A New, Delicate Balance of Activism and Love

Those who are paying attention are aware that the US government will be taken over by true fascism come Jan 21. A pro-torture, pro-war, racist, white nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti LGBTQ, anti-civil rights, anti-free speech regime has committed a coup (with the help of far-right elements within the FBI and Russian hackers). trumpreichAccording to the NSA, the 2016 elections were hacked and manipulated  — even though the majority of citizens are repulsed by their ideas.  And even though their opponent has, at this writing, about 1.5 MILLION more votes, and counting.

Those in government and the press have accepted the results and are readying us to comply with the new fascism.  But we will not.

We are now being called to walk in a very specific state of consciousness: we who are loving, caring, people cannot allow ourselves to be drawn down into the hate and violence of the tRump regime and  his “brownshirt” supporters. But neither can we just hope that meditation, staying positive, and remaining centered will protect the defenseless.  History shows us that all our beautiful energy cannot always stop monsters.

If praying and honest intentions always protected the innocent, many genocides would never have happened.

Yes, in western societies, some of us have held a privileged enough position in our society to believe that our positive energy and holding to love could solve our problems.  And indeed, for the types pf problems faced by white, middle class individuals, this often works.

But now, we’re faced with something truly evil.  And that evil is more than willing to commit violence against many of our friends, family and neighbors in order to dominate and silence their opposition.  They will call it “law and order” but we will recognize it as domination.

It is a delicate balance that we are now called to walk. We must speak truth to power, and protect all of those who are now targeted by forces of evil. And we must do it while remaining rooted in love.  This time requires more courage and focus than we’ve ever had to have before.

It was frightening to see how bloodthirsty US citizens were after 9-11, and how easily they were manipulated by the Cheney/Bush administration into attacking Iraq, (which, of course, had nothing to do with 9-11.)  There was mob mentality then, a precursor of what we’re now seeing in this country.

There are more hate crimes being committed immediately post “election”,  than after 9-11.  Armed white men threaten innocent citizens all over the country. The KKK is giddy, bragging that they’ve finally “taken over the Republican Party.”  Countless homes, schools, cars, churches, mosques, and temples are being vandalized with swastikas.  White men are threatening African American families, burning crosses, and leaving threatening racist messages, saying things like, “F*ck N*ggers, Make America Great Again.”  White men are pushing African Americans off sidewalks, saying “No N*iggers on the sidewalk.”  People of color are being taunted, beaten, and harassed — whether they are US citizens or not.  Jewish people are receiving threats that “tRump is going to re-start the ovens”.  White men attack women, screaming “grab her by the pussy” and “trump that bitch” in sexist homage to their new president, while tRump’s choice for AG, Jeff Sessions, says that grabbing women’s genitals is not assault. (!) LGBT people have been attacked, had their homes defaced, their cars vandalized, being told that “that won’t be allowed anymore”.

How brave are we?  What will YOU do if these violent racists, unleashed by their “glorious leader” tRump, attack YOUR neighbors?  What will YOU do if militarized police start kicking down doors of YOUR friends?

When we heard historical stories of the Nazis dragging Jewish people away, we have probably always told ourselves that we would not be like the “Good Germans” and look the other way.  We fantasized that WE would be brave enough, and conscious enough, to hide people in our basements or help get them out of the country.  We believe that, had we been Germans in 1934, WE would have denounced the regime instead of cowering in our comfortable homes.

But would we?  Are we brave enough?  And do we have the consciousness to stay rooted in compassion, even while being active as protectors?  Even while facing mobs and violence?

It appears that we are about to find out.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brian Tooby
    Nov 20, 2016 @ 16:56:37

    I really sympathize with you, and greatly admire this post. What’s happening in the USA will affect us all. I offer you this: http://user.adme.in/perm/post/id/1806297 and this: http://user.adme.in/perm/post/id/1807651 for what they are worth. If links are disallowed, see my web site.


    • voice13
      Nov 29, 2016 @ 00:51:11

      Thank you Brian. It will definitely affect us all. This coup has been years in the planning – and it will take all of our hearts and minds together to unravel the corruption.


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