Bernie: an FDR Democrat who Deserves YOUR Vote

Bernie refers to himself as a Democratic Socialist, and we’ve looked at Democratic Socialist countries before in this blog.

There’s a reason that these people, with their “high taxes” are consistently listed in the top Happiest Countries on Earth.   And it’s because their taxes provide top-notch services that improve their lives, both independently and as a society.

FDR announced the 2nd Bill of Rights in 1944, in his January State of the Union address.

Roosevelt stated that having these eight specific rights would guarantee US security, and that the United States’ place in the world depended upon how far these rights had been carried into practice.

The Rights Are:

  • Employment – the right to work for a good wage
  • Food, clothing and leisure, via a LIVING WAGE
  • Farmers’ rights to a fair income for producing our food
  • Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies
  • Housing – no one should be homeless
  • Medical care – Single Payer for ALL
  • Social security – our elderly should be able to retire and be comfortable, not poor
  • Education – Everyone has the right to a good, quality education

Watch FDR’s Second Bill of Rights speech here.  (Remind you of anyone?)

Well, as you can imagine, oligarch conservatives heads exploded upon hearing these rights: “Imagine!  The peasants seem to think they’re actually equal to us wealthy elites!  This radical, socialist commie plan can never be allowed!”

Really? Since when is it “radical” for every member of society to be treated as a human being?

Sadly, due to powerful oligarch’s influence, this bill never came to pass.  We’re STILL waiting.

In 2016, there is only ONE major party US presidential candidate who stands upon a platform of economic equality.  Bernie Sanders has been consistently standing up for justice and compassion for over 30 years.

So now, as Bernie speaks of ending money in politics, and demanding fair treatment of the poor, when he stands up to racism and xenophobia, when he defends our unions, stands against unjust war, stands up for our environment … you’ll see conservatives become unhinged, and take to the right-wing airwaves to scream (and lie) about it.

These conservatives also either are too stupid, or they hope their followers are too stupid, to look into the difference between DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM and pretend, despotic socialism, or communism.

If they thought FDR was a “socialist” and even centrist Obama was a “socialist” — you can imagine how horrified they are to see the millions of enthusiastic voters who support Bernie, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist!  But in reality, Bernie is an FDR Democrat.  Every principal outlined in the second bill of rights is part of Bernie’s platform.

Bernie can drag the neo-liberal, centrist, compromised Democratic party back to its roots of helping the working citizen of this country.

In the beginning of his campaign, I had hoped to see a fair discussion of his policies.  What I saw instead was media silence and the contempt of the Democratic party leadership.

I see why Green Party candidate Jill Stein correctly predicted that the Dems would never let Bernie be the nominee for the party.  The irony is, he actually stands for Democracy and equality..

Hillary is part of the old watered-down 90s democratic party.  One that has been dragged so far rightward that it’s practically Republican lite.  These party insiders have become so cynical that they’ve lost their vision.

Bernie — and his legions of voters — can restore it.

#Bernie2016  #FeelTheBern



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