Post Election… The (R)Evolution Continues

For today — and for every day of our lives, the (r)evolution continues.  The US Presidential election is over,  We have installed a centrist democrat technocrat for another term, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that basic human rights will not be completely eliminated in America.  But  corporate polluters, banksters, and every other organization of unconsciousness — have not gone away in the least bit – this is NOT the time to rest easy…It is time to continue to be love in action.

Every aspect of our society that is showing signs of disease is suffering from one problem: a lack of LOVE.

Consciousness is the answer.  For those who think that this is too “simple” an answer, consider this..

A conscious person would never knowingly do the following:

  • dump oil into our oceans
  • slash social safety nets for the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, and the sick
  • willfully outsource jobs just to line their own pockets
  • mindlessly destroy the rainforest, the “lungs’ of the planet
  • cause unprecidented wildlife extinctions
  • destroy forests and wildlife
  • write laws that discriminate against specific groups of people
  • invade other countries for corporate gain
  • fight against education and justice
  • create an industrial food system based upon toxic pesticides and untested GMOs
  • fund efforts to keep the citizens unaware of all the above
  • knowingly support of any of the above

Consciousness honors life, and therefore honors our home planet that creates and sustains life.  Consciousness expands into love.  Consciousness supports justice, creative expression, truth, honest, and a fair and sustainable society.

And how many conscious individuals does it take to make a difference?  To start with, just one…. YOU.

Social and economic justice have a head start in countries like Bhutan and the Northern European Socialist Democracies, which consistently are rated the top happiest countries in the world.  But in the US and much of the rest of the world, we are far behind.  Even as I write this, global environmental destruction continues, unnecessary starvation plagues much of the world, entire nations continue to be held hostage by the global banking cartel, Bradley Manning remains imprisoned, reproductive rights remain oppressive in many US states, the Christian Taliban has not gone away (even though, thankfully, this election removed many of its members from positions of legislative power over the rest of us). The Military Industrial Complex continues to profit from the suffering and misery of humankind.

The good news?   LOVE is unlimited.  YOU are the CHANGE we need.  And there are millions of individuals who are on the same positive wavelength right now.

It’s actually quite amazing.

There is an excellent article on Nation of Change  that discusses the fact that we in the US must now take on the Democrats, and that, thankfully, it will be easier than taking on the heavily Authoritarian and ideologically unmoveable Teapublicans.  For this, we can be grateful.

I supported voting for Obama on the grounds that social movements are stronger when they can battle against tepid centrists in office than when forced into rear-guard battles against elected conservatives with a rabid desire to attack unions, curtail reproductive rights, and shred the social safety net. Taking on Democrats, we can be bolder, more imaginative, less reactive. Moreover, people are less tempted to think that changing politicians will be an adequate remedy.

So, you see, voting is only a first step, and it’s a small step.  (I mean no disrespect to those empowered Democratic voters in swing states, where Republican voter intimidation and suppression was unbelievably, out-of-the-closet Jim-Crow style racist .  These voters stood in lines up to 9 hours – some in Florida were in line until 2AM — just to be able to vote.  They deserve our respect, honor and gratitude for their bravery, determination, and tenacity.)

But still, voting is NOT enough.  The creative work of evolving a new society continues with each one of us EVERY DAY.

There are still those on a consciousness-expanding path who eschew politics, not wanting to sully their energy with the temptations to get negative, or to otherwise engage in an ego-based game.  Respectfully, it is 2012.  A new era is upon us, my friends.  It is time to get off the yoga mat and into put all that consciousness and love into action. 

It’s the blending of consciousness with loving action that makes real CHANGE.  Just as some believe that “working on themselves” is an end unto itself, others believe that only protest and community action has any meaning.   When really, we are most effective when the outer and inner are united: when we are fully engaged in living a conscious, compassionate life.  And that means we participate in  every realm – every day.

The wonderful surprise is that Conscious Action becomes our biggest joy, as well as our biggest challenge.

The challenge for progressives foster and highlight the long work of extending democracy into daily practice. This is where realists who voted to avert Republican rule and radicals who abstained should agree.

For my part, I’m glad at the election’s outcome, and also glad to move on. On Election Day, opting for the lesser evil was the right call. The rest of our days, we have common cause with those who refuse to settle for evil.

A society is made up of all of US.  All of our energies, beliefs, thoughts, projections, emotions, and actions weave together to create it, and to change it.

Every change that has come before has come from a blend of changing consciousness and action.  Once slavery was considered OK by most citizens of the US.  Compassionate citizens who were opposed to it were relatively few; slavery was simply accepted as the social “norm”, or perhaps a ‘necessary evil”.  Then, slowly, increasing numbers of  people began to feel differently.  The meme of respect and compassion took on a life of its own.  Compassion spread, as did countless small actions.  Each small act built into bigger social actions of support for escaped slaves and protest against barbarism.  The underground railroad took direct action.  Eventually a political shift followed.  How did the change happen?  it was a  blend of consciousness and action.

Note that this shift was not easy or painless.  Countless lives were lost.  In this shift, we strive to make changes with grace.  To “gentle the birth.”  But countless protestors have been beaten, imprisoned, and vilified in the press.  This change, too, is not without sacrifice.  But to be effective…we must do everything with LOVE.

This graphic links to a simple pledge that for the three days around Winter Solstice, we pledge to speak, write, and act only in LOVE.  It’s a tiny thing, yet how powerful.  Sign on and check out how many others will focus this intent at the same time.

Pledge 3 Days of LOVE


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lauren Stockly
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 18:56:18

    Great piece. Where did you get that Margaret Mead quote art work??


  2. call me anny moo us
    Mar 18, 2013 @ 22:30:32

    Wow I sure like the seventh intent. I know the art of being wise is knowing what to overlook, but isn’t a loving heart the truest wisdom? It’s easy to see that the the world is not yet as it should be and it will take a collective effort from us all in all realms to bring things back into balance. But that doesn’t mean I can justify joining all those demopublicans out there who believe they are voting for the lesser of the two evils. When actually in order for the two parties to each accomplish their portion of the deception, the vote needs to swing back and forth periodically. The reality is that since and even before we had that little war over states rights, a system has been intentionally put in place that leads to debt slavery then hyper inflation and financial collapse or restructuring to the benefit of those who control the currency and care not who makes what laws. Some might say, what about the abolishment of involuntary servitude? Well of course it’s way more profitable to have everyone in a condition of forced voluntary servitude to the government, than to have privately owned slaves. After all no one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. In the old days if a master was smart he would give the slaves privileges, days off, money, or some reward for good performance. It was found to work far better than whipping or beating which often just caused negative back lash or death. My point is vary little has changed. Except now every one is in forced voluntary servitude or else. Just try having any kind of life without a legal fiction or so called valid ID. But most people seem to prefer some condition of servitude, It provides them a sense of security and many would give anything even their children’s lives to keep it that way. So the question is how can one support an unsustainable deception, when it’s not hard to see where it came from, where it’s at, and where it leads? What ever happened to “give me liberty or give me death” Instead we get some form of freedom privileges, but freedom isn’t liberty is it? I think there is more love in most prisons than in congress, I think there is less criminals in most prisons than in congress, and I think that most prisons slave labor force get more done on average than congress. Ok that’s enough preaching to the choir, or just plain venting for now lol. xx 🙂


    • voice13
      Mar 24, 2013 @ 14:32:17

      You are in great company, my friend. Many, many wise people have opted out of the “vote” – remember George Carlin’s excellent rant on the subject? I respect your choice, and that of those who consciously opt out in order to not participate in a charade. Many intelligent people feel this way. And, every election since I was old enough to vote, I have been painfully aware that my voice is NOT represented by the “choices” presented to me. Yes, I can vote Green Party or write in “Mickey Mouse”, but without corporate sponsorship in Amerika, only the two ‘acceptable” parties are part of the horse race that is the national elections. (Local elections are perhaps another animal.) But let’s just realize that you and I are in alignment. I merely still utilize the “vote” as one — and certainly the most ineffectual –tool for attempting to see the least harm come to the most vulnerable among us. It’s obviously not enough. In our state, it is a quick and easy thing to vote, and taking a moment to do so seems to me to be justified by compassion. But every time I do it, I do recognize the irony before me.I have no illusions that the allowed “parties” will make any grand changes.

      And in this post, I did want to at least acknowledge those individuals who stood in line for up to 9 hours simply for the opportunity to do such a small thing as choose between two corporately controlled parties. Why did people have to fight and die to win the right to vote, when it has become so ineffectual? And yet, on the other hand, to quote “Tom Sawyer”.. “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

      I wonder. If GW Bush had not been appointed president, would 911 have happened at all? And if so, would it still have been used as an excuse to invade Iraq had not the Cheney/Bush regime been seated in the White House? Would there have been less death and suffering if Al Gore been president? Is it just a choice between centrist Democratic corporate whores and rightist Republican authoritarian fascism? Where would be be today had Reagan not torn down Jimmy Carter’s solar panels from the White House? How much “greening” would the corporate masters have allowed? How much leeway do the major parties have – is the only difference that the Republicans legislate more laws to control women’s bodies and elevate their chosen religion over others? Does it make any difference at all? Perhaps the corporate masters do not care about the non-financial aspects of legislation. Who knows?

      Ah yes, I would certainly rather live in, say, Bhutan than in the United Corporations of America. I love their idea of Gross National Happiness as a more true measure of value than the horrible Gross National Product, which ignores the most beautiful things in life, and reduces the rich experience of being alive on this beautiful planet to a small and petty role of wage slave and consumer.

      For that matter, what does it say when music and art are so devalued and corporatized that their very soul-feeding aspect is ignored? What’s that about? But I digress. 🙂 ♥


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