This is Why We Are in the Street

racism112Now that Trump has won the electoral college (and lost the popular vote) in the United States election, this man who has unleashed so much racist, misogynist and xenophobic hatred will soon be installed as president of a vast, multi-cultural nation.  And the people are in the streets worldwide. #NotMyPresident

I am seeing conservatives post on social media criticizing the massive nationwide demonstrations. Many implying that the citizenry are merely “upset that their side lost”.



  • Have you not seen the KKK victory paradeskkktrumprally983601
  • Have you not seen homes defaced with swastikas?
  • Have you not seen the nooses left (often with black dolls lynched) in peoples’ yards?
  • Have you not seen the children of color being bullied and taunted — often by cruel white adults – that they will soon be deported?
  • Have you not seen trolls attacking Jews on social media, saying that tRump will soon “re-start the ovens”?
  • Have you not seen graffitti with “Fu*k N*ggers” sprayed on cars, homes and businesses?  People of color are being told to “get to the back of the bus”.
  • Have you not seen peaceful Muslims threatened?
  • Have you not seen the assaults and even murders of people of color which began on the night of the election?
  • Have you not seen the attacks upon the LGBTQIA community (“We got a new president you f*cking faggots”)
  • Have you not seen men threatening women – especially gay women – with the slogan “Trump that Bitch”?

Yes, the word “tRump” is now a threatening euphemism for lynching, rape, beatings and murder.

White men in trucks flying trump flags drive around screaming taunts at Latino families, LGBTQIA individuals, gay couples, African Americans, Jews, and Middle Eastern families.  KKK members stabbed several protestors in Anaheim, California.


In my own neighborhood, belligerent white men fired guns in the air as the late-night election results were being announced.

It made me feel physically ill.

This cannot become the “new normal”.



People are in the street because this man’s campaign promises included breaking up millions of families and deporting 11 million people.

People are in the street because the KKK calls tRump “our glorious leader”, worked his phonebanks,  and former KKK leader David Duke has announced that Trump has “embraced my issues” — and yet somehow, this man is now president.

People are in the street because this man has called for the monitoring of all Muslim citizens, ejecting immigrants, and blocking those fleeing horrible violence from entering this country – eerily similar to another authoritarian fascist in history.

People are in the street because the United States suddenly appears to be a dark and cruel place, intent upon rolling back decades of progress. It is no longer the “shining city on the hill”, but instead appears to be a sinister cesspool of oppression and violence against any but white males.

The “election” of tRump has unleashed a worse wave of racist attacks then 9-11.

People are in the street because our climate is rapidly changing, and the Republican party is intent upon destroying our children’s world for the wealth of a few.  Noam Chomsky says the GOP is now the biggest threat to humanity’s survival.  The new president is already moving to quit the world’s historic Paris Agreement and unleash predatory polluters upon our lands, waters and air.  His plan is to remove all environmental protections — which will decimate this country and the world.

People are in the street because LGBTQIA families now face having marriages invalided, rights revoked, and their children taken from their homes. Vice President pick Mike Pence’s virulent dominionism and homophobia could once again enshrine the cruel and scientifically disproved “conversion therapy” forced upon vulnerable LGBTQIA children.

People are in the street because we do not accept rape culture, and we refuse to accept as president a man who brags about grabbing women’s “pussies” without consent merely because he is powerful enough to do so.

People are in the street because this country is installing a reich-wing regime intent kicking millions of people off health care. Hopes that the federal government would do more for economic justice and wealth inequality have been crushed.  Hope for help with overwhelming, crushing student debt have vanished. Women face losing their personal basic health decision rights, Hopes of the Dreamers and their families have been stolen.

People are in the street because a majority of the population voted for the other candidate, and yet, we are getting tRumped.

And, in case you forgot, there was insane violence after Obama’s election and during his fight to help bring the US into the civilized world of healthcare for every citizen. The racist attacks upon President Obama and his family continued every day of his presidency.  Although historians have said he is one of the most effective presidents the US has ever had, and one of the few administrations with no scandals, Obama remains the most threatened President in the history of this country.

Have you forgotten the gun-toting, screaming racists protesting during the healthcare negotiations?   (And have you noticed how white men get away with armed threats, while unarmed people of color are gunned down?)

Have you forgotten how teabaggers threatened gun violence if healthcare was passed?

Have you forgotten the obscene screaming, the threats, and the 2012 documented 755% rise in KKK and other violent hate-groups — and rapid rise in hate crimes during the time of our first Black president? 

We haven’t forgotten.

We believe this country is better than the narrow and brutish vision of tRump followers. We are vowing to protect the immigrants, the women, the LGBTQ families, the families of color. We are vowing that together we can turn back the tide of hatred and move into a more sane, just, and equal society. We are vowing to protect our environment from predatory polluters.  

We are united for love and justice, and against hatred and cruelty, to protect those who are targeted, and to protect our precious planet.

And that is why we are in the streets.


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