Animal Bill of Rights – Our Extended Family

It has been my experience thus far in life that the more self-aware we become, the more aware we are of impact on others. An unconscious person steps on your toes and doesn’t notice… while an aware person picks up the slightest expression that crosses your face.

Consciousness creates connection through increased awareness and compassion.  The web expands.

And sooner or later, we realize that our increased sensitivity and compassion towards others, also includes those “others” outside of our own species.

You’re probably all too aware of the cruelties perpetrated by human beings upon our fellow species.   I’m not going to start with the long list of sorrows and horrors inflicted by our species… I know you know, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

One of countless orphaned baby orangutans in Borneo. Adults are shot and babies sold as their rainforest homes are destroyed.  Google “orangutan rescue Borneo” to see sites of some of the centers.  One is Orangutan Outreach.

There are lots of ways to help change the current exploitation/cruelty paradigm.  Every day many of us take the time to sign countless petitions and write countless letters, working to improve conditions or stop cruelty.   We support ethical animal welfare charities.  Amazing people work to rescue wildlife from poachers or cruel traps, or are on the ground working to save wildlife habitat — often risking their own lives in the process.  Activist groups such as  Sea Shepherd risk imprisonment and death in their fight to stop slaughter of whales, dolphins, and seals.  Farm animals are rescued from abuse and certain death and given safe havens for life.  As individuals we adopt the strays, the abandoned, and the abused.

So every day I ask myself, “How can I be LOVE in ACTION today?” 
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the massive scale of the cruelty.  But don’t let that paralyze you.  Just ask yourself, “How can I make a difference for one helpless being today?”
Each  action, no matter how small, is beautiful and powerful.
Begin your day with LOVE.  I make a point to expand love, protection, and peace around all beings in my daily meditation.

It’s really about expanding our hearts in LOVE…by “widening our circle of compassion.”  You are helping others, but at the same time, you are also helping yourself.  Your heart breaks… but with each break it becomes larger.

  Animal Legal Defense Fund has created a simple petition that outlines basic rights of living beings.  Please sign the petition   to add your name in support.

( I’ve added the text below…it’s wonderfully simple, and a great example of how we can  include all species in our new evolutionary reality.  for we are all in this together.)

A Petition to the United States Congress

I, the undersigned American citizen, believe that animals, like all sentient beings, are entitled to basic legal rights in our society. Deprived of legal protection, animals are defenseless against exploitation and abuse by humans. As no such rights now exist, I urge you to pass legislation in support of the following basic rights for animals:

The Right of animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse.

The Right of laboratory animals not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments.

The Right of farm animals to an environment that satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs.

The Right of companion animals to a healthy diet, protective shelter, and adequate medical care.

The Right of wildlife to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to a normal existence and self-sustaining species population.

The Right of animals to have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the land.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. call me anny moo us
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 21:02:21

    I do love the idea of widening our circle of compassion, However I’ll be damned if I’de ever ask congress to pass more laws. You bet they would love to pass all kinds of laws to be enforced and interpreted as they see most beneficial. I mean that system is on the verge of collapse anyway. Ok the dollar still holds about 9% of its value, but thanks to Obama that should rapidly change. I mean a small child could do the math, so why do people prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Its like when the economy is about to collapse. people are happy to chose paper over plastic because they’re saving the world, when in reality, many forms of recycling are terrible for the environment. My point being that many are deluded as to right, wrong, sustainable or not. I think that generally delusion is a mistake. Mankind has the potential like gods for both the height and depth of good and evil. Yet to achieve balance and transcend, both tools must be understood. If that doesn’t make sense, then let me simplify. I like Rambo because if your a bad guy then he’s your worst nightmare, and I don’t like most law makers because they’re faker than Rambo and if your a bad rich guy, then they’re your best friend. When do people learn that in a society full of armed to the teeth Rambos you get peace. And in a society of disarmed peace loving pacifist, you get slaughter and war. No I’m not saying go buy a gun or try to be something your not. I’m talking about the things some call good being used or utilized to achieve what some would perceive as bad, and the lack of people recognizing something that sounds good now as being something to be used against them latter. So If someone where to ask me of the lesser of two evils between say, shooting an animal, which is mean or making a law that says you can’t shoot animals. My first question may be something like is this animal going to make any more laws or how does this profit Bill gates and Monsanto or something. But in the end I’ll always side with liberty of the individual. People think oh yeah, pass this law and pass that law, but nine times out of ten it ends up getting used against them. Oh and while I’m thinking about Monsanto and animal abuse. Do you know if GMO foods cause sterility in humans on the level they have in tested animals? I heard it was like 9 out of 10 by the third generation. Meanwhile we’re going to get laws passed on what we can feed and how we shelter our pets?


  2. francisco
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 18:45:51

    How about a bill of rights for animals?
    Since the recorded beginning of the human race history for the last several thousand of years animals have unfortunately been treated as inferior all over the planet. Are animals really inferior to us?
    Are we really that superior to them? In which sense is the human race superior to them?
    I do agree that our abilities of constructing something go beyond theirs, or, actually, it is very different from theirs, but, what are we capable of building? Do we build faster than we can destroy or do we destroy faster than we can build?
    Animals, as we call them, kill for their main survival, while their counterpart, the human race, kills and destroys mainly for pleasure, we do even kill our own kind just for the main fact of the pleasure of possessing whatever he owns. Is it acceptable that we destroy our marvelous planet just for immoral, mundane, sarcastic pleasure? If we want to kill ourselves, we should go ahead, but we SHOULD at least let the rest of the living things be untouched.
    Would we like to be laboratory experiments for more developed beings? Definitely not. So the same way, we should realize that animals are not pleased at us for using them without their consentiment.
    We ourselves do not accept to be treated with indifference or to go through excruciating physical pain and suffering, because it is inhuman. But are we not inhuman when we are giving the other beings exactly what we do not wish to receive? Who is the real wild animal? Or in other words, who is the most savage animal known?
    Should animals be punished for living pacifically in the wilderness, or, should we be castigated due to our savage behaviour towards everything else, including ourselves? We have indeed been savagiously exterminating everything that stands in our way, if there was a human castification, which we are really castigable, there would be a lot of work to be done.
    There is one thing that we very much tend so easily to forget, it is our spirit connection to the One, we are all part of Him, including these so called animals, everything on and in this planet are strongly connected to the main source which embraces lovingly all the known and unknown universes to the human race. We are all part of it, and that should be deeply respected in our hearts but unfortunately our greediness and selfishness are our main destructive elements. Animals and everything else existing have got exactly as much right to live and love as the brutal and inhuman human race, who calls itself superior.
    There is so much we can learn from animals, not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. If we were spiritually on the same level, we could so easily communicate with them and with higher beings. It would be greatly beneficial for the human race’s spiritual development. As Jesus said, we all are progressing towards the One. If, at least half of the human race was aware of how much beneficial and how much we are capable to benefactorate with love and passion.
    These fragile beings that we so much disrespect have so much love for the human race, love that goes beyond any imaginable boundaries, unfortunately, the heart of the human race is still rock solid and that makes this approach so difficult.
    There will finally come the time that the human race will comprehend and accept that we are all part of the One on every physical and spiritual level.
    Animals have great love for the mankind. They have, in many cases, sacrificed themselves for the mankind. This is no longer acceptable. All forms of crucifixion are coming to an end. An animal that is hunted for food does not mind giving itself as a natural death. It is not very different from being hunted by another predator for food. Being hunted for any other reason, whether for a zoo, research, a water park, or sport, is no longer acceptable. Humans have projected their own ideas about aggression and competition upon animals. They live in a graceful cooperation which is disrupted only when the natural ecology is disrupted. They are our friends. They have always been our friends. They shall always be our friends.
    They can no longer stay in an ecology which is threatening their quality of life and their freedom and happiness. Yes, they do also have feelings. Their consciousness is not the same as ours but just as precious in the mind of the Creator. They have different expressions of love and art of All That Is. They express many different aspects of us humans. They are like mirrors for us. We can learn from them. It is not acceptable to them to be caged, to be tortured, or to be viewed as having no value except for our convenience. Every creature upon the planet is a legitimate portion of All That Is. We do not have the right to decide that any of them is not worth consideration or can be dispensed with simply for our convenience.
    Of course, it is understandable that at times we will need to make a stand for our personal space or for some particular reason. For example, we might want to keep a building free of ants. Sit quietly. Bring our mind to a calm focus. Imagine the ant before us. We could think of the ant as a kind of angel. Express our gratitude for the contribution that ants make to the world. Express our love for the ants and their place in the natural world. We can do this same thing with regard to scorpions or rodents or poisonous snakes. Do this instead of using traps or chemicals. It is cheaper and easier. They will be grateful and we will be glad.
    It is time for us to make a conscious effort to change our attitudes towards the animal kingdom. It is time to see all of them as divine expressions of All That Is. Look at a bird and send a message of love and thanks to all the birds. Look at a dog and convey our thanks for the loyal help of dogs since mankind’s history began. Give thanks to the spiders in our home and the squirrels in the tree. They all serve the Creator in some way just as we do. They have the right to life, love and fulfilment in their own fashion just as we do.
    We should extend our caring to all animals, not just those that catch our fancy and appeal to us because of their intelligence, grace, or ability to serve or entertain us. No species holds a grudge against us. They live in innocence and are full of grace. Nevertheless, individual animals may show hostility because there is much feeling about what we have done and what we are doing to them and to the planet which is their home, too.
    Emotions in animals flow freely. They are an example for us. Have we ever watched a dog curl up to sleep, or a cat napping in the windowsill? They are free of guilt. They are fully in the now, enjoying life without reference to a past or future. We could live in this way much more often if we would trust our own nature. The distrust of nature is the basic reason behind this letter.
    Distrust. It puts our mind ahead of our heart and body. This animal trust comes from the heart of creation. We knew that we had established elaborate systems to “replace” nature, the medical system, for example, and many others, all of them based on fundamental distrust of the wisdom of nature.
    Animals live, in the now. That is where our power is too. We can change the past only by changing our attitude towards it in the present. We can change the future only by shifting our state of being in the present. This automatically points us towards a new future probability.
    We do not like slavery. We have learned, for the most part, to abhor it. We are horrified when one person abuses another. Use the same standard with animals. They, in the form of cattle, are not meant by the creative spirit to be our slaves. Nor are the chickens meant to be confined in small cages.
    It is time to rethink all of our ideas about the right to dominate. Many of us have begun to do this. We can see the issue as it comes forth between men and women. We can see it in terms of disapproval of genocide. Use the same standard with them. Destroying a human group deliberately, or even as a side effect, is not acceptable. Neither is the deliberate destruction of an animal group. It may happen. It is not our place to make it happen. Nature as a whole may make such decisions, but it is always for the good of the whole.
    But animals are not the same as humans, we say. No, they actually require more freedom than us, in some respects, since we are willing to live in buildings and spend much of our life indoors.
    The issue here is control. We have learned to think of nature as something that must be controlled by humans lest it run amok. That is the opposite of the truth. Nature does not run amok. It is continually recreating a balance so we can continue to have a liveable environment.
    When we decide to cut a tree or plant grass or insist that all the “weeds” be cut along the highway, do we act with the intention of the higher good for all life? Or do we act for a lesser reason, one that may result in poisoning the water and soil or interfering with the flow of water run-off?
    Think about it. Suppose our children had been trained to view the world in terms of continual cooperation and a sense of community with peers, teachers, adults of all ages, animals, trees, and even insects. Do we think they would cut down all the old growth trees in the forest? They would hesitate at the least. They would know instinctively that there is some special value to such trees and seek to learn what it is. Suppose we were in the woods and saw an attractive plant. Our greater self recognizes that this particular plant is not good for us. Our stomach might give us this signal. Or our intuition might tell us.
    Have we ever seen an animal in a rush? They may run for the pure joy of it or for safety, but they do not hurry for the reasons we do which have to do with guilt, burdens of responsibility, ideas about time, and so on. The next time we are tempted to rush or speed to do some task connected with our work, think about these ideas and take a moment to put ourself back in harmony with our inner self, the lovely world around us, the sun or wind, the trees, the beauty everywhere.
    Animals do not have God concepts as we do but they do have a very keen sense of the web of life in which they live. They do not think about God or make up stories about Him.
    Think how an innocent child behaves outside in a meadow, entranced by a flower, poking at a soft green moss, scratching in the soil, putting hands or feet into the water of a stream. The attitude is not one of dominance and superiority, it is a playful exploration, a wonder and delight. Watch the play of kittens, the delight of our cat if you are willing to play with her even after she is grown. Play is a way of relating to the world and comes with no strings attached. It is a free way of being.
    Rub your belly and feel how grateful our skin is to be touched. Animals, know the pleasures of touching and being touched. They sleep curled up together whenever possible. They lick and scratch each other. We need to be touched in a loving way by other beings. That is one reason why we love to hold a pet and are glad if the pet is willing to be held. It gives us some experience of warm touch.
    Even animals, who sometimes kill to eat, do not hate one another. They understand their place when they are allowed to live freely. Each of them deserves a place to live and quality of life. Each of them deserves, even as each of us do, an experience in the physical world.


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