I’m Green, I Love Jill Stein and Yet I’m Voting Dem

If any political party could represent my views, it would be the Green Party.   I admire Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, and I would be proud to have them as President and Vice President.  The Green New Deal is a progressive, ethical, visionary platform.   In fact, I visited isidewith.com recently just for fun, and discovered – no surprise – I’m just a point short of 100% Green Party.  And Jill Stein  is intelligent, passionate, and brimming with integrity — the kind of person you won’t see in corporatist politicians.

As I write this Ms Stein has just been released from jail.  She was arrested for taking food to activists at a protest of the deadly Keystone Pipeline.  She walks her talk.  (Some pundits have claimed that going to jail makes her “not a serious candidate”.  I suppose these pundits never heard of Nelson Mandala.)

But when I asked around, I confirmed my suspicion  that  in the US, outside of green/left circles, Green candidates are still largely unknown.  Stein doesn’t even have the promotion that Nadar did in 2000, so there’s no way the Green candidates are going to get even 2.7% of the national vote that Nadar did.  The corporatocracy definitely does NOT want progressive ideals to be offered to the American people.

Knowing that a Green or any other third party candidate won’t get elected on November 6th, I ask myself, “which of the two major parties is more likely to take a step towards addressing climate change?”  The answer is obvious.  The one that accepts SCIENCE – not the one who believes that dinosaurs took a joyride on Noah’s ark .

We are going to change this outdated system.  We must change it if our species is to thrive.  I can see the entire hierarchical system giving way to a more horizontal/local way or organizing societies.  And the fewer authoritarian individuals we allow into our political system, the more egalitarian that system can become.

Come the day when an actual environmentally conscious, socially responsible  candidate wins the Presidency, we will also need a lot of progressive/liberal/green congresspeople to allow  Green policies to actually get through the corporatist blockade.  We have the beginnings of  this in the Progressive wing of the Democratic party. That’s why there’s so much corporate money being spent to pick them off and replace them with Teabag corporatists.

If you haven’t yet read the Progressive Budget, you should.  It is a perfect fit with the Green New Deal.  Between the two, we have a framework to build a more just society that honors and respects our planet.  A society that puts life above wealth.  That’s the society I want to help build, and for me, even this compromised vote is a part of something far larger.

So, here’s the thing.  This election is too important to make a symbolic vote, or a protest vote…or to sit it out.  And I do understand why a lot of people that I know and respect disagree with me; but I’ve cast my vote for Obama.  Because I believe that the alternative, Romney/Ryan, would complete the corporatization of America that’s been increasing ever since Ronald Reagan.  This is unacceptable.

Obama is NOT liberal — but he’s also not bats*it crazy or sadistically cruel or greedy.

Yes I know Obama’s 2008 run was in part funded by the crooks on Wall Street.  I am well aware that their henchmen served on his cabinet.  I detest his increase in oil production, and the horrible drone strikes on innocent families in Pakistan.  He didn’t prosecute Wall Street, he didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney for War Crimes.  He took single-payer health care “off the table” and left insurance companies still between us and our physician.  I would have nationalized BP’s oil wells throughout our country and tossed the CEO in jail when they destroyed our Gulf of Mexico.  Obama meekly let them run the show, and we’ll probably never know the true amount of oil that was dumped and that probably continues to leak.

So, yes, Obama and I have serious disagreements on many subjects.   Yet,  between the two main contenders, he strikes me as a person with a human heart and an intelligent mind.  Romney/Ryan?  Come on, these two panderers to the religious reich and the know-nothings are not even in the same ballpark as Obama.  He may be a center/right man, but hey, at least he’s human.

I’ve voted Green and Peace and Freedom many times before.  It’s almost a “given” that my preferred candidate NEVER wins.  And I always question whether my vote is even counted.   But after 2000 in which Nadar got a good 2.7% of the vote, and through a convoluted series of election fraud scams, voter disenfranchisement in Florida, and an unconstitutional Supreme Court appointment, we got stuck with Bush/Cheney —  and two illegal wars, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, weakened environmental protection, less banking regulation, and the Bush Tax Cuts which completed the bankrupting of our nation.

In the wake of Sandy, suddenly Obama’s baby-steps for the environment are looking even more inadaquate, yet when compared to the GOP who continue to deny and scream “drill, baby drill”…it makes Obama look like an environmentalist.

Obama “sees climate change as an urgent problem that threatens our planet; (Romney) does not. I want our president to place scientific evidence and risk management above electoral politics,” – NY Mayor Bloomberg in his presidential endorsement ~Alternet

Although President Obama has until now been a less environmentally activated president than many have hoped, that could change in a second term with the mandate provided by this crisis……rather than cynically laughing about it as people at the Republican convention were encouraged to do by Mitt Romney.~Alternet

We-the-people have the will and the energy to build a new society…and which of the two “permissible” parties will be less obstructive to our goal?  There was a time when Democrats stepped up to end the Great Depression, they enacted Glass-Steagall to protect us from predatory banksters.  They stepped up to provide for our elderly with Social Security, to build infrastructure, to push through Civil Rights.  They worked to insure clean water, minimum wage, to end child labor.  None of these great ideas came from the reich.  Let’s push the Democratic party to help us begin the Great Shift to a Green Society, or perhaps, like the “tea party” did with the GOP, we’ll infiltrate the Dems ranks with strong Progressives and Greens.

We the People are ready to make big changes.

So, what can we accomplish after this corporatised “election”?  How big can we dream?  How many good changes can we make within the next 4 years?  Wall Street and Corporate polluters have thrown untold billions against Obama in this election.  Will he continue to coddle them in return?  Or will we have an opportunity to really PUSH for genuine CHANGE?

We need radical change in our materialistic society and the way in which we allow exploitation of our only planet.  We need to address the radical inequality that historically, always has a destabilizing effect in any country.  And this needs to happen far more quickly that the normal glacial movement of American politics.

The cult of materialism is over.  We know we can create a much more rich, honorable society.  And now, there is no more time to wait.

We are at a time of crisis — and we can expect increasingly radical, tumultuous environmental changes to continue.  Humanity is at a crossroads — a crisis of our own making.  It’s not just politics or economics… its the entire basis of the modern civilization that has to change.

Making this shift can be as joyful as we make it.  Let’s not elect more flat-earthers who will get in our way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. call me anny moo us
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 05:05:12

    Clean energy, that’s easy, just give subsidies to anyone who creates green energy and tax the hell or worse out of anyone who pollutes for profit. Anyway, we have like what, seven electoral votes in oregon, and it takes 270 to win and Obumass is at something like 250. So don’t worry he should win. Or does that only work for repukeutins? Like when baby Bush lost the popular vote but he won anyway Ha! What a bad joke. As long as politics remain the gentle art of getting bribes from the rich and votes from the poor by promising to protect each from the other. Then no good will come of it, me thinks.


  2. call me anny moo us
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 05:26:37

    Dumney Rumney needed a mitt just to sit and throw a fit. He tried, he lied, he even cried. But now Obumya is doing the MC Hammer, Ya can’t touch this dance. dodoodoodo:D


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