equality, more justice, and a pristine environment.

We don’t choose to live in this reality any longer:

And realize that environmental choices are just as ethical as choices about justice, fairness, and compassion.  I recently spoke with a republican who believed that the Keystone Pipeline would create jobs.  I asked her what was the point of a low paying “job” if that job winds up poisoning your and your children?  Refuse to be a cog in that wheel.

Let’s make the choice to honor our unique reality upon this unique jewel of a planet.

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” ~Alan Watts

It is time for us to grow up and realize that we are responsible co-creators of our world…and we have quite a lot of cleaning up to do.  The time is now.

“We evolved as creatures knitted into the fabric of nature, and without its intimate truths, we can find ourselves unraveling.” ~Diane Ackerman

So this is where we are.  Today, we have a clear choice between evolution and extinction.  It is OUR CHOICE, nobody else’s.  No external gods or savior aliens are going to make that choice for us.

So let’s choose.

From the gigantic to the tiny… our life-giving world is precious…and yes, sacred.

It’s a giant job, and one that we must do collectively, together.  This job requires a new consciousness.

And we are waking up one by one.

(Even the smallest actions count.  I was recently reminded of this fact when I spoke with someone I’d not seen in over a decade.  He began to point out the large number of people who have emulated even small things I’d done with regard to environmental consciousness and compassionate living.  And how each of those people influenced a myraid more.  Families and friends, all taking action because of one person’s choices…the sheer numbers were staggering.  And the beauty of it was, I was not trying to “convert” anyone; I simply attempted to make as conscious choices as I could at the time.)   So  remember, each small change you make touches countless lives… and the web EXPANDS.

Eventually the meme takes on a life of its own and becomes a part of our expanded human nature.

Mark your calendar for  the birthday party of a new era of Humanity:

  December 22nd, 2012.

It’ll be a global event.  I’ll be there…will you?


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  1. Old Fart
    Oct 31, 2012 @ 22:54:29

    Reblogged this on Dogma and Geopolitics.


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  3. Celestial Elf
    Jun 15, 2014 @ 10:42:05

    Alan Watts is a wonderful inspiration, thank you.
    Here’s my animation of his’ account of Nirvana


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