Trump Now Needs An Attack On US Soil

Donald Trump, a man who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 MILLION voters and yet has been installed in the White House, is a very unpopular person, both in the United States and world-wide.  There are huge protests at his radical executive orders,  massive resistance to his fringe far-right ideology, and challenges to his lies and policies in the public and in the courts.  This man is desperate to “win” rather than govern.  And he needs something to help him “win”.

Donald Trump needs a distraction, a way to unite people behind him, and a way to consolidate his power.  Donald Trump and the GOP NEED a terrorist attack on the United States.


Increasingly, more people are echoing the fear that this administration will orchestrate ( or allow) some type of “terrorist attack”.  We all certainly hope one does not happen; innocent people should not pay the ultimate price in an authoritarian regime’s grab for power.   There are known steps usually taken by authoritarian and fascist regimes to maximize their control in  any “event.”  So before such an event happens, we need to communicate these to as many people as we can:

  • Be ready for the administration to call for arrest or internment of  certain people.
  • Be aware of manipulation. Don’t fall for their political theater and hyper-patriotic rhetoric.
  • Do your best to think critically and rationally. They’ll be counting on people to be frightened and angry.
  • We’re going to need to stand together in unity.  The administration will try to divide us and turn us against one another.  Don’t let them.  We’ll need to be skeptical, caring, and level headed… and #Resist the power grab that would follow such an attack.

What benefit would this administration get from an attack?

For the answer we have to go back in history to two examples.  The first, the Reichstag Fire.The Reichstag Fire was the moment when the German government became Hitler’s Nazi regime.  There are disputes at to whether the Nazi’s actually set the fire, or if the man executed for the offense was actually guilty, but the end result was the same.  Hitler used the fire to justify the arrest and torture of 25,000 Left-wing activists and to pass an emergency decree establishing absolute Nazi authority.  This was the moment that Germany became the Nazi regime – with all it’s horrible consequences.

UPDATE FEB 13, 2017

An event of that type, whether unexpected, provoked, or planned by the government, can be a turning point in the United States today.” – Suddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s Largest Broadsheet Newspaper   

I highly recommend that you read the complete article quoted above, at Suddeutsche Zeitung.    The article, which was written just two days after this one, ends with this chilling quote:

You want to end on a positive note, I know; but I think things have tightened up very fast, we have at most a year to defend the Republic, perhaps less.  What happens in the next few weeks is very important.


MAR 11 2017 UPDATE: More articles are appearing that echo this realization that Trump wants and needs a terrorist attack. END MAR UPDATE

The US example that more recently parallels where we are today is the presidency of George W Bush and 9-11.  Here’s the backstory.

As you may recall, George W.Bush, like Trump, did not win the popular vote.  The Florida vote was extremely close, and the GOP, especially George’s brother Jeb and his Secretary of State Katherine Harris had used some “creative” ways to game the system, illegally removing thousands of Florida African American and Hispanic voters from the rolls. (See this post for more details of the 2000 election theft.  Trump adviser Roger Stone was involved, too.)

Due to the fact that the vote was extremely close in Florida, and the many underhanded tactics used in that state, the results of the election were decided in a lawsuit that went to the Supreme Court.  Here too, there were ethical issues.   Two of the justices had deep connections with the Bush team, yet refused to recuse themselves, and the five conservatives on the court essentially appointed Bush as president of the United States.

This made the impression of blatant corruption even more galling, and the majority of voters were understandably livid at such vote theft. George Bush was widely regarded as a joke, a simpleton, and everybody knew that the highly unpopular Dick Cheney was really running the Presidency. There were huge protests and a healthy amount of mockery.

mathgwbush4Comedians enjoyed non-stop easy jokes about George W. Bush, and it seemed obvious that he would never win reelection and would be a one-term president. We all laughed at him constantly – remember him choking on a pretzel and somehow winding up looking as though he’d been punched in the face? Remember the jokes about his being a cheerleader in college?  Remember the jokes about his “bushisms” – his seeming inability to speak without mangling the English language?  George Bush became a laughingstock and everything he did was fodder for comedy.

It was funny. Until 9-11.


OMG They even made an action figure out of GW!

Suddenly goofy George Bush was remade as some type of heroic statesmen: a tough-talking leader standing up to terrorists. He was filmed atop the rubble of of the twin towers firmly gazing into the camera promising to destroy the perpetrators.  The crowd began chanting “USA, USA USA”.

In a miraculous “find,” passports of Saudi nationals were quickly found among the wreckage. (These passports had somehow survived intact while buildings, plane materials and bodies burned up and disappeared. ) It was announced that a Muslim extremist group Al Quada, led by Bin Laden, was responsible.

The public, at first stunned, quickly was roused to anger and rage, waving flags and vowing vengeance. What we didn’t know then was that Dick Cheney and George Bush already had a plan in mind to invade Iraq. Although Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 and did not have weapons of mass destruction, the media – led by Fox “news” — was guilty of cheerleading an all-out attempt to channel the anger after 9-11 to support this unrelated invasion.

The corporate media allowed the administration full access to TV time – without any fact-checking. Even though the perpetrators were said to have been 19 men: fifteen Saudis, and the remaining four from United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon, the administration skillfully used the media to tie together the 9-11 event with an invasion of Iraq.  They promoted lies without questioning, and constantly promoted fear of another attack.  It was a psy-op event played upon the US citizenry — and it worked.

(In 2008, After the damage was done, CNN finally admitted that the Bush/Cheney administration made 935 false statements leading up to the invasion.

An immense document called the “Patriot Act” seemed to have been pre-created for just this moment – and was immediately voted into law by politicians of both parties, afraid of being called “soft on terror”. The “Patriot Act” restricted rights of United States citizens, forfeited rights to privacy in our homes, our phone calls, our Internet use, our mail — everything.

Another thing that none of us knew at the time: “Project For The New American Century” an arch- conservative organization tied to Dick Cheney, had stated shortly before 9-11 that Americans would require “a catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor” to be persuaded to build up the (already huge) military global presence even further.  Many scholars, such at Peter Dale Scott, characterized this idea as the creation of a “Pax Americana” for military global domination.

Now, suddenly, such an event had been delivered to a beleaguered and unpopular administration – immediately transforming them into an administration that we all had to “support in times of war”.

And the administration pushed that “support” as far as they could.  Look at all the things they got away with…

Fear Mongering Towards Fascism

The media was told to “watch what you say”. A diplomat who wrote an article criticizing the illegal invasion of Iraq, and revealing that the administration was lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction, was publicly vilified. His wife, a CIA operative, was deliberately “outed”, putting multiple undercover operatives’ lives at risk. Federal judges who refused to play ball were fired. It became increasingly evident that vice president Dick Cheney, a strict authoritarian, was using the traumatic event to wield increasing power to control the country, using George Bush as a figurehead.  Democracy itself was in peril.

The efforts to switch the anger from 9-11 and misdirect it at Iraq was a huge success.terroralertsclorcoded

Naive young citizens volunteered for the military believing that they were actually attacking the people who committed the crime. Some of these citizens never came home.

This shameful misleading of the public was facilitated willingly by our corporate media. Ratings and money seem to be more important to this media then seeking truth; no investigative reporting seem to be being done. Rather, the media acted as stenographers in a propaganda psy-opt against the American people – and a seemingly spellbound public believed every word. Those of us who saw through it were in the minority.

Also there was a lot of fear in the air everyone was frightened of being considered “soft on terror”.  Citizens were instructed to spy on one another: “see something say something”. Even Phil Donahue, a beloved long-time television host lost his program for hosting someone who opposed the war. And we all remember what happened to Bill Maher: his popular network TV show was suddenly canceled because he dared question the bravery of people who fire missiles from a distance from behind a computer.


Why are we talking about what happened in the year 2001? Because as we had seen, the terrorist attack was a very handy tool for the Cheney/Bush administration to take away many rights that citizens of the United States had taken for granted, and allowed them to expand our military presence without domestic resistance.

This terrorist attack allowed them to suppress dissent; silencing critics, and forcing protesters into caged areas ironically called “free speech zones.”

This attack also gave cover to an unpopular administration, as deluded citizens believed they needed to “get behind their president.”  George W. Bush, buffoon turned “war president,” was reelected and served his second term, destroying the United States economy by starting two wars while simultaneously giving the very wealthiest a huge tax cut.

To our extreme disappointment, no one in the media or the in the Democratic party, ever had the courage to question anything the Bush regime did, nor did Obama pursue prosecuting the Bush administration for war crimes committed in the Iraq invasion.  No one every paid for lying us into a war, for kidnapping and torture, or for attacking Democracy.  The guilty parties are still out there, giving paid speeches and writing books.  No lessons learned.

Now look at what happened in this last  presidential “election” of Donald Trump.

great-for-meadThe most unpopular president ever to hold office has just been inaugurated. He lost the popular vote by nearly three MILLION votes; the biggest loss of any president ever  seated. (Countless more votes would have been cast against him had many minority voters not fallen prey to a GOP designed voter-suppression software called Crosscheck, designed by Trump advisor Kurt Kobach of Kansas, and used in 27 GOP controlled states. This software, based on the same type that had been used in Florida in the 2000 election, targeted minorities and illegally removing them from voter rolls.  Read more about GOP anti-democracy voter suppression efforts at this post.)

Other complications were Russian Hackers, confirmed by 17 intelligence agencies,  James Comey’s inappropriate release of information near the end of the campaign. armies of Russian trolls and others creating  outrageous “fake news” with heradlines such as “the pope supporting trump” and HRC running a pedophile ring out of a pizza shop. The entire campaign was a surreal event that had the feel of a poorly done reality television show.Donald Trump’s corruption and ethics made Hillary Clinton look like a girl scout.  Yet Clinton’s emails seemed to outweigh all the corruption that is “business as usual” as perpetuated by Donald Trump. 


grabherbyoad  So here we are. We have a man who has publicly proclaimed that he liked to “grab’ women by the genitals, and admitted that he forcibly kissed women without their consent, a man accused of sexual assault, a man whose first wife accused him of spousal rape, a man who had to pay damages for defrauding countless people, bilking many elderly people out of their life savings,  in a fake “University”.  This is a man who has driven countless small businesses into bankruptcy by refusing to pay those who’ve worked for him.  A man so thin-skinned that he has to “tweet” back at each perceived slight.  A man who is driven his own and narcissism and ego, and a man who has been devoted to only one thing — increasing his own wealth and status.  He is already in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution due to accepting foreign money as President.  This man, being completely susceptible to flattery, has surrounded himself with sycophants and propagandists: ill informed science deniers, authoritarians, and white nationalists. His most trusted adviser is in fact Steve Bannon, a man who turned Brietbart, a right-wing conspiracy website, into what he called the hub for the Alt-Right. (Alt-Right is the name that the Nazi party and the KKK have embraced for their movement.)

The movement to impeach Trump grows stronger every day.

Why This Administration Needs an Attack

Imagine what would happen if there were a big “attack”.   Immediately there would again be calls to “support your president”.  Criticism and resistance would be quashed.  Trump would say over and over again that he was “right”.

This may be one reason that he implemented a travel ban for Muslim countries, hoping to enrage ISIS and provoke an attack. Already ISIS is celebrating that ban because it is the best recruiting tool they need. Jhadists have long sought to portray the United States as being at war with all of Islam. Both President GW Bush and President Obama tried to disavow the world’s 6 Million Muslims of this idea – but this blanket ban backs up the terrorists’ claims. They now have “proof” that the United States is the “enemy of all Muslims”, increasing their recruiting base, and exponentially increasing the risk of another attack.

After this illegal ban was temporarily blocked by a judge, tRump took to twitter to tell his followers to “Blame judge and courts if America is attacked”.  What an efficient way for Trump to invalidate and undermine the court system and checks and balances in this country.

How long will it be before at least one angry terrorist attacks a target within the United States or one of Trump’s businesses spread out over 46 countries? Such an attack — especially one within the United States — will allow the Trump administration to stifle protests and dissent, as the Bush administration did before it.

An attack would also allow Donald Trump to position himself as some sort of savior of the United States – bringing the type of adulation his ego desperately requires. It will allow him to say that he was right in enacting the ban in the first place. It will also weaken the democratic party’s position, and last time, we saw them completely fold under the Bush administration after 9-11.

An aterroristcartoonttack would also give Trump an excuse to declare war on at least one Middle East Country.  And a WW3 against Islam and China is exactly what Trump’s “right hand” man, Bannon wants.  Suddenly the strange musings of Trump, “why do we have nuclear weapons if we can’t use them?” start to make frightening sense.

Many of us believe that this most unpopular of all presidents is certainly not above orchestrating such an event himself, because the lives of non-rich, especially non-white people mean nothing to him. As they prepare to take healthcare away from 30,000,000 United States citizens with no replacement in place, the republicans have shown that they too care little for the non-wealthy citizenry.

Sadly a terrorist attack is in the best interest of Republicans right now.

It would be hard to convince unhinged religious zealot terrorists that they are doing the bidding of Trump if they do attack. And, as the trump administration is rapidly proving — Democracy can be fragile.

Might The Administration Orchestrate a False Flag Attack?

Speaking about “false flag” attacks smacks of conspiracy, but this administration, only a couple weeks in, has shown itself to be capable of any underhanded, cruel, or deceitful action if it will fulfill their agenda.  So don’t discount it.  One of Trump’s advisers  is Erik Prince, CEO of the far-right mercenary corporation that was once named Blackwater, now called Academi.  (Blackwater has kept changing its name in attempts to distance itself from past accusations and atrocities.) Made up of ex-military and ex-CIA agents, it is considered “The World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.”  It has its own military base, a fleet of aircraft, and 20,000 mercenary contractors ready to fight.  Academi has been blamed in many unsubstantiated claims for a multitude of “false flag” events world wide, but what has been documented is truly chilling.

the New York Times reported that Blackwater had “created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq.” The documents…open a rare window into the sensitive intelligence and security operations Blackwater performs for a range of powerful corporations and government agencies. The new evidence also sheds light on the key roles of several former top CIA officials who went on to work for Blackwater. – The Nation

Internal documents detail the group’s clandestine work for both multinational corporations and a variety of governments.  (You can read an informative interview with Jeremy Scahill, the investigative reporter who wrote an expose about Blackwater back in 2007, here.)

Needless to say, a terror attack, either real or a false-flag, would empower this administration, allowing the president to assume the mantle of savior, stifle dissent, possibly outlaw protests, silence media critics, and muzzle Democratic opponents.

It is up to all of us to keep our eyes and hearts open, and to be skeptical of any reported “attacks”.  Talk about it NOW – before anything happens.  If everybody is talking about it, this administration will not have cover to exploit any attack, whether real or orchestrated.

Even if an attack were accomplished by Muslim terrorists, it is up to us to stand TOGETHER and refuse to hate every person from a middle eastern country.  We’ll need to refuse to be silenced,  and to speak out against the knee-jerk fear that allowed our country to be manipulated after 9-11.  This time must be different – it will be important for us to insist upon a free and open society even in the face of manufactured fear and hatred.  Be alert to the manipulations of this administration.  We’ll need to be very conscious, and very reasoned in our response.  We’ll have to remain United, be smart, and resist calls to fall into fascism.  

Insisting upon love, unity, and justice may not be easy after a traumatic national event.  Those of us who tried it after 9-11 were shouted down by enraged people — some were even attacked.  But it is still the right thing to do.  Now, more than ever.  If an attack comes, will enough of us have learned the lesson of 9-11 and refuse to be manipulated?


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