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I originally started this blog to chronicle my replies to crazy right-wing emails, hence the title.

In the early days of the web, I began receiving weird conservative emails full of obvious falsehoods, generally of the anti-democratic vein, and all full of extremely right-wing rants.    They would rant and rave about “liberals” in general, and often contained quotes from “experts” like Rush Limbaugh.  Amazingly, these emails falsely assumed that Democrats were “liberal”, rather than what they are: one side of a center/right duopoly that is controlled by corporate interests.

Since these were forwarded by a family member, I used to painstakingly fact-check each email and reply to the sender with a gentle “oops, someone’s pulling your leg” and then, naively assuming he would be interested in learning the truth, I’d include links for him to check the facts for themselves.  I soon discovered, to my amazement, that he never sent retractions to his large email lists, and was quite content to continue knowingly forwarding outright lies. I stopped sending corrections and started simply deleting.

Then came Bush and the invasion of Iraq.  The number of emails increased, initially attacking anyone who stood for Peace.  The emails derided anyone against the war, attacking any whistle-blower or peace minded person.  Next came the avalanche of anti-Muslim emails, plus Dominionist re-writing of American history.  One of the most disturbing was an evangelical insistence that Saddam Hussein was the ‘anti-christ” and that America had a duty to kill him, and in fact, all “children of Ishmael” Muslims.(!)  This was horrifying, as it attempted to excuse an illegal war and horrific war crimes, not to mention the slaughter of millions of innocents.

The propaganda onslaught really picked up during the 2008 election.  America had it’s first presidential contender of color.  One of the funniest showed a gun-toting Barack Obama photoshopped into a 1960’s black panther image, proving that he was secretly a black-power revolutionary (and also, evidently, looked amazing well for being – what – in his late 60’s?)  It made me laugh, but my relative seemed to believe that this guy was Huey P. Newton and Karl Marx rolled into one, while obviously no one can run for President in either major party without selling their soul to the wealthy elite.

Enough with the dumbing down, already.  If the establishment paints Democrats as “left”, Americans never get to hear true liberal ideas.  We are drowned in pathetic arguments between weak centrist voices and loud far-right fascism.  I finally decided to start replying to them in blog form.

Shortly after I began this blog, the Occupy Wall Street movement began.   I then started using this blog to comment and support the Occupy Movement, and reprint pages of importance, like the original OWS declaration.  It seems to me that the more places posting this information, the better.  And after about a month of ignoring Occupy Wall Street, the corporate media began spinning it.  The right-wing cult, FOX “news” and cult leader Rush Limbaugh, of course, were spinning it hard and fast…i.e. “unbathed people with no message” or “freeloader anarchists who just want free stuff” yada yada…making it more important to repost factual info and genuine facts.

A Little About Me

I’ work (and play) in a creative field, and I’ve also owned a small business for over a dozen years — and I am part of the 99%.  Those who know me well, would tell you that I’m all about positive energy, human potential and evolution.

“The most meaningful activity in which a human being can be engaged is one that is directly related to human evolution.” – Jonas Salk

A Little About Politics

What is the problem facing the USA?  Materialism, corporate control of the media, misinformation, wealth inequality, greed and lack of respect for the planet come immediately to mind.  De-regulation of Wall Street and Banks is a large part of the problem, as is the deadly Citizens United Supreme Court decision that finally allowed multinational corporations to outright purchase our elections.  Lobbyists write legislation, buy politicians, and put their own laws in place.  Or sometimes the lobbyists simply become the politicians for a while.  There is a word for a system where corporate power merges with political power, and that word is fascism.  I know we prefer not to use this word, since the crazies often use it incorrectly and have thus diluted its meaning.  But there it is.

Corporate ownership of all media in America allows  the top 1% to control our news and until recently, almost completely control our national conversation (currently just 6 giant conservative corporations decide just about everything you see and hear).

All of these problems can be seen as simply expressions of limited consciousness.  Our culture currently does not encourage introspection, spirituality, depth, or creativity.  However, change is happening now… and the energy of a visionary  people is beginning to come through.  All over the world, the PEOPLE are Occupying – working to create a new society.  Change IS happening — often ignored by a media that is owned by the corporate overlords who benefit from the old system.  Therefore, we need to share it when we learn about it, and bypass the propaganda.

A Little About Consciousness

We humans are an evolving species, and we are at a crisis.  We’ve seen that evolution appears to always be precipitated by crisis.  We’ve certainly created a crisis for ourselves –  with global climate change, environmental degradation, overpopulation, and an unwillingness to address these issues.  It is time for a huge leap in consciousness, and I believe that NOW is the time for that leap.

Imagine a world where no one goes hungry, where everyone has ample food and shelter.  A world where the challenge is to see how much we can learn, how creative we can become, how loving we can be.  Imagine a clean world of green energy and respect for our planet and the wildlife that share it with us.  Imagine a world where your greatest wealth is in being your very best genuine beautiful self.   Imagine a world of kindness and compassion, of art and music and literature.  Imagine a world where greed is seen as the mental disease that used to afflict humankind before we grew up.

Imagine it, and hold that picture in your mind.

This humble blog is a single voice out of millions of us who want to create a better civilization for ourselves and our children.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barry L. Young
    Jul 22, 2012 @ 08:49:02

    brilliant blog. major respeck. here’s my heart.


  2. Mia
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 07:17:19



  3. maryb
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 15:57:42

    thank you for sharing the truth and for breaking it down so brilliantly!


  4. Ernie Holden
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 20:00:15

    Great story about ICELAND!

    I find both Democrat and Republican groups/BLOGS foster false information or utilize logical fallacies to try to make their points (frequently with loss of credibility by both sides). Too bad you claim to take one side in your BLOG! A true “middle of the roader” would certainly be welcome!


  5. V.
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 17:11:55

    Hi..i just stumbled upon your blog & i love it..wondering why you havent posted any entries since march? hope everything is ok.


    • voice13
      Nov 01, 2013 @ 10:42:30

      Thank you for asking! Everything is fine… just personal life got so busy. But I have lots of draft blogs partially done, that I’ll publish in the coming months. 🙂


  6. Syndi Lou
    Aug 03, 2016 @ 20:45:15

    surfing the net seeking a support group that sees what going on in this world, as this yr alone is definitely time to wake up!, I see your last statement is from 2013 so like V I hope all is well, your blog is fabulous and if up to date would certainly be a dam interesting read, thankz from Ontario and stay safe. Syndi


  7. melanietmiller
    Oct 06, 2016 @ 05:41:30

    Looking for writer of this blog…wonderful…I am grateful if you will email a good time to call you Thursday or Friday…melanietmiller at gee mail dot com


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