I AM Part of the Resistance (by Thomas J. Gray)

UPDATE: I’ve received notification by Thomas J. Gray that he is the author of this piece.  By the time I had seen it on facebook, it had been added to – so I am updating this post to more accurately reflect the original wording.  I liked much of what had been added, and I understand that in the passion of those first horrible days, many felt similar feelings and simply added their own parts.   This phrase was added:

The survival of our democracy and our way of life demands that we stand and resist. So I will Resist. I AM part of the Resistance, and I AM proud of it.

Here is the original, by Thomas J. Gray:



Brazil Shows Us How It’s Done – Oil Executives Held Accountable for Spill

Every once in a while, somebody stands up.  Whether it is the individuals on the front lines at OWS, or citizens fighting for justice, or wikileaks revealing government secrets, or women refusing to be denigrated by a corporate mouthpiece and hate-radio jock, it’s an empowering move for each of us.

This time it’s an actual government standing up to big oil.  Brazil has barred oil executives from leaving their country and is charging them with environmental crimes. More

Iceland Revolution and Arrest of Banksters A Blueprint for Change

This article is a reprint from Truthout.org.  The story of what happened in Iceland and how they addressed it – is a blueprint for any country ready to become a true democracy and get out from under the banksters’ thumb.  It’s pretty amazing.  Imagine something like that happening in the US!  File it under back story – and inspiration.  More after the article…

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Monday 15 August 2011
by: Deena Stryker, The South Africa Civil Society Information Service | News Analysis

An Italian radio program’s story about Iceland’s on-going revolution is a stunning example of how little our media tells us about the rest of the world. More

Understanding Political Positions – and How it Relates to Our Evolution

Don’t you cringe when a reich-wing propagandist claims that Obama is a “socialist” AND a “nazi”?  Especially when these two political ideologies are at the opposite end of the spectrum?  And especially when Obama is not even a Liberal, much less a “socialist”?    And especially when the speaker is an authoritarian and a corporatist  – which comes close to fascism (nazis were fascists) on the political scale?

As evolving beings, our intent is to come from a position of love and understanding.  Yet, how can we communicate with others without condescension when they have been so terribly misinformed and manipulated?  It’s especially challenging if they are mean-spirited and/or violent. (and we’ve seen countless examples of reich wing violence, especially since the election of the first man of color to the Presidency.)  Somehow, we must engage others and overcome the divisiveness that has been deliberately nurtured by the powerful few.  Remember the adage, “United we stand…” More

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