RIP Democracy – Staying in Love and Finding Our Courage

I haven’t wanted to write this, or even voice it.  The pain and shock is still too raw, and everyone I know is suffering anxiety, stomach troubles, depression, and sleepless nights from the recent “election”.

I don’t want to destroy any shreds of hope that all my friends are clinging to… “We’ll run this person in 2018.”  “We’ll run that person in 2020.”

Really?  You think so?  Really?

Today the only thing I have to to offer is that by remaining rooted in compassion, and refusing to conform to the new regime of cruelty and ignorance, we each can be a force for good.  We may be called upon to help our neighbor being accosted by racists, we may have to help families flee their homes.  We may have to stand up to militarized police, as some of us are doing right now at Standing Rock.  And like our brothers and sisters and Standing Rock, many of us will be injured, arrested, and it’s quite likely that some of us will be killed in the process. Corporate control has already been bad, as we’ve seen police attack meditators during the Occupy protests and praying Water Protectors at Standing Rock.  It’s been bad, but with at least a few voices in government standing for common decency and compassion.

I hope I’m wrong.  I hope there’s something I’ve missed.  But as a student of human nature and a student of history, what I’m seeing is like a slow-motion car wreck.  Because it appears that the last impediment to complete corporate control in the USA will be removed on  Jan 21.

And by reminding ourselves that we can remain a voice for the voiceless, and reminding ourselves that only 25% of eligible voters actually voted for this regime, we can recall that most people in the US are decent, good people.  There may be comfort in knowing that others in repressive regimes have made a difference for the downtrodden.  We can do the same. 

Raising our voices for justice will be required.  Remaining rooted in compassion will be essential.

Essential… because things are going to get intense.

Because I do believe that the dream of a United States is one an equal and just society, where every person has value – that dream is over.

I wish I didn’t believe this.  Today I see no solution that can be accomplished by rules, procedure, or voting in its present gerrymandered, suppressed, form.   And being someone who always looks for solutions and a way to stay positive, this is especially painful for me; I’m profoundly sorry.  And my heart is broken.

For the courageous amongst us, please read on.

The words I have not wanted to utter, but I am beginning to believe, is

There will be no more genuine elections in the USA without total regime change. Despots do not give up power once they get it.

This was the final stage of a right-wing coup, orchestrated by wealthy corporatists, together with Putin, right-wing elements within the FBI, and the christian dominionist traitors who have always wanted to implement their christian version of sharia law.  They already control both legislative chambers in 32 states. 

With just TWO more states, the constitution itself can legally be changed.

That’s right.  Forget freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion, just for starters.

We can mark the “Powell Memo” of 1971 as  the modern beginning of this coup. We can mark the successful completion of this coup by the fact that less than 25% of eligible voters voted for the sociopath who will now be crowned absolute ruler, although a coalition of the wealthiest and most fascist corporatists and extreme far-right christian dominionists will do the actual ruling.  The sociopath will just enjoy absolute power, increased wealth, and adulation of the most hateful US citizens, as so many despots have before him.

In response to the 1971 Powell Memo Wealthy corporatists began to take a much more aggressive stance in using their wealth to control elections and politicians.  They  came up with a more well-planned plot, slowly building their control over government over several decades.  While liberals “played by the rules”, we bought out, voted out,  and some tried to be the party of “civility”, corporatists and conservatives plotted to first destroy the middle class by:

  • destroying unions and keeping wages low
  • destroying education
  • create their own media bubbles with false information presented as trut,
  • divide the population by using the old canards of racism, anti-immigrant rhetoric homophobia, religion and misogyny
  • and finally, perpetuate a quiet coup by rigging elections until there were effectively no more checks and balances.

The rich and the christian domionists would have absolute power.  And now it’s here.

They had to make their final strike, now, before a progressive or even slightly liberal Supreme Court Justice was appointed.  That’s why the GOP refused to hold hearings on President Obama’s Supreme Court pick during the last year of his administration.

If Obama’s pick had been appointed, there might have been a chance that citizens would have a voice in government.  It’s possible that our environment would have been spared, that civilization itself could continue, that equality and justice could continue the slow blossoming that could have finally made the dream of an equal and just society become reality.  There was a chance.

That’s why there was the unprecedented refusal to confirm the President’s last pick for Supreme Court.

The coup had to happen now.  And so it did.

And there are no more “checks and balances”.  This will be the Cheney-Bush administration, but even more hateful and vile – and, unless someone manages to change things, no chance to vote them out.  Because there will be no more genuine elections.   Environmental destruction, war, loss of civil rights, and overall state orchestrated violence and repression are to be expected.

We will resist, because we have to.  We’ll demonstrate, but, as Cheney did, rules will require demonstrators to sit in cages away from the public, and a compliant media won’t report on all the dissent.  Remember that the biggest global protests the world had ever seen  occurred before the illegal invasion of Iraq, yet  Few US citizens saw them or even knew they happened; the US media censored the story.

We’ll all write articles, but the free internet is also at risk now… It breaks my heart to believe that the dream of a just, equal society – built upon respect for our only home planet and the belief that every person has value – is over in the United States.

From where we are now, our only hope is to join together in love, put ourselves on the line, stand up for those wno are scapegoated, and be a voice of kindness and justice.  We’ll need to nourish ourselves with meditation and mindfulness, we’ll need to remain centered and unprovoked, and we’ll need to join together to help one another.  It’s going to take more love and courage than we’ve ever been called upon to express before.

And, we need to know HOW this was done, so that we can make sure it never happens again.

Please read about the coup.



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