Bernie says Hillary on worst day better than any GOP on best – The Supreme Court

BirdieSandersAnyone who’s read this blog for any amount of time knows that I’m an enthusiastic Bernie supporter.

Bernie — plus a HUUUGE  turn-out for Progressives in the Senate and House  — could mean a GREAT change for the citizens of this country:


  • Imagine an economy designed to actually serve the citizens instead of only the elite.
  • Imagine FDR’s Second Bill of Rights becoming reality.
  • Imagine getting money out of politics and having an actual democracy.
  • Imagine the end of “too big to fail”, breaking up the big banks, and ending monopolies — especially that of our of our media institutions, so that the citizenry could have a chance to hear diverse opinions and values.
  • Imagine single payer health care, freeing us all from the profiteering insurance, medical and pharmacy complexes.
  • Imagine restoring our infrastructure, with the federal government creating good jobs as the CCC and other government programs that lifted our citizenry out of poverty in the 1930s.
  • Imagine our country getting very serious about cleaning up our environment, tackling it like we did the race to land on the moon back in the 1960s.
  • Imagine our taxes actually being spent on making ALL our lives better, creating more EQUALITY and SERVICES for ALL — instead of subsidizing multinational corporations, polluting corporations, Big-AG, and “defense” contractors.
  • Imagine restoring the tax rate on the wealthy plutocrat/polluter class to what it was during Eisenhower, when the US economy created the biggest middle-class in history: with unions insuring good wages, good benefits, vacation and retirement for the workers who actually built this country.


THAT would be a country in which I would be proud to live.

Now, lets think small for a minute. It sucks, but “small” reflects the way most US citizens are conditioned to think and expect. Here goes:
Even if both houses flipped, we’d still have the obstructionist GOP/Tea Party Confederacy to deal with. The Supreme Court will be vital – our last bastion of protection against a right-wing corporatist/religionist/racist takeover – the next Pres will be able to nominate possibly 3 judges.  THREE!

This next Supreme Court would be the final word for a GENERATION.  (Supreme Court justices are almost impossible to remove.)

We’ve seen what damage the Roberts court did (until the Universe did us all a favor and finally took out Scalia.) With a republican majority of 5-4, we citizens and our environment lost a LOT of ground.
The Roberts Court is known as the most corporate friendly court in history, willing to “twist the law to favor powerful corporate interests over everyday Americans”.We saw polluters permitted to pollute our land air and water without consequence.  With this court, the 1% keep winning and the 99% keep losing.  And remember, Roberts was picked by Bush in 2005 – that’s a LOT of damage in just a few years.

This court ruled against 1.5 MILLION women and supported Walmart’s gender discrimination.   It allowed religionists to dictate to their female employees, racists able to legally discriminate, bigots able to  claim “religious liberty” for denying women access to birth control based on unscientific “ideas” about women’s bodies and a bronze-age book they revere.

We saw the gutting of the monumental Voting Rights Act, (immediately after which, confederacy states immediately passed voter suppression laws to disenfranchise minorities) and attacks upon the Civil Rights Act. We saw the elevation of oligarchy with the disastrous Citizens United, which opened the flood-gates to secret, dark money and complete corporate buy-out of our US government.

Let’s be clear.  If a republican were to become President, the USA would be screwed for another generation. Our environment would lose the already weak protections of the (admittedly compromised) EPA. Noam Chomsky believes the GOP is now a threat to the continuity of the human species. Certainly civilization itself is at risk.

OK.  Breathe.

We all know that Hillary is GOP lite. She was a “Goldwater Girl” republican in college. And, although I’m not suggesting she is responsible for her husband’s policies, it seems evident that they must share values, right?  I can’t ignore the damage Bill did by signing the republican “welfare reform” bill, and his terrible “crime bill”.

And let’s not even talk about how he signed the corporatist/republican dream treaty: NAFTA. (Yes, he repaired the economy left in shambles by two republican administrations, but look at history:democrats always make the economy better. It’s one of the things they’re good at. Look it up.)

Let’s get back to Hillary.

Hillary’s embrace of Wall Street is nothing short of nauseating, as was her adoration of the TPP and the mega-polluting Keystone pipeline.  Militarily, she has shown herself to be all to ready to commit troops and start bombing.  She may not think torture is “great” like the GOP, but she’s a hawk, and that’s unacceptable on any level.

With all these caveats….and there are a LOT…. I would still reluctantly admit that Hillary would appoint less toxic Supreme Court judges than a republican, and therefore would be a better choice than a republican.  In this, I agree with Bernie.

“..on her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and President than the Republican candidate on his best day.” – Bernie Sanders

And I would echo Noam Chomsky, who is no “party hack”.

“In the primaries, I would prefer Bernie Sanders,” Chomsky says. “If Clinton is nominated and it comes to a choice between Clinton and Trump, in a swing state, a state where it’s going to matter which way you vote, I would vote against Trump, and by elementary arithmetic, that means you hold your nose and you vote Democrat. I don’t think there’s any other rational choice.” – Noam Chomsky

Hold our nose.  Ouch.  That sucks… But THINK.   I am old enough to remember when Ralph Nader took enough votes from Gore to allow the GOP to steal the 2000 election.  Would 9-11 even have happened without Cheney and Bush at the helm?  Who would Gore have appointed to the Supreme Court instead of the right-wing fascist, corporatists appointed by Bush?  How much progress could we have made on Climate Change by now?

Keep the Vision.  Keep fighting for Bernie NOW, and CONTINUE WORKING TOGETHER to help us build a compassionate, strong Progressive organization more powerful than the corporatist/religionist/racist Tea Party.  Remember, #LoveTrumpsHate and as Bernie has always said, it’s not just about him.  It’s about us. #NotMeUs

Together, we can pull the Democratic party left, just as the baggers have pulled the GOP rightward into outright fascism.

Imagine the US joining the happiest countries on earth in Democratic Socialism: a government by, for, and of.. the PEOPLE.  IMAGINE what our country — and the world — will be like with an enlightened government devoted to equality and quality of life.

.  Even if Hillary wins the nomination, We have already won, as watered-down neo-liberal  “centrism” is dead.  The centrists just don’t know it yet.   We may have to “hold our noses” and vote Hillary – but this time, Democrats will have a powerful, passionate, loud and proud Green, Progressive Party pushing them leftward.

We WILL replace weak candidates with visionary Progressives.  We WILL keep pushing.  We WILL stay passionate and committed.  As Bernie says, it’s not about him.  It’s about ALL of US.  #NotMeUs

Keep up the fight with love, my friends.  Together, we can create a new society from this dying old system.


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