Why Putin Wanted to Elect Trump

Hidden beneath all the chaos of the first three weeks of the Trump administration — the  questionably legal Executive Orders, the inept wording and rollout of the Muslim ban, the tweet ravings against actors and department stores, the insults against our intelligence community and our allies, the provocation of China, the assault on our environment,  and the laughable outright lies uttered by spokespeople — there continues the quietly rowing scandal of the Trump team’s close ties with Russia.

We can presently recognize several reasons why Putin wanted Trump as US President, but since the Director of the CIA has been replaced with a Trump loyalist, the investigation has probably officially been stopped and silenced.   However, many in the intelligence community do not trust the Trump administration because of their many ties to Russia,  and these agencies are providing the United States media information via internal leaks which may help us save democracy.  

17 different intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russia manipulated our election to place Trump in the White House.  But why?

Our first rule always applies: Follow The Money.

But let’s dig deeper…initially, there appear to be three reasons: Territory, Oil Money & Sanctions, and Influence over & Disruption of the United States.

So for now, lets start by taking a brief look at the backstory of the USSR and it’s empire.



Understanding Political Positions – and How it Relates to Our Evolution

Don’t you cringe when a reich-wing propagandist claims that Obama is a “socialist” AND a “nazi”?  Especially when these two political ideologies are at the opposite end of the spectrum?  And especially when Obama is not even a Liberal, much less a “socialist”?    And especially when the speaker is an authoritarian and a corporatist  – which comes close to fascism (nazis were fascists) on the political scale?

As evolving beings, our intent is to come from a position of love and understanding.  Yet, how can we communicate with others without condescension when they have been so terribly misinformed and manipulated?  It’s especially challenging if they are mean-spirited and/or violent. (and we’ve seen countless examples of reich wing violence, especially since the election of the first man of color to the Presidency.)  Somehow, we must engage others and overcome the divisiveness that has been deliberately nurtured by the powerful few.  Remember the adage, “United we stand…” More

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